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NEW YORK TRIP •  Paper, Fabric, Chair - Nudes by Sophie Delaporte at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York

The models in Sophie Delaporte's Nudes series merely dispose of a few simple accessories, paper, some textiles, a chair. That is enough for her to create those very special moments.

In the introduction to the catalogue that accompanies the exhibition, Vicki Goldberg explains “Delaporte sings a body electric: current and quick, seldom static, hardly shocking, charged with energy, and crackling with unpredictable incidents. Seductive in an unlikely fashion, this series of capricious nudes cavorts across an uncommonly witty body of work...

At times the nude before us covers her face with a bunched-up dress while the parts of the body that are generally concealed remain on conspicuous display. Though this might not be your idea of how to decide if a dress will attract a lover (but it certainly ought to work), it definitely looks like a good time. I’d say it all looks like a good time –for the model, for those wayward clothes, and no doubt for the photographer. Me too.”

Born in Paris in 1971, Sophie studied Photography and Film at the Louis Lumière school in Paris.

Nudes - Sophie Dealporte
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York