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09.06.2010  •  Events NEWS


Lette Verein, Berlin : Nackt! 2010 photo design graduate photography exhibition

The Lette Verein’s 2010 Photographic Design graduate class present their graduate show, titled “Nackt” (Naked). From 11 to 27 June 2010, they will show who they are and what affects them.

For example, Steven Kohlstrock uses his story titled “Harlekin” to present Berlin based painter Barbara Breitenstein in a different artistic context. Through various elements of dance and artistry, her role is modified and she becomes the objet d'art herself. The vision is to estrange an artist by means of different artistic discipline.

Isabel Kronenberger's works are distinguished by a much more elusive approach. Her 2009 photographic sketchbook attempts to collate thoughts, the unspeakable and pictures of memories. The “Dokumentationen des Seins” (Documentations of being) consists of 56 pages.

“Unbewusste Orte” (Unconscious places) pushes Paul Müller into the spotlight. The first oeuvre from his long time project came into existence in Istanbul, a mixture of coverage and aesthetic snap-shots. “Why are you taking photographs of that? It's boring!”, said my translator while I took pictures of a shoeshine boy's abandoned utensils”. He is confronted with these urban situations on a day-to-day basis. Today photography has become one of his favourite forms of creating imagery; he finds the unconscious in the well known. The series, made up of five diverse moments, breathes through the presence of colour and clarity as well as through the absence of answers.

Aurelio Schrey portrayed young women in South-African Mthatha, who were encouraged to regain self-confidence through a three-year course of dancing, rhetoric, make-up and modelling. The title of the work is “Save Me”, because the women were supported to develop a sustained ability to protect themselves against sexual violation.

Spatial freedom of youth in urban environments is the focus of Benjamin Maltry's work, Svea Sobotka documents the life of refugee Touré Lancince from the Ivory Coast, who comes to Greece, looking for sanctuary. James Atkinson stages naked humans in nature, using colour as a symbol of purity.

Two panel discussions will tackle the issue of exhibitions: The de-tabooisation of nudity as a result of social change (16 June, 6pm) and the obstacle that is photographic plurality (17t June, 6pm)

For over 120 years, the Lette-Verein has been dedicated to photographic education. In 1890, with the opening of the photography university, the Lette-Verein inaugurated a new chapter in the professional education of women. The university was the first acedemic institution for photography education. Before 1890, photography studies were only available on an apprenticeship basis with ateliers or companies.

Private view:
11.06.2010 7pm
Exhibition: 12.06 - 27.06
Daily 2pm-9pm
Straßburger Str. 6-9
10405 Berlin - Mittte