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GoSee PROTEST • Join in and bring back crystal pepsi. Meet activists Grayson and Tina Haver Currin on GoSee

What is the best answer to life’s absurd situations? Grayson and Tina Haver Currin's response is the same as ours would be. They respond to so-called 'Pro-life advocates’ with lots of humour and creativity beating them at their own game. 'Pro-life advocates’ are activists in the United States that feel responsible for and meddle with the lives of unborn babies with sweeping generalisations in a radical way. The clinic that helps women in need even had a judge impose a 300-metre proximity ban on the activists. Now these people stand 300 metres away from the clinic every Saturday and try and spread the message with homemade signs.

Every Saturday, husband and wife Grayson and Tina Haver Currin thought up responses to their signage in the car. But they wanted to do more. So one day they got out of the car and changed their role with their position and perspective. They became protagonists in their own play. Their own signs are not mean-spirited, they don’t judge. And they still have an impact. The hateful chanting stops when they are there, so that women can enter and leave the clinic in peace. The media noticed the couple’s blog – and now they are not just local celebrities. We have a few photo highlights for you here on GoSee and recommend their blog ...

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exhibition • New York was my home and a challenge. Christian Affonso GAVINHA presents ‘Reset_312 3rd Ave’ in Munich. Works still available for sale!

In exhibition RESET_312 3RD AVE photographer Christian Affonso GAVINHA takes art admirers on a stroll of the streets of New York at Munich Garage56. New York was both home and challenge to him and his wife. With some live music by Zoe Mazah and Joseph Wollinger countless guests admired the observant photographer’s intuitive works, that awaken sensations of wanting to travel the world but also the inevitable accompanying homesickness this entails. A selection of the works is still available “and they will be exhibited again shortly” agent Kristina Wais told GoSee. For more information contact

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Haus Orenstein & Koppel - Living and working behind an historic façade

Soon construction works will begin on a spectacular property in Berlin's bustling Kreuzberg district. On the Gleisdreieck, an innovative ensemble of offices, residential lofts, event spaces, gallery area and café will be situated in a building constructed shortly after the turn of the last century which plays an important part in the modern history of Berlin. This centrally located property has an unobstructed view stretching from Gleisdreieck Park, which is directly across the way, down to Potsdamer Platz.

The building was constructed in 1909 under the direction of the architectures Cremer & Wolffenstein, who specialised in buildings for trade and transport, designed in the Gründerzeitstil, in the emerging city of Berlin. the famed German rail transport building company Orenstein & Koppel commissioned the building to serve as its administrative headquarters. The business became a public company in 1909 as Orenstein & Koppel - Arthur Koppel AG. In 1912, O&K had 15,000 employees, eight factories in Europe and offices in Philadelphia, Chicago, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Java, China and South Africa. Orenstein & Koppel expanded its headquarters on the Gleisdreieck to include further buildings.

Today, around the old Orenstein & Koppel district a 260,000 m2 park area, the Gleisdreieck Park, has been established. In ...

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GoSee Awards 2014 - head of jury in the 'Hair & Make-up' category, Anke Kolberg, in the first official interview on GoSee. Call for entries now open

After 10 years it was time for a change – the internationally renowned SCREENINGS award, which honours creative online portfolios, came to its limits with more than 1000 submissions. What else could we do, but to broaden the field and offer more categories? As of now photographers, make-up artists, stylists…. creatives of all disciplines can submit their work for free in 11 categories via their free GoSee accounts for our very first GoSee AWARDS 2014. The 12th category will remain the popular SCREENINGS Photographers Award. One of the categories is 'Hair & Make-up/Beauty'. We asked our head of jury Anke Kolberg, owner of international agency LIGANORD, for a sit down talk and creative exchange of ideas with us.

Following her fashion design studies, Anke Kolberg has been running her agency ‘Liganord’ with headquarters in Hamburg and one office in Berlin for the past 15 years. Liganord represents excellent hair & make-up artists, stylists and one model maker. Anke on her job definition to GoSee: ‘we put our focus on the unique qualities every artist has. When the hairstylist likes to deal with hair, give it shape and shine and pick the model up where he or she feels comfortable and the client is happy with the result in the end ...

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A new VILLIGER Constellation Sweets campaign image for Ibiza holiday give away - photo Sabine LIEWALD

This year Sabine LIEWALD shot another image for VILLIGER Constellation Sweets. The Swiss cigarette and cigarillo brand was established in 1888 and is still a family run business. And watch out – one week of partying Ibiza with five friends is up for grabs as well as 100 monthly supplies of original packets. For more information visit:

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GoSee Tip: experimental musician SNOOP DOGG at Asphalt Klub Berlin - SNOOPADELIC Freestyle DJ-Set on 26.07.2014

ASPHALT Klub in Berlin-Mitte have out done themselves again, this time with none other than living legend: DJ Snoopadelic – yes you guessed it, none other than rap icon and international playa Snoop Dogg! ASPHALT is flying him in especially for a freestyle DJ set and performance of his latest tracks. On Saturday 26 July 2014 Snoop will drop some beats and embellish them live with his unmistakable rap skills a.k.a. ‘fizzle my shizzle’.

Snoop Dogg is an experimental music genius. Dr. Dre discovered him in the mid 90s. He is predominantly famed for his rap career, which kicked off in 1993 with the release of number one album ‘Doggystyle’, including hits such as ‘Who Am I’. In addition to his rap god status, he directs films, produces funk tunes under alias Snoopzilla and reggae beats as Snoop Lion. He lives out his love of electronic music as a DJ and his collaboration with Berlin techno group Boys Noize was met with acclaim. This summer you can experience his pumping hip hop, trap and electro beats live in an intimate atmosphere! The old fashioned dog father will be performing his new tunes and favourite songs for several hours at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. Be there on 26 July when the hottest dog of hip-hop artists comes to ASPHALT Klub. Limited amount of tickets available – first-come, first-served.

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animago Award & Conference : call for outstanding work in Short Film, Trailer/Opener, Visualization, Advertising Production, Game Design.... Call for entries closes on 21 July, here on GoSee!

The animago AWARD has been acknowledging the best works in digital media production and visualization since 1997. In 2013 participants from 66 different countries submitted 1,043 works, production types are STILL, FILM and INTERACTIVE. The competition has been met with acclaim within the industry on an international scale. DIGITAL PRODUCTION, German language magazine for media post-production run the award and conference.

animago AWARD participation is free of charge. Seasoned industry professionals and newcomers in the field of digital media production are invited to submit their works for consideration by the animago expert jury in one of ten categories Post-Production, Short Film, Advertising Production, Interactive Production, Game Design, Trailer/Opener, Visualization, Young Production, Jury’s Prize und Best Still). Animago offers creative people the opportunity to present their skills and to measure themselves within the industry. Final call for entries 21 July 2014.

The jury members evaluate all entries according to the category they have been entered for, so as to create a means of comparison. Five outstanding entries per category will be nominated and the best of them will win the coveted animago trophy. The Best Young ...

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winner • Visualeyes are delighted to announce the recent CANNES AWARDS 2014 wins by their artists CARIOCA STUDIO and Markus MUELLER

“We are incredibly delighted and very proud to present our winners from this year’s CANNES LIONS! Congratulations to our photographer MARKUS MUELLER and our photo team from Romania, CARIOCA STUDIOS, for the great Gold and Bronze Lions for their outstanding works!" Visualeyes tells GoSee.

CARIOCA STUDIO received one Gold and one Bronze for two MC DONALDS projects. CARIOCA won the Gold Lion in the ‘Magazine Product and Service’ category with the MC Donalds campaign and the Bronze Lion in the ‘Craft’ category for the MC Café campaign.

A super proud Natalija c/o VISUALEYES commented, “A big thanks to the entire DDB Tribal Vienna Team! It was a pleasure to collaborate with you on both projects!”

And Markus MUELLER won the Bronze Lion for the LANDROVER campaign images, shot in the Swiss ...

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Maarten RIJNEN illustrations for Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Maarten RIJNEN illustrated a map of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, designed to accompany families on a ‘great day’. This is what that looks like in Dutch: 'Schiphol Airport - De Dolle Dag' - ...

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china • ‘Handmade in Germany’ – the Royal China Manufacture Berlin shows a preview of the international exhibition in Cologne: striking proportions, clever textures and artful decor

From 4 until 16 July 2014 at KPM Verkaufsgalerie Cologne, design lovers have the chance to catch a first exclusive glimpse of the selection of goods the Royal China Manufacture Berlin will present at the ‘Handmade in Germany’ exhibition, which starts its world tour in St Petersburg in autumn. St Petersburg is the first location of many for this world travelling exhibition called ‘Handmade in Germany’. Among selected products from 30 German heritage brands, manufacturers, designers and art & craft expert is an installation with 11 handmade design objects by KPM Berlin. The installation paints a picture of a heritage-rich company that has written design history from its beginning until now and a brand that has reinvented itself for the last 250 years.

With china of the highest handmade quality, KPM Berlin has had a substantial influence on making ‘Made in Germany’ a worldwide symbol for quality. The eponymous exhibition presents products that can only be made with design creativity, skill and passion for perfection. These are products that take time to create and make and which enjoy a masterful choice of materials, form and colour to make them a unique piece.

The installation, which KPM produced for the ‘Handmade in Germany’ exhibition fulfils all of these criteria. Though diverse, all presented ...

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