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Go & See & Vote ! • PUBLIC VOTING - open now ! Support the finalists with your vote, 12 categories, 12 chances

The time has come – our GoSeeAwards 2014 Finalists have been decided upon. And you can find them in our article on GoSee. Want to see what artwork got the 20 finalists into each category? Simply log in to your GoSee account and then open this link: - we guarantee it will be worth your while.

And it gets even better – use the same link to take part in our PUBLIC VOTING open until Friday 24 October and cast your vote for the public’s choice (one public vote winner per category). The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, plus Public Vote winners will be announced on Saturday, 25 October at our GoSeeAwards exhibition, open to the general public from 16:00.

You can cast one vote in each category – your vote will be saved in your GoSee Account, enabling you to compare your vote with the official results once they are announced. Perhaps you have what it takes to be an art buyer or top producer – and you didn’t even know it?

GoSeeAwards 14 . Preview at UPDATE14, VIP Opening Saturday 14:00-16:00, open to public: Saturday 16:00 - 24:00 and Sunday 14:00 - 20:00. Kaufhaus Jandorf . ...

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UPDATE 24.10.14 at Kaufhaus Jandorf Berlin - Meet the GoSee's. Come join our creative get together! Over 50 exhibitors present their fashion, beauty and advertising photographers, illustrators, set designers, CGI artists, directors…

This Friday is the big day – the legendary UPDATE will open its doors to visitors from the creative industry yet again. The Salon for Photography, Film, Illustration, …. Is looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin! A full day packed with lots of beautiful moments, small and big alike, and plenty of inspiration to boot – and we have a couple of surprises up our sleeves for you too. Let’s just say TheReelHour with Steffen Gentis/BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi Showcase, GoSeeAwards Sneak Preview, .... and champagne, champagne, champagne.

The UPDATE will close with a GoSee LOUNGE EVENT from 23:00 at KAUFHAUS JANDORF with chilled out music by lovely DJs such as Mr. Laboso (Playfools) – and of course plenty of drinks. The event is open to all exhibitors, judges, UPDATE visitors. If you would like to join us, you can still register last minute as an UPDATE visitor, by emailing: or just bring your business card along on Friday.


Fri 24 Oct 14
12 – 20 UPDATE Salon
Industry visitors: Brands, Ads, CDs, Art Buyer, Editors,… bring your business card
13 – 15 Jury Meeting
16 – 17 TheReelHour powered by ...

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Exhibition of the first ever GoSeeAWARDS – Come & See winning photography at Kaufhaus Jandorf on 25 October 2014 in Berlin

1,800 creatives entered their artwork to be judged. Photographers entered their most creative work in Beauty, Transportation, Fashion and Landscape, joined by stylists and hair and make-up artists as well as illustrators and CGI artists. You never forget the first time – so make sure you don’t miss out on the exhibition of our very first GoSeeAWARDS this weekend in Berlin.

The judges will get together on Friday at the UPDATE industry event to select the winners of each category. The first ever GoSeeAWARDS exhibition will open on Saturday 25 October at KAUFHAUS JANDORF. After its exclusive opening as part of UPDATE - Salon for Photography & Film & Illustration & Creation the doors to the GoSeeAwards exhibition will open to the general public.

A panel of experts and professionals working in fashion, art buying, editorial and art selected their 20 finalists in 12 categories and will announce the winners on Saturday 25 October 2014 at the VIP opening. All finalists will have their work displayed in an exhibition that will be open to the public for the whole weekend. The show will present 12 pinboards with around 80-100 works each. A must-see for all photo fans and creatives. And bargain hunters take note – many are for sale. To register your interest give us a call or drop us an email.

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Beautiful, even off the Catwalk - Freja ERICHSEN and Luping during the Fashion Weeks, GoSee shows two snapshots

Freja ERICHSEN and Luping c/o Louisa Models took a break from the catwalks during Fashion Week and were spotted walking around the streets without ...

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Cate Blanchett, Benicio tel Toro, John Malkovich, .... Klaus ANDORFER shoots at Zurich Filmfest

Klaus ANDORFER captures cinematic moments at Zurich Filmfest. He portrayed Cate Blanchett, Benicio tel Toro and John Malkovich, among others. Find out more directly via his agent Marion ...

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Photo Chat USA presents Shaun Murdoch, Booking Director MILK Studio Los Angeles : "We create something which is above and beyond the expectations"

Hi Shaun – How is it going – whats new at MILK ? Everthing is great.. whats new at MILK ? At this point of the game, we just work hard to improve our space. Make it more and more attractive – that’s always the task here – improve the experience and the overall quality – just make it amazing for our clients.

Milk in comparison to other photostudios in the nation – is more or less the rolls Royce of the studios. What did you guys do right ? I think we were able to understand what our clients are, and serving their needs. Just to create en environment where our clients want to be – and not that lifeless space.. driving a business or running a rental house. We wanted to establish us a a resource, a comfort zone, a treat, a luxury n- where clients are happy to run to. And at the end of the day leave with a multitude of products and services. Its all about the experience – that its different and exceptional. That’s where we separate ourselves.

The whole studio has such a focus on architecture and design, its almost you walk into a temple of beauty. Does this only attract only a certain group of photographers ? Do you only target high end fashion photographers ? Its very much the idea of being with the industry in line. You look at all the beauty and luxury products, its ...

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in love with 50+ • UPDATE14 BERLIN : on 24.10.14 over 50 exhibitors present their services and portfolios of their Illustrators, Stylists, Directors, DOP's, CGI-Artists... free accreditation for visitors from creation, fashion, marketing and magazines

It’s full speed ahead for our UPDATE14 preparations. With over 50 exhibitors from the UK, Italy, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and certainly last but not least Sweden… we are looking forward to a great event. For details on the THEREELHOUR hosted by Steffen Gentis from BBDO Germany, the NewGermanDirectorsShowcase by SAATCHI&SAATCHI, the UPDATE Lounge Event in the evening at Kaufhaus Jandorf, the GoSeeAWARDS exhibition ... visit our website. All Art Directors, Creative Directors, Art Buyers, Editors, Fashion Editors, Advertisers, … can register for their free UPDATE creative industry visitor ticket (for fast track entry) or register on the day with a business card. A brief overview...

16:00 TheReelHour by GoSee and special host Steffen Gentis (presentation of 5 filmographers)
20.30 – 22.30 NewGermanDirectorsShowcase by SAATCHI&SAATCHI at KAUFHAUS JANDORF
23:00 Lounge Event at Kaufhaus Jandorf by GoSee

14:00 GoSee Awards VIP Opening, open to all exhibitors, GoSeeAWARDS judges and photographers, as well as all UPDATE ...

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NEWGERMANDIRECTORS SHOWCASE by Saatchi & Saatchi presents young German directing talents and invites to a film screening and big industry get-together at UPDATE14 in Berlin on 24 October 2014

The big Saatchi & Saatchi road show - next stop: our legendary UPDATE. Initiator and host Michael M. Maschke, Head of Creative Services at Saatchi & Saatchi Germany, Austria and Switzerland, brings ‘exciting films by outstanding directing talents who are ready for the international market’ with him. Of course many directors will be at the event and are looking forward to inspiring film screenings and lively exchanges. Film producers, creatives, art buyers as well as direct brand clients, who are looking for directors for their fashion and advertising films are all invited.

It all starts at 8.30pm and GoSee fans need to send an email to in advance to register. All accredited industry visitors at UPDATE are of course invited to meet the directors, enjoy a glass of wine with their colleagues while watching the films and maybe even register with Michael for the next showcase in 2015?

Michael M Maschke has POST ALLIANCE on board as a partner. The international post-production network currently offers permanent access to an extensive media archive as well as a more than impressive portfolio and of course top artists at 10 locations in Europe. All members of the network are ...

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HAPPY • Happy 65th birthday ! Pawel FABJANSKI's 'Untitled' series celebrates Polish National Film School

GoSee welcomes NEW entry PAWEL FABJANSKI, a commercial photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. His biggest interest is the thin line dividing art from commercialism – that’s what his photos are about. He creates pieces of art where both – aesthetics and concept – are equally valued features. Apart from being a commercial photographer, Fabjański is also a lecturer at Polish National Film School in Lodz.

Speaking of which, he received a Gold Award from Club of Advertising Creators (KTR) for his "Untitled" series on the Polish National Film School. The series was published in an unconventional art book about Polish Film School, printed on its 65th birthday. The beautiful project is a collaborative work of photographer Paweł Fabjański and set-designer Zuza Słomińska.

Pawel Fabjanski is represented by three international photo agencies: ShootMe (Poland), Take Production (Italy) and Pink Productions (Czech Republic). As aforementioned he received awards in KTR contest (Club of Advertisement Creators Poland) and Silver Lion granted at annual advertising festival in Cannes. His photos were presented in "200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide" albums published by Luerzer's Archive. He was also recognized by the GoSee Editorial Award jury and listed among the top 20 Screenings 2012 ...

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D Étretat coastal resort is the eponym and birthplace of Susanne Stemmer’s first 'chichi travel diaries'. The rough beauty of the Normandy Coast is more a mirror than a setting for the large format fashion photographs, whose merciless candidness is a signature trait of the Paris based photographer from Vorarlberg, Austria. Since her chichi travel diaries are created separately to her regular work and perfectionist sets, Susanne likes to go on intense aesthetic journeys of discovery wandering off the beaten track of the fashion genre.

The pop-up gallery, often situated in vacant spaces and building sites, provides an ideal environment to display work that digs deeper than the usual super clean glossy photography. The next pop-up gallery will pop up on 16 October in Vienna in continuation of the 'chichi travel diaries’. The team comprises malkasten (photo editing), Friendly Fire (visuals), Titus Vadon (sound), Blindbeat (music) and Gut Wien (graphics). For more details contact Susanne ...

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