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Events • 'The Invisible Tie' - Thomas KLEMENTSSON c/o MINK MGMT photographs the ETON shirt campaign for the constantly growing support-worthy MOVEMBER movement

23.11.2016 • “I Wear the Invisible Tie – this tie is much more than a statement of style. It is a symbol of support for all men who battle invisible health issues. Thank you very much for helping us raise awareness.” The Movember Foundation is an organization, with a global focus for several years on the health of men, one major issue of which we wish to shed light upon – prostata cancer. And as of immediately, shirt specialist ETON is part of it all. The campaign for the 'Invisible Tie' was photographed by Thomas KLEMENTSSON c/o GoSee member MINK MGMT.

ETON on its commitment: “Health issues are sometimes hard to talk about. Invisible issues are even harder to explain. We want to create a symbol that sparks conversations, a symbol that anyone can wear, and a movement that raises awareness and shows support for those who battle invisible health issues. To do so, we are an official partner to Movember Foundation in Europe and Canada.”

About - Movember, the month formerly known as ‘November’, the Movember Foundation is raising awareness of the current crisis in...

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Events • 'The Essence of Motorcycles' - Bernd WESTPHAL c/o STILLSTARS photographs ESSENZA Motorbikes for the Sprint Challenge

22.11.2016 • 'Pure Bikes. No Dragsters. Two Wheels. Two Cylindery. Maximum 1200 ccm. Those are the key figures of the most exciting sprint challenge of the year 2016.' For 'The Essence of Motorcycles' from ESSENZA, STILLSTARS photographer Bernd WESTPHAL shot the bikes in the studio. For more information go to

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Events • Directors Lounge by BBDO presents 'DENNIS HOPPER: UNEASY RIDER' by Herrmann Vaske, animation studio LOBO from Sao Paolo, WEFILM from NL, Director ANSON FOGEL with stunt TVCs, artist SUSI SIE and live paintings

15.11.2016 • As part of the 52nd Directors Lounge in Düsseldorf on 11 November, Steffen Gentis, Chief Production Officer of the BBDO Group Germany, once again presented exciting directors to an audience of 900 guests from the international advertising film industry.

“One highlight was the visit of Director, author and producer Herrmann Vaske,” Steffen says. The filmmaker presented an excerpt from his latest film documentary “DENNIS HOPPER: UNEASY RIDER” about the turbulent life of American actor and Director Dennis Hopper, who died in 2010. (Easy Rider, Colors, Blue Velvet).

Hermann Vaske : “Uneasy Rider” goes back down the memory lane of the legend that is Dennis Hopper. From his humble beginnings in the dust blown plains of Kansas to the mind blowing pains of Apocalypse Now. From the A list glamour of LA to the constantly pissed lifestyle of New Mexico. From box office zero to art house hero. From Has Been Actor to happening artist Hopper’s life was no easy ride. But a hell of a trip. Uneasy Rider invites us to climb on for the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime to discover the true...

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Events • Paris Photo – the 20th annual superlative photography trade show and a gathering for galleries, publishing companies and photo fans from around the globe with a program ranging from vintage to contemporary – our highlights on GoSee

10.11.2016 • Under the patronage of President Francois Hollande and featuring an extended program, 153 GALLERIES and 80 publishers slash ART BOOK DEALERS from all over the world presented their solo shows, curated works and novelties during PARIS PHOTO last weekend. After last year's trade show was closed earlier due to the devastating terror attacks in Paris, exhibitors and visitors hoped for a successful weekend despite the election results in the US – also a big issue at the trade fair. An opportunity to hook up with renowned photographers and artists personally over the course of a few days at the incredible number of book signings. GoSee brings you a few impressions and our highlights from a wonderful flood of works and series.

NO JOKE – is the title of the collaboration between Roger Ballen and Asgar Carlsen, which DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM packed along with the two photographers. For the project, the artists created photographic-sculpture figures, exchanged self-portraits, replaced body parts and adorned the architecture with oblique shapes, cut and put together a collage of...

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Opening Film • Motion & Emotion for the PEUGEOT AVENUE Beijing - DOP for the emotional time warp opening spot was Stefan VON BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT

09.11.2016 • 1,650 m², 4 floors in the largest pedestrian walkway in Beijing and only a stone's throw away (please don't take this literally!) from the famous Tiananmen Square. After the Champs Elysées in Paris, PEUGEOT is happy about its second PEUGEOT AVENUE in Beijing, which presents the entire wonderful PEUGEOT universe. And the location is certainly no coincidence, as China is now the largest and most desirable automobile market in the world. DOP for the spot was Stefan VON BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT. And it was directed by Diego Pernia. Vincent Büchel, Directeur du Développement, on the opening: “After a long journey, some difficulties but as well some extraordinary moments – Peugeot Avenue Beijing is finally open, and it is a great pleasure hoping that all Beijing citizens and more will feel the Peugeot vibe and discover the French lion experience within a fantastic venue designed by Bloom Room studio under the great artistic management of Marc-Ange."

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Events • BANRAP presents the new WEBSITE and says thanks on GoSee for UPDATE16BERLIN at Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin

31.10.2016 • “This year, the creative world once again came together at the GoSee Update 2016 in Berlin. This time, the exhibition location was the impressive Kronprinzenpalais, on Berlin's prestigious Unter den Linden boulevard, which gave the event the appropriate touch of class. We would like to thank all participants for a great day with lots of great visitors and inspiring conversations! See you next year!” they agency says on GoSee about the GoSee annual event. We are very delighted to receive such wonderful feedback, thank you very much. Plus, the new BANRAP website is now online here. Sven Gleß and his team would be delighted if you dropped by.

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Events • So Berlin! Berlin-based creative office A True Story presents the UPDATE16BERLIN 60-second clip with impressions from our so very big & great GoSee creative annual meeting

27.10.2016 • GoSee gave Berlin-based creative office A TRUE STORY carte blanche for a short film about UPDATE16BERLIN. Created from the impressions gathered throughout the day was the one-minute film shown on GoSee, which was shot at the historic Kronprinzenpalais. A statement from A TRUE STORY on the annual GoSee event: “We engaged in interesting, amusing, exciting and pleasant conversations. It was fun to be part of Update16 as an exhibitor. Thank you so much GoSee team for the successful organization.” Go & See you next year !

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Events • BRIDGEMAN IMAGES wishes you a Happy Halloween: We have a short film collage about pumpkin cult and monster parties for you on GoSee

27.10.2016 • The scariest night of the year is just around the corner – and Bridgeman Images is getting in the mood and hopes you will too with its Halloween trailer! What awaits you are scary grimaces, evil witches, haunted houses and, in the middle of it all, No. 1 vampire Nosferatu. Don't worry, it's just a movie.... You can, of course, also have real horror too: Just enter HORROR on the BRIDGEMAN IMAGES site, and you will receive a charming collection of human uncanniness, packed in artistic photos. Something only BRIDGEMAN IMAGES can do:

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Events • The jury of the Blooom Award by Warsteiner 2016 nominates ten finalists – who can be seen from 27 thru 30 October at Blooom – the converging art show in Cologne

24.10.2016 • Art from around the world: More ambitious artists than ever before followed the Warsteiner Brewery's call and applied from six continents for the Blooom Award by Warsteiner. The Blooom Award is an international art prize for sustainable artist promotion. The prize was launched in 2010, and this year over 2,000 entries from 84 countries have been counted – an increase of 35 percent compared to the previous year. For their work, no limits were set for the artists. The jury has nominated ten finalists whose work will be presented at Blooom – the converging art show in Cologne – from 27 thru 30 October. On 26 October, the award ceremony takes place where three winners are awarded by presenter Anja Backhaus, known from TV and radio, as well as presenter and hip DJ Jan-Christian Zeller.

For Catharina Cramer, patron and Managing Partner of the Warsteiner Group, Yasha Young, Director and curator of Urban Nation, Prof. Dr. Stephan Berg, Director of Kunstmuseum Bonn, Joko Winterscheidt, presenter and Grimme prize winner, and Walter Gehlen, Director and Artistic Director of Art.Fair and...

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Events • 'Hiding from the other Eye' - EDISONGA exhibits her work thru the end of the year at the Hamburg-based agency JULIA WALDMANN

19.10.2016 • “Does what we see exist because we see it, or do we see it because it exists. Does it look back at us if it exists? Can we escape observation of what exists by not looking back at it? Or is it inevitably only a mirror which reflects how we see ourselves. Does our soul see its reflection constantly in what exists, or is our self-perception necessary so what we see can be.” On 14 October 2016, the exhibition 'Hiding from the other Eye' by photographer EDISONGA at the gallery of the agency JULIA WALDMANN .

“On display alongside six portraits are three large-format photos of purported landscapes. In recognizing the purported, in the attempt to classify what is seen as something familiar and identify it as a landscape, the underlying question of the work about the relati0onship between perception, appearance and being finds its echo.” Julia Waldmann tells GoSee. And explains: “Other than that however, EDISONGA refrains from uncovering the creative process – only so much: the landscapes are the result of a process of sculptural work, painting, performance and photography.


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