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GoSeeAWARDS15 - SCREENINGS Gold for Studio Schall & Schnabel aka Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn

SCREENINGS Gold also went to the studio Schall & Schnabel, which was founded in 2012 by the two artists Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn. The spectrum covered by their work ranges from conceptual fashion photography for international magazines and expansive video installations and performances to personal artistic and multimedia works. Their works reflect influences from the areas of literature, theater, pop culture, and film. And together with other artists, musicians and dancers, they also initiate various collaborative art projects. We extend our congratulations! /schallundschnabel


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - Gold in the creative discipline SCREENINGS goes to Amsterdam-based newcomer Maarten Schröder

In the GoSeeAWARDS special discipline SCREENINGS for the most creative and inspiring online portfolio, the 2015 Gold winner was photography newcomer Maarten Schröder.

Without having studied photography, Maarten Schröder (1987, The Netherlands) has become established in little over a year as a notable photographer. There has been a lot of positive feedback from the people who have come in contact with his work; even the well-known Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf has expressed his support.

In his work, Maarten searches for the ultimate form of simplicity, but at the same time manages to capture reality in an estranging way. He has collaborated with many Dutch modeling agencies, as well as some in Milan, who helped him develop his portfolio, which contains so many interesting faces.

For an exhibition in Amsterdam, a select group of artists were chosen to display some of their creations - and three of Maarten's photographs were selected to debut as the first photographic work shown. /maartenschroder


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - Silver SCREENINGS Award for the most inspiring online portfolio goes to Amsterdam-based photographer Ninette Schostak

Ninette Schostak is a photographer specialized in menswear and still-life photography. She lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2003, she moved from Germany to the Netherlands to follow a four-year study of photography at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. After graduating, she started working as an assistant for various photographers and went on to develop her own view and style as a photographer, focusing on accessories and menswear.

"Dear GoSee, thank you very much for the great news. I am very happy and of course very proud to hear this."  Ninette Schostak

Clients (selection) - Dutch Elle, de Bijenkorf, Mascolori, NONBYKIM, Undog, PUP, Mister Motley

Exhibitions (selection) - Affordable Art Fair, Walls Gallery, Salon/2 Winter & Summer, Photo Festival Naarden, Photo Academy Award Exhibition tour NL & BE, PANL Masterclass Exhibition, P/f photo exhibition...


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - The Bronze SCREENINGS Award for the most inspiring online portfolio goes to Nicola Carignani

Bronze in 2015 goes to Italian photographer Nicola Carignani, who is based in Milan. As a teenager, NICOLA CARIGNANI got rescued by the hard-core punk scene from an apparently bourgeois, middle-class upbringing. He started meeting people from different walks of life and got into more interesting circles, like skate parks and snowboard spots. During those years, his father, an atheist communist engineer, became a practicing Hare Krishna. Still underage at that time, Nicola discovered the wonders of British magazine publishing. One day, he found himself looking at The Face and had a glimpse of what he would like to become as an adult. On the front cover, the singer of Prodigy was posing with a hideous grimace on his face: It’s shocking. Some photographers not only portray people, but they help them bring terrible truths to light.

During the years he was studying photography, he drew closer to Contemporary Art. He showed  some of his first works in several exhibitions, and he met his future business partner Ivan. Together they founded Boiler Magazine, first online and then on paper. Nicola was Art Director with Macs Iotti. Everything ran smoothly for three or four years until, perhaps due to genetic causes, a sudden urge for a mystical experience struck him. Nicola decided to leave and meditate at a Buddhist monastery in Ceylon, and he then arrived in India at the Osho commune where he stayed much longer than expected. Returning to Italy to work as a photographer needed a new sparkle, which he found in experimentation. Fashion, portraiture, and sport culture all blend into the mix that defines the unique style of his images, all containing the same dose of cheekiness, elegance, irony, and wildness. Open to collaborating with other artists who share the same eclectic vision, he gave into his passion for filming. He recently started to direct music videos and small experimental projects. He has never stopped having fun.

Nowadays, he shoots a variety of different projects for an international roster of clients. A great sense of color and a sleek mix of elegance and irony have become his signature.

"Dear GoSee, thanks again for the support and the beautiful UPDATE15BERLIN Party." Nicola Carignani.

2012 Film Factory Italia, filmmaking workshop at Officine/IED, directed by Silvio Soldini
2010 Cinematography workshop with Luca Bigazzi
2000 Three year Photography Program at Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence
Exchange Student Program in Photography, London College of Printing, London
Workshops with Franco Vaccari and Daniel Meadows
1999 Workshops with Martin Parr, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Antonio Biasiucci
1998 Workshop with Nick Waplington


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - SCREENINGS, photographer Kerstin Kuntze is the 2015 Public Voting winner

The credo of the GoSeeAWARDS15 - SCREENINGS Public Voting winner Kerstin Kuntze is: "...and most of all, it's about passion." Kerstin studied Communication Design from 1989-95 and finished with a Graduates Degree in Design from the Folkwang University of Art in Essen. Afterward, she worked as an Art Director in notable agencies, before starting her own business in the year 2000.

Water is a main topic of her work. We have a statement from her on her favorite element : "In the series Wasserlust° (Water Lust), I combine my passion for design with the fun I have swimming. What I want to show is the intense feeling of experiencing life to its fullest extent. My art should breathe what I love so much about swimming. The power of water touching the body – ridding oneself from all negative images – the strong bond with the element – being carried by it – and ultimately becoming one with it – a primal force letting you feel the full power of life. My photos are intended to go beyond swimming – I see them as a simile of our being and as an homage to life itself – to the infinity inherent in a single moment." We present you a portfolio on GoSee.

August 2015 • Louvre Museum, Paris – Photo “Ikarus” – The Exposure Award
Feb./March 2015 • Gallery Phoenix, Cologne – “Wasserlust”
Nov. 2014 • Gallery Lukas Bär, Winterthur/Switzerland – “20x20”
Aug.–Oct., 2014 • City Museum Schwabach – “Gold”
June 2012 • St. Pölten/Austria - “Components”

Merits in the GoSeeAWARDS15 category SCREENINGS went to Amsterdam-based Kerstin Schostak (/ninette), Armando Ferrari (/armandoferrari) from London, and Eva Tuerbl from Berlin (/evatuerbl).


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - SCREENINGS, creative merits for Ninette Schostak, Armando Ferrari, and Eva Tuerbl

Merits in the GoSeeAWARDS15 category SCREENINGS went to Amsterdam-based Kerstin Schostak (/ninette), Londoner Armando Ferrari (/armandoferrari), and Eva Tuerbl from Berlin (/evatuerbl).