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Events • A colorful interplay with gravity – SUSANNE STEMMER presents her new series, UNDER WATER SEASON II, in a vernissage at WIDE PAINTING gallery in Paris plus a preview on GoSee

24.03.2015 • After Susanne Stemmer’s successful initial series UNDER WATER with shows in Paris and New York, the series will be continued in April of 2015 – UNDER WATER SEASON II. The beauty and fashion photographer immerses us in a world unknown with her new series. The surface in her works is not meant to depict a mere water surface, but is much more a symbol: "The surface in my work is of course not only the water surface, it's also a symbol. It proposes the viewer to go deeper – into life, into oneself, into our surroundings ... to step back sometimes and rethink things and views, to ask oneself, if the things we think are important really are that important ... if the conventions we think we have to live for and fulfill really are so serious, or if we can perhaps drop some of them without any consequences ... I use water, and water surfaces, as a symbol for entering another world – this world can only be inside of us," says Susanne. The vernissage is on the 1st of April, 2015 at WIDE PAINTING gallery, Paris.
Her first series UNDER WATER told a quiet, easygoing story about a dreamy...

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Events • The brand new concept restaurant FRANTZÉN NK about to open in the heart of Stockholm. Yummy stills by Gustav ALMESTAL on GoSee

18.03.2015 • Stockholm's still specialist Gustav ALMESTAL not only touches the heart of gourmets with his table arrangements for FRANTZÉN NK, but also hits home for interior design enthusiasts. The new it-place in Stockholm is named after and initiated by ex-footballer and present Chef de Cuisine Björn Frantzén. Björn established his restaurant from an idea to one of the best in the world with as much as two stars in the Michelin Guide. He now presents his newest restaurant concept with the luxury department store NK ...

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Events • GoSee Tip : 'The Lady Vanishes' - a surreal photo project from Noé Sendas, Wallpaper* and Jan Lehner at Michael Hoppen London

18.03.2015 • The Michael Hoppen Gallery presents 'The Lady Vanishes' through the end of March, the surreally beautiful result of the cooperation between WALLPAPER magazine and the Belgian artist residing in Berlin Noé Sendas (1972) as well the photographer Jan Lehner. Wallpaper's Creative Director Sarah Douglas invited Noé Sendas to realize the 16-page title story for the fashion edition especially for the London Fashion Week. Contemporary art doesn't get any more hands-on than this.

The Fashion Director of the magazine, Isabelle Kountoure, was responsible for the styling: ‘The goal was to create something that was both contemporary and timeless. I was really interested to see how Noé would create new works using new material.’ His success in this endeavor is proven by the works we present here. The artist who experiments with omissions tells us about his work: "My work has its roots in drawing, from the use of drawing as a means of establishing a thought in visible form. From this, and through my interest in the cinema, visual arts and literature, I define new spheres in which images are...

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Events • Too much of a good thing is wonderful – the Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs opens the archive of the painter, designer and decorator Piero Fornasetti : La Folie pratique – a stroll between art and trash

18.03.2015 • In Paris, an exceptional exhibit is currently causing excitement: Piero Fornasetti, painter, skulptor, artist and decorator from Milano (1913-1988) has moved into the Musèe des Arts dècoratives in the Louvre with all his works. More that 1000 exhibits, chronologically layed out in various rooms, overloaded with a touch of trash take the visitor into Fornasetti’s world. Together with his only son Barnaba Fornasetti who is in charge of handling his legacy, museum director Olivier Gabet created the concept for the exhibit: "His unique talent can only be understood when viewing his complete collection of works", says the 38 year old museum director.

One central object which keeps turning up repeatedly is a ceramic plate from the series "Tema & Variazioni" , depicting the face of the opera singer Lina Cavalieri, who fascinated Fornasetti all of his life. He has created 350 variations of her face. Also shown are cover illustrations for the architectural magazine DOMUS; logos, sketches and private photos of this jack-of-all-trades. Carpets, tablets, chairs with sunflowers painted on...

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Events • GoSee Quest : PYROPET, Bíbí, Beanies & "Sipp og Hoj!". The Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir shows her products at Design March Iceland and answers all of our questions on GoSee

12.03.2015 • Icelandic design studios, architects and creative heads present their products at the DESIGN MARCH in Iceland's capital Rejkjavik where they show current trends in design, graphics and fashion. The Design Talks bring together prominent speakers and masterminds like Walter van Beirendonck or Jessica Walsh (Sagmeister & Walsh) on the vulcano island between Europe, Greenland and the USA. Omnipresent among the designers this year is the icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir. PYROPET, her cat candle to burn with integrated skeleton, warmed our heart at first sight. Definitely reason enough for us to ask her for an interview.

PyorPet – how did this idea come up?
The idea came to me while studying in London at the Royal College of Art. I had been doing research on objects that change over time and started to think about candles. For me, candles are weird; a mass of material that produces a tiny flame. We don't need them anymore. They really should be extinct, and yet there is a huge candle business. I think it's weird that we still think of them as ordinary objects. You perform this...

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Events • Jeanne Lanvin. The tribute to the Parisian fashion designer in Palais Galliera in close collaboration with Alber Elbaz, AD Lanvin, presents over a hundred unique pieces – we give you a first impression

12.03.2015 • With this solo exhibition of the house LANVIN – named after its founder and skilled hatter Jeanne Lavin (1867-1946) – the Palais Galliera honours the Parisian Fashion House, which up to this day is the oldest company still conducting business in its field. The exhibition shows more than a hundred unique pieces from the collection of Palais Galliera and the Lanvin Heritage.

The press release for the exhibition explains: "Mademoiselle Jeanne began her career as a milliner in 1885. In 1889, she opened a shop “Lanvin (Melle Jeanne) Modes” at 16 Rue Boissy d’Anglas, then in 1893 acquired her premises at 22 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. In 1897, she gave birth to her only daughter, Marguerite, who became her primary source of inspiration. In 1908, Jeanne Lanvin hit upon the new idea of children’s clothes. The following year, she opened the Young Ladies’ and Women’s department.

That same year, she joined the Syndicat de la Couture, the designers’ union, and entered the closed world of French Fashion Houses. There followed a brides’ department, departments for lingerie and furs...

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exhibition • Illustrator Daniel EGNÉUS captures his new home Athens for an exhibition with a stroke of his hand

10.03.2015 • Inspired by his present residency in Athens, the illustrator Daniel EGNÉUS created views of the city for an exhibition. His favored targets: the fleamarket of Monastiraki, the squares Omonia and Agias Irinis, as well as a self-portrait on the Marasli ...

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Events • GoSee presents Grafik15, a preview of the largest work exhibition for graphics and new media in Switzerland from 13 to 15 March, 2015 in Zurich

09.03.2015 • The largest work exhibition for graphs and new media in Switzerland taking place for the 4th time, is eagerly expected. 160 exhibitors show their current works, such as urban art, graffiti, illustration, typography and even mapping and 3D. Head curator Shark wants deliberately show all movements of visual design and, primarily, also of digital design. Therefore, in cooperation with Pro Helvetia, the Grafik15 has initiated a showcase - #SwissGames@Grafik15. With contributions from 6 art academies, 12 studios and 60 designers and producers.

The showcase is only one of a total of 5 special exhibitions included in the GRAFIK15. David Carson, (‘The End of Print’, 1997) ex-professional surfer and icon of graphics, is also attending the exhibition and will give a lecture on his work on Friday, March 13, at 20.00 h.

The world of Swiss graphics is colorful – and dynamic. And it has a long tradition in Switzerland. The 20th century style which is precise and reduced to its essentials, has inspired designers all over the world and, up to now, has not lost its actuality. Not just any...

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oscar winner 2015 • Steve SUMMERSGILL c/o GoSee Member DBC Berlin and the Art Department team of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel won the Oscar in 2015 for 'Best Production Design'

04.03.2015 • The entire DBC –Driven by Creatives family is just as happy as Art Director Steve Summersgill (DBC Berlin) and the Art Department Team of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel about the Oscar in 2015 for the ‘Best Production Design’. Made in Germany becomes Made in Goerlitz becomes Made by DBC. We, the GoSee team, would like to congratulate as well and take this opportunity to show you the trailer of the film which, quite rightly, has received this awarded. More fantastic art work by Steve Summesgill can be found in his GoSee ...

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Events • Photographer Dirk BRUNIECKI dances on the Megève Electro Jazz event in France for ADAC travel magazine, see two pictures here on GoSee

28.02.2015 • ADAC travel magazine sent photographer Dirk BRUNIECKI to the Megève Electro Jazz event in France. Megève is a popular ski resort, in which all inhabitants dance on their balconies and in their gardens for one week in ...

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