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Events • 'Hiding from the other Eye' - EDISONGA exhibits her work thru the end of the year at the Hamburg-based agency JULIA WALDMANN

19.10.2016 • “Does what we see exist because we see it, or do we see it because it exists. Does it look back at us if it exists? Can we escape observation of what exists by not looking back at it? Or is it inevitably only a mirror which reflects how we see ourselves. Does our soul see its reflection constantly in what exists, or is our self-perception necessary so what we see can be.” On 14 October 2016, the exhibition 'Hiding from the other Eye' by photographer EDISONGA at the gallery of the agency JULIA WALDMANN .

“On display alongside six portraits are three large-format photos of purported landscapes. In recognizing the purported, in the attempt to classify what is seen as something familiar and identify it as a landscape, the underlying question of the work about the relati0onship between perception, appearance and being finds its echo.” Julia Waldmann tells GoSee. And explains: “Other than that however, EDISONGA refrains from uncovering the creative process – only so much: the landscapes are the result of a process of sculptural work, painting, performance and photography.


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Events • WEITSPRUNG – the art buying portfolio viewing in Hamburg is looking for young photographers, and Karen Blome, Art Buyer at Jung von Matt, in an interview on GoSee

17.10.2016 • WTSPRNG is a springboard for young photographers. The initiative launched by the Art Buying departments of Jung von Matt, Kolle Rebbe, Scholz & Friends, thjnk and loved is dedicated to the promotion of up-and-coming photography talents up to 30 years of age. It culminates in an annual event in Hamburg. The 5th WTSPRNG will take place on 27 April, 2017. Young photographers are given the opportunity to present their work to art buyers at portfolio viewings to receive direct feedback. As a partner, GoSee encourages young photographers to participate in WTSPRNG and introduces Karen Blome this time around.

Karen Blome, born in Bremen, studied photography at Lette-Verein in Berlin. As a photographer, she discovered her organizational talents and her love for art buying and joined the art buying team at Jung von Matt in 2006. Two years later, she became a Senior Art Buyer until she moved to the Art Buying department of Kolle Rebbe in 2012. After her parental leave, she returned to Jung von Matt this spring. She has supported the WTSPRNG event for many years and looks forward to...

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Events • UPDATE16BERLIN says a big GoSeeTHANKS! we'll see you next year at the latest... a big GoSeePINKY SWEAR

07.10.2016 • UPDATE16BERLIN thanks all exhibitors and visitors, all Art Producers, Art Buyers, direct clients, ADs and CDs who were able to make it to Berlin. The Salon took place on 30 September at the historical KRONPRINZENPALAIS in Berlin's Mitte district. And it was big. More than 60 agencies from London, Stockholm, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Barcelona, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Scotland, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Cologne, Paris, Warsaw, and New York presented their talents from the areas of photography, illustration, styling, art direction, moving images, CGI, and direction together with their services.

UPDATE is the best place to meet the perfect artist agencies and producers for photo and film shoots to realize print campaigns, corporate material or films – whether way down south or up north, in the Californian desert, in Dubai... or Barcelona, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Warsaw, the Maldives, you name it… all over our wonderful world! That is precisely how exciting, highly networked and top-shelf the visitors and exhibitors of the trade fair are year after year – CDs, CEOs, fashion labels,...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS 2016 – the winners have been chosen. And GoSee congratulates them!

07.10.2016 • GoSeeAWARDS – this year that meant viewing more than 1000 projects in eight categories, winning over around 80 jurors for a good cause, eight first rounds with an average of 60 submissions, eight shortlists with 20 finalists and then, after all that, at least eight times Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, Merits and, not to forget, the winners in the Public Voting category chosen by our GoSee READERS. That entailed over the course of the past year uncountable emails, phone calls, interviews on GoSee, programming and re-programming websites for the voting cycles, creating and changing ad banners, ... and, of course, organizing displays for the UPDATE16BERLIN exhibition. Which included downloads, print approval, finding out if winners would be attending, getting one or two of them in front of the camera...

So just like every year, it was a whole lot of work. And like every year too, we look at the results and come to the conclusion: It was all worth it! It's this way to our winners in the categories: REPORTAGE - ART - SCREENINGS - ILLUSTRATION - STILLS - FASHION - NUDE -
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Events • UPDATE16 Jury Dinner and After-party are four events in one with three delicious meals and a fantastic party. Go & See for yourself in 2017

07.10.2016 • After the jury-exhibitor dinner battle carried out between Kristof Mulack, the winner of the cooking show 'The Taste of Germany', the restaurant Parker Bowles and burger specialists Pacifico, the event which took place above the rooftops of Berlin segued seamlessly into the UPDATE16BERLIN after-party. Kristof Mulack ( kicked off the cooking battle with his taste explosions en miniature. Dora Joker's producers from Barcelona continued to rave about his carrot shooters even hours later. After a brief suspenseful break, Parker Bowles ( entered the ring with a sensational new version of fish & chips, followed by burgers à la Pacifico ( – offering the perfect combination for every taste! All followed by an absolute must-see grand finale: a steaming desert show performed by talented Chef Kristof Mulack.

We present you several photos from the UPDATE16 After-party here on GoSee. We would like to thank the sponsors Diptyque Paris, Kombucha Carpe Diem, Tanqueray Gin, Dopper Bottle, Redbull... Our big GoSeeThanks also go to Beck's...

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GoSeeAWARDS - REPORTAGE • GoSeeAWARDS16 REPORTAGE – the winners in the category 'Reportage' at the GoSeeAWARDS 2016 including a Mini Quest with our Gold winner Anke Luckmann

06.10.2016 • That it can sometimes be worthwhile to go out with the camera in spite of severe weather warnings is proven by the landscape spread by Anke Luckmann, which was created in the picturesque mist on Mount Teide on the island of Tenerife. For the motifs, she was just awarded GOLD at the GoSeeAwards 2016 in the category Reportage. The motifs were created on one of her many trips to the Canaries. We have a Mini Quest with the photographer known for her modern transportation topics for you on GoSee:

Do you often photograph personal work? I photograph often... and often without commission... but I am not, however, one of those photographers who follow certain topics for years – I photograph spontaneously and that on every trip... Photographing to me is part of every job as well as every vacation. And travel destinations are also often chosen accordingly. So, YES. I love personal work! There is nothing more relaxing for me than to photograph a landscape anywhere in the world, for example, and start the day... Even if I do not like getting up early... a great sunrise simply pays back for...

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Events • ILLUSTRATION - the winners in the category 'Illustration' at GoSeeAWARDS 2016 : Gold for PETER BARTEL'S 'Real World', Silver for LARA PAULUSSEN, Third Place for HUBERT WARTER and JONI MAJER

06.10.2016 • Environment, vehicles, storyboard, character, sketchbook... not sugar-coated, more like real life. The portfolio of Peter BARTELS is very grown-up and catchy! That was what the jurors in the category ILLUSTRATION also found, who had to compare numerous styles and techniques in order to choose the best entries. Peter BARTELS tells us how he became what he is today in his charming biography...

“Born and raised in the deep east of Germany in 1984, I always had a inner motivation to draw and paint, but I knew, in this quite forgotten area, it will be almost impossible to get a job that has something to do with art. After high school, I went to Hamburg where I made my first experiences with graphic design. After seven semesters, I got my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design. With that, I decided to do something thinking more 3D, so I moved to Hanover and studied Product Design for five semesters. I finally realized that analytic thinking paired with playful imagination is what gives me the most motivation for creating artwork. What's closer than being a concept artist? So I...

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Events • NUDE – the winners in the category 'NUDE' at the GoSeeAWARDS 2016 : Gold for OLA RINDAL & MORTEN BJARNHOF, Silver for CARL KLEINER and Bronze for MONICA MENEZ' elastic-fantastic lingerie special

05.10.2016 • With very soft tones and reserved imagery – the trademark of the fashion photographer of Norwegian heritage residing in Paris – OLA RINDAL sneaked his way into the hearts of the jurors in the category NUDE. The spread submitted by Ola plays with shadows on clear skin. Equally purist but still deep are his productions for magazines and clients such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Maison Martin Margiela, Hermès, Cerruti 1881, Dazed, Another, 032C, Purple, i-D, and Double. The series was created for UNION MAGAZINE. Further works by the photographer are available on GoSee or directly via ADAMSKY.

The second GOLD winner in the category NUDE also hails from Norway. Morten BJARNHOF was born in 1951 in northern Copenhagen into a Danish-Norwegian artists family consisting of painters, sculptors and writers. Morten is mostly known for his fashion and lifestyle photography for clients such as GANT. That he also knows how to do sensual and sexy productions was demonstrated at the GoSeeAWARDS in the category NUDE, in which he received the total number of points from the jury. “I always try to...

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Events • A little Eye Candy for you on GoSee – the patchwork result of the visitor shoot during UPDATE16BERLIN

05.10.2016 • The visitors of our UPDATE16BERLIN salon had the opportunity of being portrayed by the young photographer duo Eye Candy at the event. In front of monochrome backgrounds, Eye Candy – aka Juliette Mainx & Fanny Böhme – shot their portraits of producers and GoSeeAWARDS16 winners alike or even our adorable creative visitors. Totally GoSee style: Everything goes – no hassle. We have the beautiful & cheerful, fresh & young patchwork result for you on GoSee.

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Events • STILL LIFE – the winners the category 'Stills' at the GoSeeAWARDS 2016 : Gold for EVA ROOVERS and JUSTIN FANTL, Silver goes to ADRIAN & GIDI and SIX & FIVE, and Bronze for ANNE DEPPE and HVILSHJ PHOTOGRAPHY

05.10.2016 • In the category STILLS, the jury particularly noticed two photographers: Justin FANTL c/o GIANT ARTISTS from LA and Eva Roovers from Amsterdam. Both work closely at the intersection of art. Justin convinced with his fine line compositions and Eva Roovers with her imaginative arrangements and sculptures. The jurors in the category STILLS could hardly decide in light of so much creativity, and so like GOLD, SILVER was also awarded twice. Second place is actually shared by four creatives, who have extended their cosmos far beyond the limits of classic photography: ADRIAN & GIDI – aka Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen – plus SIX & FIVE, the design studio of Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini from Barcelona. Third place is shared by Danish still life virtuoso MIKKEL JUL HVILSHI and still life photographer Anne Deppe from Berlin.

In the category STILLS, the jury particularly noticed two photographers: Justin FANTL c/o GIANT ARTISTS from LA and Eva Roovers from Amsterdam. Both work closely at the intersection of art. Justin convinced with his fine line compositions and Eva Roovers...

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