21.12.2010  •  Events NEWS


FAIR SHOP  •  Help yourself and others. Fair shopping with Helvetas. Not just a great shop for Christmas.

As Forrest Gump put it in the film of the same name: “Stupid is as stupid does”. We heartily agree because “good is as good does”. How easily this can be achieved and even be beneficial is exemplified by Helvetas. It's all about fair trade and incredibly great things you can buy. Ladies and gents, we present – the FairShop.

Helvetas is the largest private development aid organisation in Switzerland. The FairShop is an important corner stone of the relief organisation. The sale of fair trade products stemming from development countries secures an adequate livelihood for small producers and companies thanks to a fair pricing model.

Helvetas’ key responsibilities are projects abroad, primarily in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The organisation fights for fundamental human needs such as drinking water, nourishment, education, voting rights and peace.

The Online-Shop features soap made from fruits of the Nepalese Karite tree, glasses from Guatemala, toys from Sri Lanka and Haiti, dishes from Laos, leather goods from Paraguay, organic cotton blankets from Mali and traditional jewellery from Niger. Everything is handmade.

We would also like to draw your attention to the photo albums made of handmade Nepalese paper, available in two different sizes in yellow, red and blue.

So, this Christmas, why not gift yourself, your loved ones and people in developing countries with some FairShopping.