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Events • 13 October, 2015 - Special Screening in Berlin: WE WANT YOU TO LIVE - Liberia’s Fight against Ebola

08.10.2015 • For The World Health Summit, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting invites you to a special screening of WE WANT YOU TO LIVE, a Film by Carl Gierstorfer & docdays production.

The documentary by Carl Gierstorfer is a film about the difficult choices Liberian people were forced to make during the Ebola outbreak. It is a tale of death, survival, guilt, and forgiveness told by Liberians whose lives were turned upside down when Ebola attacked their homes, hospitals, and communities. The filmmakers spent more than two months in central Liberia to tell a story beyond the headlines. WE WANT YOU TO LIVE (german title: „EBOLA: Das Virus überleben“) is a manifest to the courage and compassion of those battling Ebola on the front lines.

WE WANT YOU TO LIVE - Liberia’s Fight against Ebola -
Carl Gierstorfer - Antje Boehmert - Marcel Ozan Riedel - Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt - Mareike Müller, Produced by DOCDAYS Productions in co-production with Al Jazeera and SWR in collaboration with ARTE. Distributed by: PBS International. The Production is supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis...

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Events • animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2015. Media partner GoSee presents program highlights

07.10.2015 • pectacular landscapes, unbelievable fantasy creatures, utterly impossible stunts, exploding cities, futuristic spaceships, and magical animation characters – for filmmakers, there's no getting around the use of visual effects (VFX) these days. The world's most renowned contemporary digital artists are set to attend the two-day animago AWARD & CONFERENCE on 15-16 October, 2015, including the VFX minds behind LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT, AVATAR, KING KONG (Matthias Menz from New Zealand's Weta Digital), MINIONS, and DESPICABLE ME (Kyle Balda from France's Illumination Mac Guff), RATATOUILLE, TOY STORY 2+3, and MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (Matthew Luhn from Pixar Animation Studios USA) among others.

The animago CONFERENCE is one of the industry's most important trade events in Europe. It offers an ideal platform for networking, communication, and information for international experts in digital media production, young talent, and film & media enthusiasts alike. animago is presented by the German trade magazine DIGITAL PRODUCTION.

Highlights of this year´s conference program:


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Events • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC presents 100 Days in Tibet – the promise photographed by York Hovest for the Dalai Lama as an illustrated book and live reportage across Germany

07.10.2015 • You should always be careful when making promises. This is how fashion photographer York Hovest from Munich felt, who accompanied the Dalai Lama for three days in 2011. York Hovest promised the Dalai Lama he would do him a favor: He would travel to Tibet, the home of the Dalai Lama, and capture the sorrow but also the beauty of the country and the Tibetan people. The promise took Hovest on a wonderful adventure. A photo expedition, the results of which are now available in the form of an illustrated book from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC as well as fine art prints.

York Hovest traveled to Tibet twice and visited forbidden terrain, forgotten places, portrayed people fighting against Chinese suppression and personally reached his physical and psychological limits in the heights of the Himalayas. The photographer was underway for 100 days, covered 5400 kilometers, and brought home 9000 photos and twelve hours of video footage. One of a kind shots of the northern flank of Mount Everest, photographs of the ancient Buddhist culture, and touching snapshots. An extraordinary NATIONAL...

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Events • UPDATE BERLIN : That's the way love goes... we say MERCI, plus we have a few quotes and impressions from the event for you on GoSee

05.10.2015 • After the GoSeeAWARDS winners were announced by Fashion Consultant Nicole Smallwood and Dirk Koeberle, Creative Director WORMLAND, VIP guest RANKIN was introduced by Donald Schneider, CEO Donald Schneider Studio and Head of Global Advertising H&M, with his new commercials for G-STAR, PRADA, SWATCH, and absolutely legendary COCO DE MER in our GoSee Talk round.

We present you several quotes and impressions from the UPDATE BERLIN event on GoSee:

"I would like to thank the entire GoSee team for inviting me to the event. Just like last year, organization was amazing and the selection of exhibitors was of the highest quality. I discovered amazing new talents, and I hope to continue to be a part of this adventure!" Marie Bottin, Head of Art Buying CLMBBDO, Paris

"Thank you! It was all so excellently organized, and I felt so comfortable. Thank you for that, a big complement to the organizers. Although I didn't know anyone when I arrived, I met lots of new people and went home with lots of new addresses in my pocket. It was very nice and interesting; I had a chance to talk to...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS15 - Gold for Maarten Schröder and Schall & Schnabel, Silver Ninette Schostak, Bronze Nicola Carignani, Merits for Ninette Schostak, Armando Ferrari & Eva Tuerbl, and Kerstin Kuntze is PUBLIC VOTE winner. The winners in the category SCREENINGS

30.09.2015 • In the GoSeeAWARDS special discipline SCREENINGS for the most creative and inspiring online portfolio, the 2015 Gold winner was photography newcomer Maarten Schröder.

Without having studied photography, Maarten Schröder (1987, The Netherlands) has become established in little over a year as a notable photographer. There has been a lot of positive feedback from the people who have come in contact with his work; even the well-known Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf has expressed his support.

In his work, Maarten searches for the ultimate form of simplicity, but at the same time manages to capture reality in an estranging way. He has collaborated with many Dutch modeling agencies, as well as some in Milan, who helped him develop his portfolio, which contains so many interesting faces.

For an exhibition in Amsterdam, a select group of artists were chosen to display some of their creations - and three of Maarten's photographs were selected to debut as the first photographic work shown. /maartenschroder

SCREENINGS Gold also went to the studio Schall & Schnabel, which was...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS15 - STILLS: Gold and Public Voting Prize for Sebastian Magnani, Silver for Atelier Glücklichundschön, Bronze Alessandra Kila. Merits for Fabian Häfeli, Florian Maas, and Rocket & Wink - the winners in the category STILLS

30.09.2015 • For his photo series 'Reflections', Zurich-based photographer SEBASTIAN MAGNANI was awarded two of the coveted prizes in the category stills at GoSeeAWARDS15: He won Gold while also receiving the most support in the category Public Voting. 'Reflections' is Magnani´s ongoing project where he uses a mirror to combine entirely aesthetic contrasts such as life and death or the interplay of nature and civilization in a single photo.

"Thanks so much. So happy about all that. It was a big honor for me to be a part of that amazing event. I had a really good time in Berlin! Everything was perfect!" a very joyful Magnani on the annual GoSee event UPDATE15BERLIN – with his by no means contrary placements at GoSeeAWARDS15.

Sebastian Magnani tells us about his project: " 'Reflections' is a present undertaking in progress, during which I photograph a spherical mirror in numerous locations. It’s all about the great thing about mirrored mild. It’s like a universe, a small planet, with a number of risk’s in distinction of buildings, colors, moods and numerous lightnings, the fascination of...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS15 – ART: Gold is shared by Kai-Uwe Gundlach and Clemens Ascher, Silver Ismael Moumin, Bronze Dominik Mentzos, Public Vote Nashalina Schrape. Merits for Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Nashalina Schrape, Bert Löwenherz, and René Riis, the winners in the Category ART

30.09.2015 • Hamburg-based photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach´s personal work titled “Patrouille de France” was already created in summer, 2014 – and has just won Gold in the category ART at GoSeeAWARDS15 in Berlin.

For an architecture story on the Le Corboussier skyskraper in Marseilles, Hamburg-based photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach had just reached the roof of the building, when a roar of thunder flew over his head. “I watched the planes for while before I noticed that it was the Patrouille de France. I was unfortunately not well enough prepared, and besides my heavy large format camera, I only had a small amateur camera with a telephoto lens… The aircrafts flew over Marseille for about 20 minutes in the most amazing formations.” Kai-Uwe Gundlach tells GoSee and continues, “I am not at all a fan of air shows and question what use they are... But knowing I was at a safe distance and had no idea of what expected me there, I was nevertheless still very excited afterward about the 'treasures' I had found, which is justified by your award in the end…" Kai-Uwe on winning Gold: “I am very happy to...

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GoSeeAWARDS15 • GoSeeAWARDS15 - REPORTAGE, Gold for 'Whispers in East Berlin' by Nashalina Schrape and for Mongolia Flashback! by Studio Steve, Silver and Public Winner Neil Bedford & Silver go to Yilmaz Aktepe. Merits for Daniel de Koekkoek, Lise Anne Marsal and Neil Bedford - the winners in the category REPORTAGE

30.09.2015 • Whispers in East Berlin - There were always ghosts in the house. Breathing, moving, slowly. Changing the shadows. Whispers of movement of articles of clothing. They were memories. Not actual spirits. They were things that happened in the house in the past, and they stayed. They didn't leave. And they were thick. They were not loud. They were the things we did not talk about. The house was built by my maternal grandparents in 1939, right before my mother was born. In Eastern Berlin. Four generations have been in this house. And even though furniture comes and goes, my great grandmother always sits in the front dining room. Quietly, alone, she is solemn and shut down... you can.

My grandmother is laying on the sofa in the living room. Napping, she has been addicted to sleeping pills since the end of WW2. My mother is little and cold in the small bedroom upstairs. Her room is dark, she is trembling, and she is alone. Both of my grandfathers are in the room that I sleep in when I visit. My step-grandfather is occupied with fixing the poorly made East German made vacuum cleaner,...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS15 - SKIN - Gold for Stephanie Pistel, Silver for Gyslain Yarhi, Bronze goes to Atelier Glücklichundschön, Merits for Arton Sefa and Monica Menez, plus Monica Menez takes the PUBLIC VOTE Award - we present the winners in the category SKIN/BEAUTY for you on GoSee

30.09.2015 • As if STEPHANIE PISTEL knew well before this year's GoSeeAWARDS15 that she would take home Gold in the category SKIN / BEAUTY; the title of her winning work is 'Aureum', the Latin name for the precious metal. She exclaims: "Many thanks for the award! I am very happy about it!" The motifs were created in New York and reflect both the blinding power of pure gold as well as its negative side: the golden cage. The spread titled 'Persuasion' was photographed by Stephanie in Amsterdam, and the motifs are themed upon the shy and almost transparent. She was supported in the project by illustrator Naja Conrad-Hansen.

About - Stephanie Pistel is a celebrity, beauty and fashion photographer based in Amsterdam and New York. Unified by her signature photographic style that has a surreal, yet painterly quality, each of the pieces tells his own story, capturing Stephanie’s cinematic vision. Beauty to her lies in the emotion of a very moment. In the detail. The perfect imperfection. Stephanie loves to freeze and magnify these moments. In both the editorial and commercial word, where the...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS15 - Gold for Rocket & Wink, Silver for Ellen van Engelen, Bronze for JOCROMA and Tony Viperino aka Cosmic Nuggets, Public Voting Winner Marcell Naubert. Merits for Diana Wehmeier, Mia Marie Overgaard, and Isabelle Follath, the The winners of the category ILLUSTRATION

30.09.2015 • The creative duo Rocket & Wink convinced the 2015 GoSeeAWARDS jury in the category Illustration with their works from their own magazine Whatever, issue 8 - Infinity. The works present an abstract journey to different worlds, strange creatures, and surreal places. We have the golden journey for you on GoSee. “It is always important for us to keep the focus on fun and leave room for the imagination of the beholder.” Rocket & Wink tells GoSee.

ELLEN VAN ENGELEN is elated over the award she received at GoSeeAWARDS15 in the category Illustration. What's the story behind her work? "There is not really a story behind my work, it evolved over the years into what it is now. I enjoy working by hand, I ink and watercolor by hand, the only thing I do digital, is the cleaning up. For the rest I think atmosphere is important, color, composition and a sense of humor." The jury thought so too - Silver in the category ILLUSTRATION at GoSeeAWARDS15 for Ellen van Engelen.

About - Ellen van Engelen
is a Belgian illustrator living in Antwerp. She has worked for revue XXI, The Pitchfork Review,...

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