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Events • Catch the Early Bird 2017 during the 'Cannes Lions Festival' - HelliVentures Film Production welcomes creatives Hans-Peter Albrecht and Charlotte Bufler from Academy U5 based in Munich as alert early birds

27.06.2017 • The traditional wake-up call to rise and shine early in the morning during the Cannes Lions Advertising Film Festival took place again this year. The organizer was Munich-based HelliVentures Film Production, famous internationally for their action-packed, sporty commercials and documentations (like the glider spot for VW Amarok) and now the new Winter/Summer on air design produced for ZDF Sport.

HelliVentures lured creatives from all over the world to the beach of the film and advertising Mecca in southern France early in the morning once again. The 'second-most sought-after trophy' in Cannes right after the Lion went to Hans-Peter Albrecht and Charlotte Bufler from Academy U5 in Munich this year.

Advertising pro Hans-Peter Albrecht, flamboyant figure and often called a stage hog, directs the Academy for Communication and Graphic Design U5 in Munich and is the initiator of Creative Express, an annual creative seminar that brings together handpicked talents from all over Europe in extraordinary locations. The second winner, Art Director Charlotte Bufler, embarked on a trip...

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Events • The GoSeeAWARDS are waiting for your creative submissions in eight categories again in 2017 – and GoSee has the four best reasons in the world why you just have to be a part of it !

23.06.2017 • There are a lot of AWARDS meanwhile in the area of photography – so, we are often asked: Why participate in the GoSeeAWARDS? Here is our answer:

If you participate in the GoSeeAWARDS, your work is examined by top creatives from very different perspectives and areas. Our GoSeeAWARDS jury is not only made up of art buyers or art producers (we love them!), but creatives from all areas. Whether editors, creation, publishers, star photographers, top directors, ... At GoSee, we put together a hand-picked jury every year that takes the time to examine your work. PORTFOLIO viewing doesn't get any better than this.

If you make it into our FINAL round – round two that is – your work will be on display on the GoSeeAWARDS website for a whole year. The winning works will also be presented on GoSee and sent to more than 150,000 creatives around the world via our (in)famous Creative NEWSLETTER. Not the worst career boost for sure!

Thirdly, and in our opinion, a very important reason: The GoSeeAWARDS do not coincide with our annual GoSee event UPDATE for nothing. It’s where plenty of...

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Events • Key visuals and image film for BMW Motorcycle concept Link for the legendary Concorso d`Eleganza Villa d`Este 2017 by ROBERT WESTRICH

20.06.2017 • At the legendary Concorso d`Eleganza Villa d`Este 2017 on Lake Comer, the BMW Group presented with the BMW Motorcycle concept Link their understanding of new urban mobility. With the emission-free, electrically driven concept vehicle, BMW Motorcycle presents a visionary outlook for a new age in which vehicles are used for both transportation and communication.

ROBERT WESTRICH was commissioned to create the key visuals for it as well as a 30-second image film on Location for BMW. IN order to stick to the tight timeline til Villa d`Este, post production was already begun on set. Responsible for the shoot from BMW was Karima Djeddi, and smooth production before and after the shoot was ensured by PEAK Productions GmbH. Post production of the motifs came from GoSee member recom Group GmbH & Co. KG. The film to go with it was realized by recom Film with Adrian Langenbach as DoP.

About - The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is perhaps the most significant of all events celebrating the mystique of historic cars. It is undoubtedly the most traditional event and was held for the...

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Events • 'The Creative Circle Award* for Best New Female Commercials Director' goes to Vicky Lawton – read the GoSee Interview with the CD of HUNGER Mag, successful Director, and jury member of the GoSeeAWARDS17 in the category ART PROJECTS on GoSee

14.06.2017 • If one were to describe London Director Vicky Lawton in a single sentence, it would most likely go like this: Vicky Lawton is a visual fanatic. In the somewhat longer version, you will learn that Vicky has worked for renowned photographer Rankin for nine years already, where she has supported shoots for brands and world-famous celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Rita Ora or Miley 'Darling' Cyrus as Art and Creative Director. In 2011, HUNGER** magazine was born with Vicky als CD. What the magazine is all about? Vicky’s answer is as always to the point: “Fashion Baby!” (I guess with Baby she means us – which we find quite flattering). The mag comes out biannually, is chock full of celebs including Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci or Idris Elba, and has a great website for you with an uber-cool newsletter to boot.

In 2013, Rankin and Vicky launched THE FULL SERVICE*** - their own in-house creative agency. As Creative Director, she has produced campaigns for Belstaff, Versace and French Connection among others, as well as Rolls Royce’s centenary celebration book and Ford Mustang’s...

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Events • BFFF – the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017, an exclusive review in photos & film by Rolf Scheider for you on GoSee

14.06.2017 • The BFFF Berlin Fashion Film Festival took place already for the sixth time in Berlin. Since its foundation in 2012, BFFF has become an established platform for filmmakers, agencies and brands. Thanks to the direct exchange with creatives, partners and the audience, the BFFF was able to develop into a force to reckon with in the international creative scene with the aim of defining state-of-the-art filmmaking" and exploring new possibilities for creative expression. The strategy is plain and simple: Learn from the champions and live off of the enthusiasm of the newcomers.

The annual two-day conference in Berlin brings together more than 500 filmmakers and opinion leaders from the film, advertising and lifestyle industries. It provides a platform where new trends and talents in the area of conceptual storytelling and brand communication can be experienced up close.

BFFF celebrates the best work in fashion films, music videos, experimental filmmaking and content for beauty, cosmetics and lifestyle brands. Year after year, the high-caliber festival jury selects the best...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS 2017 is looking forward to your submissions ! The race is now on in eight categories. Deadline: 1 September, 2017

07.06.2017 • GoSeeAWARDS – is once again the opportunity in 2017 for creatives to present their projects, works, mini-portfolios, ... all online to a top-notch jury. And at GoSee, we are leaving no holds barred and are pulling all strings to put together such a jury. Because if success is the desired finale – then the GoSee Awards will be the starting block each & every young creative is looking for!

So among our jury stars in 2017, we have uber-creative Vicky Lawton, Director and Creative Director of The Full Service London and Executive Creative Director of Hunger magazine, to whom we will soon introduce you in an interview and with her film work on GoSee. Vicky just won the 'Creative Circle Award for Best Up-And-Coming Female Commercial Film Director 2017'. At the edge of your seat yet? You should be!

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Events • Gigant Print Works : Production of the exhibition prints – for the exhibition Foto.Kunst.Boulevard in Berlin's Martin Gropius Bau – present contemporary history and everyday life, heads and curiosities from the world of the tabloid press

24.05.2017 • GIGANT PRINT WORKS once gain had the honor of accompanying a large exhibition project: For the exhibition 'Foto.Kunst.Boulevard' and the 65th anniversary of BILD Zeitung, a project of the Foundation for Art and Culture in cooperation with BILD and Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, Gigant Print Works created the photos, printed on Hahnemühle paper, and the wooden frames. The exhibition shows photographs and people from our day and age, contemporary history and everyday life from the areas of politics, society, culture, media, zeitgeist, and the tabloids of the past years.

26 renowned photographers participated: Lars Berg, Daniel Biskup, Michel Comte, Esther Haase, Attila Hartwig, Meiko Herrmann, Kiki Kausch, Tom Lemke, Kevin Lynch, Christoph Michaelis, Andreas Mühe, Konrad R. Müller, Peter Müller, Nigel Parry, Thomas Rabsch, Oliver Rath, Paul Ripke, Holde Schneider, Martin Schoeller, Florian Sommet, Andreas Thelen, Antoine Verglas, Wolfgang Volz, Ellen von Unwerth, Wolfgang Wilde, and Frank Zauritz.

They have all photographed on behalf of Bild Zeitung. It is a small selection...

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Events • Creativity beats Technology! Or: Is the German industry still positioned well? The ADC FESTIVAL 2017 exclusively by Rolf Scheider for GoSee

17.05.2017 • From Monday, 8 May 2017 thru Sunday, 21 May 2017, and for the 5th consecutive time, Hamburg was the host of the ADC Festival. 1500 visitors were expected to attend the largest show of the most creative works from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Topic of the ADC FESTIVAL in 2017: DISRUPTING DEUTSCHLAND with the subtitle: 'Creativity beats Technology'. Or is the German industry still positioned well? Rolf Scheider was there for GoSee.

JURY DAYS – 378 ADC members in 27 professional juries viewed all submissions from the ADC competition as well as the ADC Junior competition on two jury days in private under the supervision of Jury Chairman Erik Spiekermann and chose the recipients of the coveted ADC Nails. A total of exactly 365 bronze, silver and golden nails were awarded for winning works – or as Jury Chairman Erik Spiekermann emphasized at the press conference so appropriately: A Nail for every day of the year...

Wednesday – ADC JUNIOR CONGRESS – Promotion of young talent at the Art Directors Club for Germany on the topic of: THINK TECH. THINK CREATIVE. Visionaries and...

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Events • The MICET Project by photographer duo Magda WUNSCHE & Aga SAMSEL c/o AFPHOTO for you on GoSee

16.05.2017 • 'MICET (Interactive Museum / Theatre Education Center) is a place for those who seek spontaneity in life and creativity at work. Experimental space for developing imagination and discovering one’s creative potential. Five themes organize the space into pathways; visitors choose their course. Every pathway, built around Stary’s historical and contemporary productions, consists of educational activities and exercise part.' says Micet about Micet. The duo Magda WUNSCHE & Aga SAMSEL c/o AFPHOTO realized a photo project for the Interactive Museum / Theatre Education Center - MICET with a base or better stage in Cracow. GoSee :

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Events • Between ballet and high fashion - photographer Morgan NORMAN c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm stages the ballet group of the Mariinsky theater for VOGUE Russia

02.05.2017 • Stockholm-based fashion specialist Morgan NORMAN photographed the ballet group from Mariinsky theater for the latest issue of Russian VOGUE. The photos were created in St. Petersburg in the Mariinsky theater, one of the most famous opera and ballet houses worldwide. On the motifs, Morgan NORMAN morgen combines the sensual aesthetics of the dancers and the seductive power of attraction of high fashion.

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