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Cannes Lions • GoSee Cannes Tip : It's what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.' Uber-athlete Michael Phelps with the UNDER ARMOUR spot in the race for Cannes Film Gold

20.06.2016 • Legacies like his are built over a lifetime like this. Michael Phelps returns for one last time.' is what UNDER ARMOUR has to say about the star of the new 'Rule Yourself' campaign, the most successful Olympia athlete of all times on the path the path to his last great battle – Rio 2016. And the spot has now entered its very own race – will it be Gold in Cannes? The Grand Prix? We're excited to see.

Just this March, Under Armour presented the 90-second spot with Olympia athlete and swimming star Michael Phelps. The spot – which follows in the good old Armour 'Rule Yourself' campaign tradition – doesn't rely on the magic of winning but instead takes a closer look at the often lonely way to the top. And what sport could be more lonely than swimming? Even those who have never given it a second thought are guaranteed to be thoroughly stirred by the spot. Phelps himself even had to cry after seeing it for the first time. Which could, of course, also had other reasons. We don't mean his beard; we like that ; ) !

“For me, it's just incredible,” says Michael Phelps. “I think it...

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Events • GoSee congratulates: Holger Wild takes home Gold & more in BFF magazine #6

14.06.2016 • GoSee member HOLGER WILD received two awards from renowned BFF for his personal works. Both photos deal playfully with ambivalent and enigmatic street situations. Go & See!

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Events • GoSee presents : UPDATE16, Salon for photography, film, CGI, post production, fashion, art producing... And invites to Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin on 30 September, 2016

08.06.2016 • UPDATE will take place on 30 September at Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin. For the 10th anniversary celebration, the WHO’S WHO of the creative producer scene will come together once again in Berlin. Update is the established creative salon of the world-renowned PR office GoSee and the annual gathering of opinion leaders from the areas of creation, editing... and business. Be a part of it! ADs, CDs, brands, fashion labels... can become accredited for UPDATE in advance.

Every year, representatives from the areas of photography, film, illustration, post production, CGI, syndication, and styling, together with art producers and creatives exchange their ideas on the latest trends and innovations in their fields. Awaiting guests are talks, portfolios, discussions, film presentations, high-end fashion and advertising photography, new locations for commercials and shootings, ...

Whether in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Paris, or New York, ... whether classy or shabby chic, at the Ritz or East Berlin’s traditional premiere film theater, Kino International, UPdate invites its guests to...

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Events • BFFF Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2016 - the winning films and Rolf Scheider's impressions from the festival, the Master Classes and conferences for you on GoSee

08.06.2016 • Berlin – 3 June, 2016 – The fifth edition of Berlin fashion Film Festival came to an end with the BFFF 2016 Awards. The annual event focused on celebrating content for the lifestyle, fashion and beauty industries awarded 40 winners in 20 categories out of the 100 nominated films from the 821 submissions received this year. That meant the team led by initiators Frank Funke and Niccolò Montanari had lots of film to go through on the topics of fashion, lifestyle and luxury. Together with the jury, they picked the best films in the end.

"Comfort Louis W. for A.P.C AW 15 by Louis Levy & Grant Curatola took home the Best Film Clothing, Footwear and Accessories award, with the Best Lifestyle award going to Cyprien Clément-Delmas’s GO ZONES and the Beauty and Cosmetics award going to Thalia de Jong’s Golden Boy. Metamorphosis by Stephan Wever received the Best Local Production award, while Breaking Rules by Victor Claramunt won Best Emerging Talent and Snowbird - KENZO Spring-Summer 2016 collection by Sean Baker Best Major Brand," the BFFF team tells GoSee.

Rolf Scheider was there...

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Events • Heads up ! The event EAT PHOTOS presents the artwork of 21 creative agencies in Paris; we have photos from the happening for you on GoSee

26.05.2016 • 21 representatives – from old-established Parisian agents to experienced colleagues from all over Europe – welcomed guests to dine with them in Paris now for the fourth consecutive year and present industry experts their photos, stylists, directors, and visagists. In a relaxed atmosphere, art buyers, image buyers and creatives have the opportunity to view portfolios and speak directly with agencies. Rolf Scheider, our GoSee Paris correspondent, accepted the invitation and presents you several impressions from the wonderful EAT PHOTOS event. And who knows – you might even meet a few of the guests again in Berlin at our UPDATE16. Save the date: 30 September, Kronprinzenpalais, Unter den Linden 3, Berlin-Mitte. Go & See !

EAT PHOTOS . Hotel Grand Amour, 16 rue de la Fidelité, 75010 Paris . 24 & 25 May, 12 - 8:00pm

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Events • New York Advertising Festival 2016 – 'High School Girls' commercial for SHISEIDO (Watts of Tokyo) and the BURGER KING showcase for you on GoSee

24.05.2016 • So you wanna play the game? GoSee has two great reasons for you, why we love good ads so much. The first film, 'High School Girls', won the FIRST PRIZE AWARD plus Best of Show in the category film. It was entered by Shiseido Japan and plays with your perception. The second film is a BURGER KING showcase and the winner in the category AVANT-GARDE, artfully circumventing the social campaign trap by rubbing shoulders with its arch rival by asking for a peace dance. It's all for a good cause in the end on Peace Day, taking place on 21 September, which will peacefully unite fries all over the world. But GoSee for yourself.

“We would like to thank Yanagisawa, Jin Ohashi and, of course, the school “girls” for their amazing patience in striking poses and standing still in a 7-hour-long shoot,” Masato Kosukegawa, Creative Director Shiseido, tells us, who together with the agency Watts of Tokyo Ltd. is the happy winner of the Best of Show Award for “High School Girls” and extended its gratitude to the jury: “Our special thanks also go to Akira Shima, a copywriter of Shiseido, who passed...

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Events • GoSee Tip: Horizonte Zingst – the Environmental Photo Festival “Horizonte Zingst” and its patron, nature photographer Michael Poliza, invite visitors with photo events and 21 exhibitions to the health resort and the beaches of the Baltic Sea

24.05.2016 • On Saturday, 28 May, the health resort on the Baltic Sea will become the mecca of photography for the ninth time already. The highlight of the photography year in Zingst is the Environmental Photo Festival "Horizonte Zingst", which is organized by our GoSee friend, Erlebniswelt Fotografie Zingst.

"Awaiting guests are a total of 21 ‪Fotoausstellungen‬‬ – or horizons, as we lovingly refer to them – distributed throughout ‪‎Zingst. The exciting topics range from classic nature observation with the camera to international, high-performance wildlife photography, admirable works of photographic art and photojournalistic depictions of dramatic phenomena of our time," the festival team tells us. And this year, the main focus is once again on the love of nature and treating it mindfully. Hands-on photo technology with trendy brands and products can be found at the photomarket on the last weekend of the festival.

This year's patron is nature photographer Michael Poliza. “Poliza is an environmentally aware photographer, who has dedicated his life to photography, making him...

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Events • The trailer for the website launched by 'Tre' - DOP Magnus PETERSON c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

22.05.2016 • Share your music interests with people from different cultures – says the Swedish website initiated by 'Tre'. How did it happen? Naim Kassis, a 45-year-old pianist from Aleppo in Syria, came to Sweden a year ago and ended up in an asylum accommodation in northern Sweden, where he has given numerous concerts. On a cold winter day, he met Sabina Ddumba, and together they played a version of Sabina's hit single "Not too young", which attracted the whole accommodation to take part in the meeting. Magnus PETERSON c/o ANDREA HEBERGER was DOP of the trailer presented on GoSee for the project.

About We believe that music unites. That’s why we now start Musikkompis together with the mobile company 3. With Musikkompis, we give people a chance to meet through music. Play instruments together, go to concerts or talk music over a cup of coffee. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or an amateur – we want to make it easier for all people who like music, to meet other music enthusiasts with different backgrounds, experiences and...

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Events • 'Passeport pour la Fraternité' - Cyril LAFORET (hair) for the SOS Racisme campaign at the side of Bettina Rheims

18.05.2016 • SOS Racisme launched the anti-racism campaign 'Passeport pour la Fraternité'. 21 great and commited people gave the campaign their face. Bettina Rheims photographed them in black & white, with hair artist Cyril LAFORET c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY at her side. Details can be found here:

About - SOS Racisme is a controversial movement of NGOs which describe themselves as anti-racist. The oldest chapter of SOS Racisme was founded in 1984 in France, and it has counterparts in several other European countries or regions.

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