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film • Tough Mudder® cross country run hits Germany! Sponsored by RÜGENWALDER, film by John BUCHE (direction) and Pascal RÉMOND (DOP)

Cross country, come rain or shine. RÜGENWALDER sausages is the Germany sponsor of hardcore obstacle race Tough Mudder®, entering with their own ‘Tough Mühle’ team. The commercial shown here on GoSee sees John BUCHE (direction) and Pascal RÉMOND (DOP) provide an insight of the gruelling event. Tough Mudder® is a worldwide series of 16-18 kilometre obstacle races with innovative routes developed by British Special Forces. For more information visit ...

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At the 24 hour race in Le Mans - Agnieszka DOROSZEWICZ documents AUDI double win

When AUDI had a double win at the 24-hour race in Le Mans, Agnieszka DOROSZEWICZ was there live with her camera. She documented the excitement in front of and behind the scenes, the speed and the motorsport top dogs. The multi-talented photographer also masterminded the post-production of the ...

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40 coming soon • marsil welcomes COSMOCOVER to the Games. We present 7 minute backstage trailer for Dark Souls II "Dark Intentions" on GoSee and are looking forward to Friday for several reasons

Cosmocover is a French PR office for the rapidly growing games industry. Cosmocover was founded in 2009 and is made up of Salima Bessahraoui, Pierre-Louis Barbier and John Tyrrell. They introduce themselves by saying, "We’re a cosmopolitan, multi-lingual group of can-do experts and smart thinkers with a shared passion for games, technology and communications.". With their team and external network they have accompanied campaigns in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, USA, Mexico and Brazil. The backstage trailer for NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe, which we present here on GoSee, doesn’t have a lot to do with their work at However, it does provide a good initial insight of the world of gaming. Frank from Cologne’s Marsil Hotel tells GoSee, “we are delighted to have them as guests at the Marsil and look forward to their Friday night party at our bar.”

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LeMansClassic • Le Mans Classic 2014 event – captured in photos by Frank Kayser

GoSee presents FRANK KAYSER’s photos from the LeMansClassic biennial event. Almost all types of racing cars that took part in the 24-hour race from 1923 – 1979 returned to the original Le Mans track, measuring 13,629 km, for the seventh edition of the largest classic car event in Europe, Le Mans Classics 4 – 6 July 2014.

Photographer Frank Kayser comments: "as always it was fun to accompany the event. It really is a highlight for me. The photos presented on GoSee were created for Porsche Klassik magazine and Richard Mille." Richard Mille is a Swiss watchmaker, founded in 1999 by French businessman Richard Mille.

A selection of the images and additional ‘kayser motorsport works’ will soon be on show at the ‘Legenden’ exhibition in Bremen, from 12 October – 23 November 2014 at ARTDOCKS Gallery. GoSee will likely be reporting.

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GoSeeAWARDS/UPDATE14 • Rolf Leger appointed Executive CD KOLLE REBBE and Head of Jury in the STILLS category of the GoSeeAwards 2014 at UPDATE14 in Berlin

Kolle Rebbe has promoted long-term floor manager Rolf Leger (46) to Executive CD. The Hamburg agency added him to their creative top management comprising Directors Stefan Kolle, Stefan Wübbe and Fabian Frese and Executive CD Sascha Hanke. Rolf Leger, who left Cologne to rise to his latest challenge and take on the creative world by storm, will be driving the agency’s visual creation forwards in his new position.

“It is our goal to continuously increase the quality of creation we produce. Rolf is one of Germany’s top creatives and his artwork is absolutely outstanding. All our art directors at Kolle Rebbe and our clients will profit from his skills”, says Creative CEO Stefan Wübbe.

Rolf has been on board at Kolle Rebbe since 2005. He started as a Senior AD and Creative Director and in 2009 he was appointed floor manager for accounts such as Tui, Audi, Aktion Mensch, Misereor, Ritter Sport and Bionade. In his role as Executive CD he will continue to manage the floor together with Oliver Ramm (Creation Text) and Katrin Becker (Consultancy).

He began his career in art direction in 1997 in what feels like Germany’s smallest city, Cologne. Afterwards several years of work followed at Springer & ...

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Red Bull X-Row • Rowing for RED BULL X-Row - Rasmus KAESSMANN shoots Olympic hopefuls Bernhard and Paul Sieber

Rasmus KAESSMANNK was on the road once more for RED BULL, this time with the Sieber Brothers. Both Austrian rowers and medal candidate for the Olympics 2016 have decided to take part on the Red Bull X-Row, one of the world’s toughest regattas.

About - the Red Bull XRow is a Swiss rowing regatta that requires the rowing boat to be carried for some distances in between. The route goes from Zug to Luzern and serves as a marketing tool for Red Bull.

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‘Galactic Entertainment’ on the Wutzrock festival in Hamburg – photos by Sven HEINRICH

Sven HEINRICH was invited to a Leica-S competition and produced the following images in cooperation with the ‘Galactic Entertainment’ association at the Wutzrock festival in Hamburg. Andreas Doria and his team carried out the post-production on the ...

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publicis • O là là, Munich was Prêt-à-party - for Publicis-Sundowner 2014. GoSee has the photos to prove it. Touché !

For one night last week Paris wasn’t on the Seine, it was on the Isar. Want to know how it happened? Quite simple: to celebrate their 25th anniversary Publicis Munich conjured up a little Parisian flair on their roof terraces and celebrated with guests at sundown and a little longer.

The motto of this year’s sundowner was prêt-à-party – a little reminder of the business group’s Parisian roots. And the guests certainly were ready to party. The black and white bar and lounge areas styled to look like a Bistrot Noir (yes it can be spelled with or without a T on the end) provided the ideal setting to strut between bistro and disco, crêpe in one hand glass of cremant in the other – and clearly enjoy life whilst doing so.

The Sundowner has become the stuff of legends and has a fixed place in the diaries of the super sought-after Munich communication scene. This year the summer party was held in the best weather and attended by countless guests.

“Every year I look forward to another Sundowner, which has become quite the scene event. This year we welcomed over 460 guests to our terrace in gorgeous summer weather. It is so nice to have an annual party with clients, partners and staff,” says Mathias Wündisch, Managing Director Publicis, Munich.

Those of you ...

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The Lammerhuber Photography Award goes to Fara Phoebe Zetzsche and we are pleased to announce Lois Lammerhuber as the Head of Jury in the 'REPORTAGE' category at the GoSee Awards 2014 in Berlin

For the second time the Lumix Festival in Hannover presented the Lammerhuber Photography Award, donated by renowned Austrian photo book publisher Edition Lammerhuber. The award, which is endowed with 5,000 Euros, went to Fara Phoebe Zetzsche (29), a graduate of the University of Hannover, for her report on the street children in Berlin called ‘Stray Kids’.

With this award, the reportage was honoured, which told an everyday life story in a very impressive way. The Lammerhuber Photography Award underlines the philosophy of the Lumix Festival; that dealing with all facets of life is the task of any humanistic oriented photojournalism.

Photogpraher and editor Lois Lammerhuber says: ‘the Lumix Festival shows the power of photojournalism in an image-oriented world. It shows images, which significantly communicate the life of humanity and shape our perception. Thus, it contributes to education and awareness, stirs people's emotions and lets them empathise.’ 60 reportages were chosen from around 1,200 submissions, which over 35,000 visitors were able to see and admire as part of the Lumix festival from 18 – 22 June 2014 at the Expo site in Hannover.

A high calibre jury deliberated on who should win the award: Ruth Eichhorn (GEO), Christian Pohlert (F.A.Z.), Peter Bitzer (laif), Søren Pagter (Danish ...

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GoSee PROTEST • Join in and bring back crystal pepsi. Meet activists Grayson and Tina Haver Currin on GoSee

What is the best answer to life’s absurd situations? Grayson and Tina Haver Currin's response is the same as ours would be. They respond to so-called 'Pro-life advocates’ with lots of humour and creativity beating them at their own game. 'Pro-life advocates’ are activists in the United States that feel responsible for and meddle with the lives of unborn babies with sweeping generalisations in a radical way. The clinic that helps women in need even had a judge impose a 300-metre proximity ban on the activists. Now these people stand 300 metres away from the clinic every Saturday and try and spread the message with homemade signs.

Every Saturday, husband and wife Grayson and Tina Haver Currin thought up responses to their signage in the car. But they wanted to do more. So one day they got out of the car and changed their role with their position and perspective. They became protagonists in their own play. Their own signs are not mean-spirited, they don’t judge. And they still have an impact. The hateful chanting stops when they are there, so that women can enter and leave the clinic in peace. The media noticed the couple’s blog – and now they are not just local celebrities. We have a few photo highlights for you here on GoSee and recommend their blog ...

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