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Events • GoSee says congratulations! Nicky WALSH wins Bronze at the 2015 PINK LADY Food Photography Award

06.07.2015 • Yeah! We are happy for and with Nicky WALSH, who took 3rd place in the category Marks & Spencer Food Photography at this year’s PINK LADY Food Photography Award. And we have the yummy award-winning motif for you on GoSee. Plus Nicky WALSCH's portfolio can be seen in her GOSEE ARTIST ...

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Events • Eat, Play, Cannes. The Cannes report by Pippa Bhatt for you exclusively on GoSee

02.07.2015 • This year it was GoSee London correspondent Pippa Bhatt's turn to fly to Cannes on assignment for GoSee. Pippa is probably best known for her agency Madam – and of course from rankinfilmreps. Working in the industry for an almost indecent time, she is quite a charmer, so we were sure she would bring home some nice lines – plus photos. We also have Pippa's Cannes résumé for you exclusively on GoSee.

"It’s the week after Cannes Lions, and that can mean a number of things. First & foremost, Recovery. Yes that’s a capital ‘R’, the whole word should probably be in capitals! Secondly, the business cards sifted through and emails of thanks promptly follow. Then comes the reflection. What a week. One of the greatest aspects of Cannes Lions is the representation of creatives and ad professionals within our industry from every corner of the globe. It is incredible. There is nowhere that we all come together for such a short time and on such a grand platform. Our wide reaching industry gathers on one street, and we see our old friends who have moved to new cities and have the...

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YDA • 'Whatever you have in mind!' Young Director Award 2015 news and a fabulously decadent pool party for you on GoSee

01.07.2015 • The winners of the YDA Award 2015 in Cannes – aka Young Director Award – have been chosen. The cinema reception was unfortunately called off this year, but that didn't spoil the fun or success of the project whatsoever. Why not? It's very simple: Work on the new concept for 2016 is in full progress, and the location for the after-no-show party was a dream come true. Rosé in full flow on the sun-drenched French Riviera beach, chock full of directors, advertisers, ... it doesn't get any better than this!

Apropos dream – 'Wet Dream' by emerging director Djawid Hakimyar (from Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg) convinced the sophisticated jury of the YOUNG DIRECTORS AWARD and received Gold in the category 'FILM SCHOOL EUROPE'. And how could a slow-motion show of pictures from a decadent pool party convince the jury in Cannes? 'Pool-Cannes-Party'. It almost makes you feel like a traitor. But see for yourself. You'll find the further winners under the link YDAwards..

We asked CFP-E / YDA President François Chilot about this year's showcase and his plans: "YDA 2015 was a very good...

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CANNES LIONS • GOSEE CANNES : Product Design Grand Prix Winner “Lucky Iron Fish” - and the Cannes Lions' statement on the entry dilemma

01.07.2015 • In the category 'Product Design', the Grand Prix winner is "Lucky Iron Fish" – the iron fish is the symbol for a lucky charm, and it is therefore more suitable for a cooking pot than a simple piece of iron. What is it doing there? Iron deficiency is a major concern at the world nutrition conference with regard to nourishment deficiencies. When you add this little fish to your ingredients, it provides iron for low iron foods. Geometry Global Dubai & Memac Ogilvy MENA considered it a good idea, and were the executive agency for the customer Gavin Armstrong, President and CEO of the Lucky Iron Fish Company, as well as Dr. Christopher Charles, who developed the prototype. Who entered the film and why, and received the Lion, and whether the jury's decision was justified, is clearly stated by CANNES LIONS – we have the scoop for you on GoSee.

26 June 2015 - Following reports concerning the validity of this year’s Product Design Grand Prix Winner, “Lucky Iron Fish” from Geometry Global Dubai and Memac Ogilvy MENA, the organisers of Cannes Lions have undertaken further investigation....

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Events • Raise your mugs! The first Cannes Lions Beer Fest on La Croisette - an initiative of STAUD STUDIOS, EMENES film production and the author of Kill Your Agency

01.07.2015 • The first Cannes Lions German Beer Fest took place with more than 500 visitors on the beach of Cannes in parallel to Cannes Lions 2015. The three world-renowned Stuttgart-based creatives of Staudstudios, Emenes Filmproduktion, and Lukas-Pierre Bessis, the author of the book Kill your agency, got together to throw a party, the likes of which no one has ever seen before: an Oktoberfest on La Croisette.

"We figured, if we only threw a pool party somewhere up in the hills around Cannes, we would be just like the rest of the festival's parties, and wouldn't really make a difference," René Staud tells GoSee".

The success of the happening proves the party crew right. The Cannes Lions Beer Fest was the talk of the town, and with more than 500 guests – it was the place to be. Besides ice cold beer from southern Germany, games like Hau den Lukas, which is similar high striker, and a wide variety of fruit brandies, the band Original Alpencasanovas from Munich were the special highlight of the event and played Oktoberfest music for an authentic atmosphere until late in the night....

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Cannes Lions 15 • Two FILM GRAND PRIX awards at Cannes Lions in 2015: we congratulate F/NAZCA Saatchi & Saatchi São Paulo for “Leica Gallery São Paulo” and The Martin Agency for “Unskippable: Family Long Form 01” for Geico

01.07.2015 • 101 Film Cannes Lions were awarded in 2015, including two Grand Prix prizes. In the category TV/Cinema, F/NAZCA Saatchi & Saatchi São Paulo won for Leica Institutional with "Leica Gallery São Paulo", whom the Jury President Tor Myhren, President & worldwide Chief Creative Officer Grey, described as the first and almost unanimous choice of the entire jury.

Myrhen tells us about the Martin Agency Richmond’s Film for Geico, titled "Unskippable: Family Long Form 01": "This broke every rule that we know in filmmaking. In the least sexy media space available, pre-roll, GEICO made content so good they challenge you not to watch. But of course, you can’t take your eyes off it." We have both films for you on GoSee.

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Events • HelliVentures : Catch the early bird – Rob Sherlock (Exec. Creative Director of ADK) is this year's winner at the water sports breakfast in Cannes

01.07.2015 • First one at the pier! Is what Rob Sherlock, Worldwide Executive Creative Director of ADK, was able to proudly shout out at the annual morning party. The CD, who became specialized in overseas markets while working for the Japanese agency ASATSU-DK (ADK), was previously Chief Creative Officer at Draftfcb for 12 years in Asia and America

Whether the top creative followed the call of the early bird and went to the beach or was washed ashore from the night before – that of course all stays in Cannes. The advertiser was the first to actively participate in the variety of water sports HELLIVENTURES had to offer, and together with the creatives, filmmakers, contactors, and producers arriving one by one, he enjoyed the breakfast and sports of the Munich-based film production company. 15 years Cannes – 15 years of getting up early – 15 years EARLY BIRD – this was good reason for Joachim Hellinger (interview on GoSee) and his team to produce a magazine which showcases their adventurous documentaries and action-packed commercials. We have photos from the event and impressions from the...

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cannes lions • Undescribable. The first purely emotional pizza order. Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes Awards for Dominos Pizza. The showcase on GoSee.

01.07.2015 • 16 Titanium and Integrated Lions were awarded in 2015. The Titanium Grand Prix went to CP+B Boulder for Domino’s "Emoji Ordering". The Integrated Grand Prix went to Wieden+Kennedy New York for Jordan Brand, ...

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cannes lions • GOSEE CANNES - the Film Craft Grand Prix 2015 goes to adam&eveDDB for John Lewis Partnership and “Monty’s Christmas”

01.07.2015 • The Grand Prix in the category Film Craft went to the agency adam&eveDDB for the spot "Monty’s Christmas", which was made for the customer John Lewis Partnership. "Our decision is absolutely from the heart. All of the Gold Lions were fantastically executed, but this is the one piece that connected with us on a human level. It touched our hearts," says jury president, João Daniel Tikhomiroff, founder, partner director, mixer, about the caring decision. Altogether, 66 Lions were ...

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Love wins • 'Some countries punish love with death.' DOP Felix LEIBERG films for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL with GoSee member element e filmproduktion

30.06.2015 • DOP Felix LEIBERG c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES uses strong pictures against intolerance and hate and in favor of equal rights for all people – worldwide and regardless of religion or conventions. The film for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL questions the inhuman double standard, which still runs rampant in many countries all over the world. The executive producer was GoSee member ELEMENT ...

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