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Events • Eat, Play, Cannes. The Cannes report by Pippa Bhatt for you exclusively on GoSee

02.07.2015 • This year it was GoSee London correspondent Pippa Bhatt's turn to fly to Cannes on assignment for GoSee. Pippa is probably best known for her agency Madam – and of course from rankinfilmreps. Working in the industry for an almost indecent time, she is quite a charmer, so we were sure she would bring home some nice lines – plus photos. We also have Pippa's Cannes résumé for you exclusively on GoSee.

"It’s the week after Cannes Lions, and that can mean a number of things. First & foremost, Recovery. Yes that’s a capital ‘R’, the whole word should probably be in capitals! Secondly, the business cards sifted through and emails of thanks promptly follow. Then comes the reflection. What a week. One of the greatest aspects of Cannes Lions is the representation of creatives and ad professionals within our industry from every corner of the globe. It is incredible. There is nowhere that we all come together for such a short time and on such a grand platform. Our wide reaching industry gathers on one street, and we see our old friends who have moved to new cities and have the...

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YDA • 'Whatever you have in mind!' Young Director Award 2015 news and a fabulously decadent pool party for you on GoSee

01.07.2015 • The winners of the YDA award – aka Young Directors Award – 2015 in Cannes have been chosen. The cinema reception was unfortunately called off this year, but that didn't spoil the fun or success of the project whatsoever. Because work on the new concept for 2016 is in full progress, and the location for the after-no-show party was a dream come true. Rosé in full flow on the sun-drenched French Riviera beach, chock full of directors, advertisers, ... it doesn't get any better than this!

Apropos dream – 'Wet Dream' by emerging director Djawid Hakimyar (from Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg) convinced the sophisticated jury of the YOUNG DIRECTORS AWARD and received Gold in the category 'FILM SCHOOL EUROPE'. And how could a slow-motion show of pictures from a decadent pool party convince the jury in Cannes? 'Pool-Cannes-Party'. It almost makes you feel like a traitor. But see for yourself. You'll find the further winners under the link YDAwards..

If you have questions about the program, the event, YDA dreams, or if you need any other kind of information, please contact François...

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Events • HelliVentures : Catch the early bird – Rob Sherlock (Exec. Creative Director of ADK) is this year's winner at the water sports breakfast in Cannes

01.07.2015 • First one at the pier! Is what Rob Sherlock, Worldwide Executive Creative Director of ADK, was able to proudly shout out at the annual morning party. The CD, who became specialized in overseas markets while working for the Japanese agency ASATSU-DK (ADK), was previously Chief Creative Officer Draftfcb for 12 years in Asia and America

Whether the top creative followed the call of the early bird and went to the beach or was washed ashore from the night before – that of course all stays in Cannes. The advertiser was the first to actively participate in the variety of water sports HELLIVENTURES had to offer and, together with the creatives, filmmakers, contactors, and producers arriving one by one, he enjoyed the breakfast and sports of the Munich-based film production company. 15 years Cannes – 15 years of getting up early – 15 years EARLY BIRD – this was good reason for Joachim Hellinger (interview on GoSee) and his team to produce a magazine which showcases their adventurous documentaries and action-packed commercials. We have photos from the event and impressions from the...

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film • ‘WAVES FOR CHANGE’ - on the inspiring power of sport, or surfing to be exact - the viral by filmographer Florian BISON

29.06.2015 • Violence is never an answer. Florian BISON produced a viral for the Waves for Change organization, an innovative program that uses surfing as therapy for kids and young adults from Cape Town’s violence ridden townships, to successfully take their mind off their problems. The program includes surf training, a secure place and last but not least the feeling of belonging to a group. In addition to that, there is the possibility to discuss problems with a counselor at any time. Since its founding three years ago, the number of children participating grew from two per week to around 200.

“It was important for me to make the traumas and chaos that these young kids go through sensible for the viewer,” says Florian BISON. “Unlike many other NGO virals, I wanted to come up with something that is shocking, feels out of control and disturbing and illustrates how powerful sport is and what it can change.”

About - Waves for Change, Surf Therapy for Violent Communities. Waves for Change started organically at Muizenberg beach in Cape Town, South Africa. On occasional weekends and...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS15 has started the call for your inspiring submissions – and for the Grand Finale at UPDATE15 in Berlin

27.06.2015 • GoSeeAWARDS15 is now accepting your online submissions. Anyone with a GoSee account can enter their work: In 2015, we have the categories FASHION, NATURE MORTE, SKIN, ILLUSTRATION, REPORTS, ART PROJECTS, and SCREENINGS to choose from. Participation is possible in one or multiple categories, whether as an artist, photographer, magazine, or fashion director, with your own agency or as a client. The GoSeeAWARDS15 are looking above all for inspiring works of art, which are as bold as they are modern. Send your submissions by the end of August, after which we will determine the finalists and announce the shortlists – the winner will be crowned at the awards ceremonies of UPDATE15 in Berlin. Work on the 2015 jury is still in progress, and we present you a selection from several of last year's 2014 finalists in the meantime – as a source of inspiration & motivation.

About UPDATE15 UPdate is the longest running industry event of its kind connecting creative agencies and their clients in the real world. As part of the GoSee family, we broadcast to around 150,000...

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Events • Heidi Levine : is the winner of the ANJA NIEDRINGHAUS COURAGE IN PHOTO JOURNALISM AWARD 2015

26.06.2015 • On Thursday evening, the first Anja Niedringhaus prize for courageous journalism was awarded at Berlin's E-Werk club, during the ceremonies attended by approximately 300 media representatives. Christiane Amanpour, CNN chief correspondent, and the ZDF journalist Barbara Hahlweg presented the award worth 20,000 US dollars to the Jerusalem resident photojournalist Heidi Levine. The prize is awarded to honor the life and work of the AP photographer and Pulitzer award winner Anja Niedringhaus (1965-2014), who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. The award was established in 2014 by the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), located in Washington DC. The non-profit organization is engaged for female journalists worldwide and supports them in their work as correspondents.

Heidi Levine was awarded for six photographs, which she took during the Gaza War in 2014. "First of all, I would like to thank Anja’s family who has suffered most," says prize winner Heidi Levine. "I have the greatest respect for my colleagues, both male and female, who were wounded or have lost...

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Events • The campaign motifs for AMBIENTE 2016 - photos by Stephan GUSTAVUS c/o STILLSTARS

22.06.2015 • Stephan GUSTAVUS photographed the campaign motifs for the 2016 consumer goods trade fair AMBIENTE, which will take place next February in Frankfurt. Post production was realized by GoSee member PX GROUP.

About - Ambiente. Here is where the world meets up. With the latest design trends and innovations and our partner country presentation, more than 134,000 trade visitors from over 150 countries benefit from a forward-looking market overview and a range of goods unique in terms of breadth and depth. In 2015, more than 4,800 exhibitors from over 90 nations showcased their latest product ideas.

The optimal hall organisation enables buyers to efficiently navigate their way around the Dining, Giving and Living areas. Numerous events focus on diverse industry themes and offer an ideal meeting place. As a consumer goods trade fair of major significance, Ambiente is also the central platform for contract business, the Horeca segment and sourcing. And it is an important trading post for the growing sustainable consumer goods segment. Ambiente brings business partners, ideas and...

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film • Simon Schubiger, the Peugeot Design Lab and Fabian OEFNER c/o STILLSTARS present their ‘Field of Sound’ project on GoSee

22.06.2015 • Together with media artist Simon Schubiger and the Peugeot Design Lab, Fabian OEFNER developed the "Field of Sound" project. The installation consists of 5000 Plexiglas glass nails on an area of 36 m2 that light up in synch with the music played live on a piano. We have the video and photos on GoSee.

About - “Field of Sound” translates sound waves into motion. Just like a field of barley waiving in the wind, thousands of illuminated stems move to the sound of music.The motion is created by a control mechanism, hidden in the base of the installation. It captures the ephemeral sound waves for a few seconds as motion and makes them visible and tangible in turn. Pitch and intensity of the music induce motion at different positions in the field, resulting in an emotional, poetic and unique interpretation of sound.

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Let's Dance ! • Is Harvey Weinstein god? The 2015 Fred & Adele Astaire Awards present Broadway musicals, choreographies, and dancers to honor Broadway legends the likes of Joel Grey and exceptional film producer Harvey Weinstein

17.06.2015 • While America's annual TONY AWARDS are comprehensively dedicated to the musicals, their sceneries, sound design, choreographies and orchestration, the focus at the THE FRED & ADELE ASTAIR AWARDS is clearly on dance performances – 'outstanding achievements in dance on stage, on Broadway, and in film'. GoSee was at the awards ceremonies for you on June 1st in New York – and the gala was hosted by American actress Christina Bianco.

The awards are presented every year in New York and are famous for great Broadway show interludes, a top-notch audience and a familiar atmosphere. New York state of mind... So it was not surprising at all that ceremony began with a performance of “New York, New York” from the three-time Astaire Award nominated musical ON THE TOWN. Following that performance, Astaire Awards Executive Producer Patricia Watt and Director Joe Lanteri took the stage to welcome the crowd to the awards ceremony.

But know we wish to mention the 'The Douglas Watt Foundation', which will receive part of the proceeds from the event. Executive Director of the foundation,...

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Events • Spanish Photo Festival PHE15 presents the Descubrimientos Award to Greek photographer YANNIS KARPOUZIS for 'The Parallel Crisis'

17.06.2015 • PHotoEspaña presents this year's Descubrimientos PHE15 Award to Yannis Karpouzis for his series titled 'The Parallel Crisis'. The continuous photo series documents the social-economical developments of his home country Greece, an irritating portrait of the capital Athens, where since the beginning of the crisis, time and life seems to have come to a standstill. And as Karpouzis explains, time is an omnipresent factor: dead time, used up time, photographically frozen time. Part of the award is a solo exhibition of his works at the PHotoEspaña 2016. And we have a sneak preview for you on GoSee.

"It is said that photography happens to be the most naïve of all media because of its intention, its ability to immobilize time. That is why photographs are usually beautiful but sad. The only time that the camera can reproduce is dead time, time already spent. In the last five years, Athens has dramatically changed; the whole city is transformed into a negative plateau, immobilized in time. The flow of life has changed for its citizens. Their time is not their own, it is a stolen and...

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