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STAR IN A FRAME •  Hollywood in Style : the look of the stars, captured in unique photographs

At the 62nd International Film Festival Berlin, THE KENNEDYS Museum presents 'Hollywood in Style – a homage to the icons of film' - photographs of famous actors and actresses from over eight decades.

Past meets present, glamour meets reason, lust meets sin and all of it captured by the lenses of the world's best photographers. We are pleased to showcase Michel Comte's motifs here on GoSee: Jeremy Irons, Billy Zane, Isabella Rossellini, quite a good catch…

The majority of photographs from the 'Hollywood in Style' exhibition are from the CAMERA WORK AG collection, including the exhibited vintage photographs and masterworks. A part of the exhibited photographs are also available for commercial acquisition.

Hollywood in Style
A homage to the icons of film
at the Museum THE KENNEDYS
until the 4th of March 2012
Opening times: daily from 10am – 6pm