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THE NEW TIME MACHINE •  Standard Time - two steps forward, one step back - the most ruminant way of telling the time, on sale now

What's the time? Time for Standard Time! Whoever used to associate checking the time with a suave turn of the wrist will now think of nothing else but a swift grab of the mobile phone.

Some might remember the hotline with the female announcement: 'By the next gong, it will be 3pm. Gong!”. But there are other ways, hand made per film!

A total of 70 people in synchronised real time constructed a large, fully functional digital clock made of wooden planks, measuring 4 x 12 metres.
This meant, 1611 reconstructions in 24 hours, merciless shifts, always bordering on failure.

The result is a consistent 24-hour film or in other words, a unique watch.

Standard Time is a piece by artist Mark Formanek, produced by the Datenstrudel Media agency. This particular style of time taking may not be for travel purposes, but a welcome guest at home or on the screen.

Standard Time
Approx. 30 Euro

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