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Events • Heads up ! The event EAT PHOTOS presents the artwork of 21 creative agencies in Paris; we have photos from the happening for you on GoSee

24.05.2016 • 21 representatives – from old-established Parisian agents to experienced colleagues from all over Europe – welcomed guests to dine with them in Paris now for the fourth consecutive year and present industry experts their photos, stylists, directors, and visagists. In a relaxed atmosphere, art buyers, image buyers and creatives have the opportunity to view portfolios and speak directly with agencies. Rolf Scheider, our GoSee Paris correspondent, accepted the invitation and presents you several impressions from the wonderful EAT PHOTOS event. And who knows – you might even meet a few of the guests again in Berlin at our UPDATE16. Save the date: 30 September, Kronprinzenpalais, Unter den Linden 3, Berlin-Mitte. Go & See !

EAT PHOTOS . Hotel Grand Amour, 16 rue de la Fidelité, 75010 Paris . 24 & 25 May, 12 - 8:00pm

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Events • New York Advertising Festival 2016 – 'High School Girls' commercial for SHISEIDO (Watts of Tokyo) and the BURGER KING showcase for you on GoSee

24.05.2016 • So you wanna play the game? GoSee has two great reasons for you, why we love good ads so much. The first film, 'High School Girls', won the FIRST PRIZE AWARD plus Best of Show in the category film. It was entered by Shiseido Japan and plays with your perception. The second film is a BURGER KING showcase and the winner in the category AVANT-GARDE, artfully circumventing the social campaign trap by rubbing shoulders with its arch rival by asking for a peace dance. It's all for a good cause in the end on Peace Day, taking place on 21 September, which will peacefully unite fries all over the world. But GoSee for yourself.

“We would like to thank Yanagisawa, Jin Ohashi and, of course, the school “girls” for their amazing patience in striking poses and standing still in a 7-hour-long shoot,” Masato Kosukegawa, Creative Director Shiseido, tells us, who together with the agency Watts of Tokyo Ltd. is the happy winner of the Best of Show Award for “High School Girls” and extended its gratitude to the jury: “Our special thanks also go to Akira Shima, a copywriter of Shiseido, who passed...

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Events • 'Passeport pour la Fraternité' - Cyril LAFORET (hair) for the SOS Racisme campaign at the side of Bettina Rheims

18.05.2016 • SOS Racisme launched the anti-racism campaign 'Passeport pour la Fraternité'. 21 great and commited people gave the campaign their face. Bettina Rheims photographed them in black & white, with hair artist Cyril LAFORET c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY at her side. Details can be found here:

About - SOS Racisme is a controversial movement of NGOs which describe themselves as anti-racist. The oldest chapter of SOS Racisme was founded in 1984 in France, and it has counterparts in several other European countries or regions.

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Events • Three films with '20 Seconds Against Child Abuse' featuring actress Andrea Sawatzki, Armin Rohde and musician Andreas Bohrani for DEUTSCHEN KINDER VEREIN – H&M Julia KROHSE

18.05.2016 • For the DEUTSCHEN KINDER VEREIN campaign, Andrea Sawatzki, Armin Rohde and Andreas Bohrani stood in front of the camera. DKV launched the campaign to call attention to the unacceptable abuse of children which takes place every day. Hair & make-up were the job of Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP.

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Events • PHOTO CHAT USA for GoSee at the closing night of the Los Angeles art scene: 'Catherine Opie: 700 NIMES ROAD', the photographic house call at the estate of movie legend Elizabeth Taylor, an exhibition and GoSee book tip

09.05.2016 • Catherine Opie, fine-art photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles, gained international fame with her unsparing photographic portraits of transgender, tattooed, and homosexual people – and not lastly due to her no less powerful self-portraits. The openly gay woman and mother of a son now presents two works from her oeuvre and a book "Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road" on the occasion of the closing events in Pacific Design Center, which were created during 6 months when Catherine Opie was documenting the Californian Bel Air estate of deceased movie legend Elizabeth Taylor. and GoSee met up with Catherine Opie and spoke with her about the show, her experiences and her creative process.

Introduced to Elizabeth Taylor by their mutual accountant, she was approached a few times to work with the Hollywood icon. However, she never felt a need to do more portraits about the stars, and was more intrigued by the human side of the larger-than-life celebrity.

After Opie worked on another photo documentary project, the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and inspired...

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Events • Happy Father's Day ! GoSee presents the legendary lady's choir Damenlikörchor, Hamburg, portrayed by Thomas RUSCH c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

06.05.2016 • "Sparkling wine, lox and rock 'n' roll. What began some 15 years ago (no one knows the exact date anymore) as a daft idea in the kitchen has meanwhile developed into an award-winning vocal ensemble: Audience Award at the NDR Radio competition "Hamburg Sings", third place at the big choir competition of NDR Television "The North Sings" and second place at Altonal choir competition 2008. What's next? First place!! But fame and honor are not everything because the motto of the lady's choir Damenlikörchors is: "Singing makes you happy. Cheers!" Two portraits of the happy ladies by Thomas RUSCH c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS for you on GoSee. We have the text from, and listen to the choir here: .

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Events • Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam presents 'SLEBS', an exhibition showcasing works of London-based artist & illustrator Dan Jamieson – don't miss the vernissage on 12 May, 2016

04.05.2016 • Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, presents the exhibition 'SLEBS' showcasing humorous works of London-based artist & illustrator Dan Jamieson. It will all be celebrated at the opening on 12 May in the agency rooms, and creatives from the agency and the entire city are expected who will meet up with icons such as Aubergene Hackman, Dolly Partyon or Porn Connery. The agency on the works: “Dan's portraits of icons in contemporary culture peel back the layers of celebrity to reveal a humorous observation of their character. His artistic style adopts a blend of naivety, accuracy, repetitive patterns, and frenetic mark making. The artwork often incorporates a narrative commentary with scrawled text, gently puncturing the bubble of celebrity. For 'SLEBS', he presents a body of entirely brand new works and prints including a series of 'Dutch Masters' pieces. He invites you to laugh, point and stare.”

We asked the illustrator and wanted to find out what awaits us: “SLEBS stands for celebs, which is short for celebrities – my work mainly centers around celebrity – I have a keen interest in the...

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Events • 'Private' and 'Acido Dorado' by photo artist Mona Kuhn in an exhibition at EUQINOMprojects in San Francisco including an artist talk with Darius Himes/Christie's and soon in an illustrated book from Steidl

04.05.2016 • At the moment, an extensive exhibition with works by Mona Kuhn lures photo fans from all corners of the world to San Francisco's Bay Area. On exhibit are the series 'Private' and 'Acido Dorado'. On 30 April, Darius Himes, International Head of Photographs at Christie's, had a chat with the photographer about her ideas and the creative process. And at the same time, she is preparing her new monograph at Steidl, which will be released in fall.

EUQINOMprojects explains the exhibited series like this: “Mona Kuhn is best known for her large-scale, dreamlike photographs of the human form. Classically trained, Kuhn’s compositions are painterly studies, each photograph thoughtfully arranged. Each image is multidimensional with a careful selective focus, giving the viewer the opportunity to only enter specific areas of the frame and leaving the remainder up to their imagination. Her work often references classical themes, but her photography is unusual in that she develops close relationships with her subjects, resulting in images of remarkable intimacy. A sublime sense of comfort and...

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Events • WEITSPRUNG No 4 - the art buying teams from Jung von Matt, Kolle Rebbe, Scholz & Friends and thjnk/loved at the big portfolio viewing in search of tomorrow's talents – photos and film on GoSee

03.05.2016 • The art buying teams from Jung von Matt, Kolle Rebbe, Scholz & Friends and thjnk/loved have now gathered for the fourth time already at the WTSPRNG portfolio viewing in mid-April, which took place in Hamburg! Together, 15 top art producers went looking for exciting portfolios and new talents. Works were viewed and sorted up front so that an inspiring portfolio was put together in the end. In addition, the three best photography talents were chosen which the WTSPRG team is delighted to present to you on GoSee. “We had an inspiring day of viewing with wonderful awards ceremony in the evening. We would like to thank the photographers and creatives from our agencies.” the overall opinion.

Third place at WTSPRNG No 4 went to the young fashion photographer LAURA WEBER, whose expressive photos and exceptional casting will long remain in the art buyer's memories.

The silver medal went to northern German MAX EBERT who presented a convincing and exciting mix of people & portrait photography at WTSPRNG No 4.

“We are still very excited about our winning team: Ukrainian photographer...

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Events • Apply now for Open Design Italia 2016 ! Product, fashion, jewelry, interior, and graphic/web designers: Take the opportunity and showcase your work in Italy!

02.05.2016 • Open Design Italia is a talent incubator where international designers, makers, creatives and craftsmen meet, establish relationships with one another and grow their businesses. Participants for Open Design Italia 2016 will be selected in three cities: Milan, Rome, and for your the last chance, in Naples. Apply now; Find the details on GoSee.

Applications can still be submitted for the casting in Naples from 5-6th May, 2016. The terms of participation can be found here:

Non-residents of Italy will have the opportunity to take part in the casting via a video conference with webcam up to a maximum of 10 participants. The final exhibition will take place from 10-12th June, 2016: Selected designers will be able to exhibit and sell their works in the prestigious surroundings of the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, Italy, and will benefit from endless B2B opportunities with international buyers and distributors.

Open Design Italia 2016 provides the selected designers...

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