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jobs • GoSee presents you JOBS for 2015

As we all know time flies, so we already found some interesting JOBS for you for 2015 in our free GoSee JOBS section, which is directly connected to the equally free PROFILE of the employer. .... as well as several amazing internships for creative young people. Go & See :

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Events • Viviane Sassen – In and Out of Fashion. Until 15th February at Fotomuseum Winterthur

In and Out of Fashion is the first full retrospective of her fashion work, which she has developed alongside her work as a practicing artist. Conceived by Sassen herself, in collaboration with her husband, the designer Hugo Timmermans, the exhibition shows a selection of more than 300 photographs from the past seventeen years. It presents a lively installation, combining a range of photographic material, from working snapshots, to magazine spreads, exhibition prints and state-of-the-art projections.

Viviane Sassen is widely celebrated for breaking free from many of the clichés of the fashion industry, abandoning a caution induced by commercial constraints for a practice that is both playful and formally inventive. She regards fashion photography as a kind of 'laboratory' working with models, stylists and make-up artists in a process that is both fluid and experimental. Sassen pushes the model’s body to the limits of abstraction, searching out forms that suggest fashion’s relation to other visual modes like collage and sculpture. Her images disrupt traditional formats, utilising strong colours, deep shadows and props such as mirrors to challenge the viewer’s perception. At once performative and highly stylised, she takes fashion photography to the very edge of legibility.

In and Out of Fashion presents an inventive ...

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Events • Barbara Friedrich, Editor in Chief of Architektur & Wohnen, presents Michele De Lucchi the 'A&W-Designer of the Year, 2015' and says: "Hello GoSee!" at the exhibition opening at IMM and PASSAGEN in Cologne

Cologne’s PASSAGEN presented its 26th fringe event for IMM (international furniture fair) from 19 – 25 January offering an elaborate programme. More than 400 designers and makers were presented in 200 exhibitions in central Cologne. People, like us, who don’t feel like chasing kitchens, bicycles, lamps, armchairs and carpets, go for the events with the big names who come to Cologne for the awards and prizes.

One such event was the celebration of A&W Designer of the Year 2015, Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi, held as part of PASSAGEN. To mark the occasion the art space presented a really good solo show of the Italian designer and architect’s work - go see! The prize is an exhibition supported by A&W with €50,000 in prize money. Watch Barbara Friedrich, Editor Architektur & Wohnen, and her "Hello GoSee!" message plus photos from the private view and evening event.

The charismatic designer’s signature look is his beard, which he fondly refers to as his ‘first design project’, having cultivated it as a teenager to set him apart from his twin brother.

Why did Michele De Lucchi, also referred to as an experimental pioneer, win this year’s award? Barbara Friedrich answers: "To be honest he has been on our list of potential candidates for ...

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Precaution • Sexy finger games are always up-to-date! Two animated minutes by JWT Paris have us wrapped round their finger here on GoSee

Sexy fingers are quite simply always on trend and timeless. So we are of course incredibly pleased to present this lovingly animated little artwork by JWT Paris and CD Ghislain de Villoutreys. The spot has been around for a while, but the subject is sadly just as current as ever. So, get your finger out (even if it is your middle finger) and do an Aids test. Just one finger is all it takes. Watch the demo for the melodic App here on GoSee.

AGENCE : JWT Paris (
DIRECTION DE CREATION : Ghislain de Villoutreys
RESPONSABLE AGENCE : Michael Bernier & Mélanie Cagniart
TV PROD : Charlotte Saint-Paul

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opening • Photo Chat USA : It's just a shot away - THE ROLLING STONES IN PHOTOGRAPHS exhibtion and book launch at Taschen Gallery, Los Angeles

Los Angeles – again – celebrates photography and art with an extraordinary art show and release of a collector’s-edition book of Rolling Stones photographs. To celebrate the occasion TASCHEN is opening an exhibition in Los Angeles: “It’s Just a Shot Away: The Rolling Stones in Photographs.” It will feature prints for sale from many of the artists whose work is featured in the new “sumo”-size book, including David Bailey, Gered Mankowitz, Jean-Marie Perier, Bent Rej, and Terry Richardson.

A who is who of Hollywood Photo lovers, collectors and image maker came to the opening. David Bailey himself had fun hanging with Hollywood royalty. By the way: you won’t find David Bailey on Instagram (he thinks selfies are masturbation) and as stated in an interview with Vanity Fair he hates nostalgia: “I don’t like old farts that talk to me about the 60s like it was the best moments of their lives.” David Bailey has almost 20 books released so far – and he is not stopping.

The limited Rolling Stones edition masterpiece features more than 60 photographers spanning more than 500 pages— you travel the world with the Stones, see candid moments and access to superstars in music, hardly anyone had before.

David Bailey loves his medium: “That’s the great ...

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Events • Fashion photographer Peter KAADEN celebrates with ABSOLUT VODKA. Exhibition at Kitty Cheng Berlin

Peter KAADEN and ABSOLUT VODKA held an exhibition of unseen work by the fashion photographer at Berlin’s Kitty Cheng Bar, serving yummy Absolut Kaadens, named after the artist. Check out his portfolio on GoSee in ...

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Events • A big round of applause ! MOËT BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS 2014 Winners with photos of the evening and the most important trailers on GoSee

The 17th Moët British Independent Film Awards were presented in early December – with great support from famous contemporaries. Simon Bird (THE INBETWEENERS) presented the awards in Old Billingsgate. PRIDE won Best British Independent Film. Yann Demange won Best Director for ’71, Gugu Mbatha-Raw won Best Actress for BELLE and Brendan Gleeson Best Actor for his role in CALVARY. Andrew Scott received Best Supporting Actor for PRIDE and Imelda Staunton won Best Supporting Actress also for PRIDE, with three awards this was clearly the champion film in 2014.

Emma Thompson received the Richard Harris Award for her contribution to British film and internationally celebrated actor Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch won the Variety Award, "which recognises an actor, director, writer or producer who has helped to shine the international spotlight on the UK". The 'Special Jury Prize' went to John Boorman, the Raindance Award went to LUNA.

Elsa Corbineau, Marketing Director Moët & Chandon: “Marking our 5th Anniversary as title sponsors of the Moët British Independent Film Awards and long-time supporters of British film, Moët & Chandon is delighted to share in the celebrations of tonight’s very well deserved winners. To toast the successes of 2014, guests joined us in creating a seven-foot ...

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director / dop • Jan VAN ENDERT’s shoot for AUDI Shanghai at Audi R8 LMS Cup

Jan VAN ENDERT was the director and cameraman for the film by AUDI Shanghai for AUDI magazine. Post-production by Blickwerk Media. Rouven Steinke was in charge of creation.

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film • Reporters without Borders – we present the timeless Happy film, featuring Putin, Assad, Jong-Un .... and other ‘philanthropists’. And encourage you to : Help Dawitt Isaak!

The campaign we present here on GoSee is from 2013, but we still want to encourage you to watch it – despite the question of who started what, one thing is clear to us: where there’s oppression and censorship, where people cannot move freely, speak their mind and develop, there is something seriously wrong.

The 2014 campaign by the brave Reporters without Borders is titled: 'HELP US TO FREE HIM FROM THIS CONTAINER!' and puts the spotlight on the fate of Dawitt Isaak, journalist from Eritrea. From their explanatory article: ‘arrested along with other newspaper editors in 2001, Dawit Isaak is slowly dying in Eiraeiro prison camp, where detainees are tortured and shut inside burning hot containers. This journalist and poet, a naturalized Swedish citizen, returned to his country to serve a “free Eritrea” and to launch Setit, a newspaper with reformist ideas. He has just turned 50. What can we find out about Eritrea, about what’s going on there? Not much, actually. Because the journalists who could tell us are all imprisoned, dead or in exile. Yirgalem Fisseha Mebrahtu, Dawit Isaak and Seyoum Tsehaye have been mistreated terribly for more than 10 years. Many of their colleagues have been murdered. Eritrea is Africa’s biggest prison for media personnel.’

So, take Christmas as an opportunity to not just ...

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Events • Welcome to Miami ! Hunter & Gatti present VIP SERIES PREVIEW, we have photos of the Preview Party hosted by top fräulein of the hour Toni Garrn on GoSee

Last Friday night marked the much awaited presentation of HUNTER & GATTI’s latest series of art works, titled “I WILL MAKE YOU A STAR”, at the trendy SLS South Beach Hotel, coinciding with Miami Art Week 2014.

The private preview party was hosted by supermodel and Hunter& Gatti’s muse Toni Garrn, who charmed the crowd with her elegant and charismatic beauty. Check out the photos here on GoSee.

The event was followed by a light fare reception by renowned Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi, head of SLS Katsuya restaurant, offering guests the chance to experience his unique take on classic Japanese cuisine.

Attendants had the chance to admire a selection of Hunter & Gatti’s overpainted celebrity portraits, featuring, apart from Toni Garrn, the most distinctive members of today’s art, film and fashion scene, including Pharell Williams, Diane Kruger, Bruno Mars, Anja Rubik, Elizabeth Olsen, Jamie Dornan, Karmen Perdaru, Lewis Hamilton and Carolyn Murphy among others...

During the star-studded evening, collectors, gallerists and artists from all over the world had the opportunity to meet in person Cristian Hunter & Martin Gatti and chat about the inspirations behind the intricate works, demonstrating the art world’s interest in the new ‘Fashion Art’ niche ...

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