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Die Klappe 2014 honours the best in advertising and newcomer film : the evening’s winners, on-location photo story, newcomer SMS voting and Super-Uschi Jasmin Shakeri says “Hello GoSee!”

In the main competition of the 34th KLAPPE award for advertising formats on all channels, held by the German Communications Union, the 23 member expert panel, headed by Thomas Strerath, Ogilvy & Mather, reviewed 300 entries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, shortlisting 61 films. The medals were then presented as part of the awards show, presented by Jasmin Shakeri, on 3 April 2014 at the beautiful Kehrwieder Theatre in Hamburg, in record-breaking time. Here on GoSee we present a super cool “Hello GoSee!”.

You can find all the winners on the Klappe website. What you won’t find there is a detailed report of the vibe, but we attempted to capture that in photos for you.

You wanna hear about our favourite moment that night? Or our favourite film? We simply can’t resist cute cat videos – juts like everyone else on the Internet. Which is why we have picked ‘Criminal Animals’ (VHV Versicherungen - Tierhalter-Haftpflicht, Scholz & Friends Hamburg GmbH) pet insurance commercial to represent all the winning ads of the night, here on GoSee. Another winner that night was the EDEKA supermarket ad featuring Friedrich Lichtenstein (watch his recent Hello GoSee!). And we are ...

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UPDATE !!! • UPDATE Salon 14 on 24 October 2014, Berlin. 2014’s Salon event now with an extended SCREENINGS Award and large-scale exhibition concept during the European Month of Photography Berlin

It’s time for the first preparations for Europe’s most renowned creative agency salon: UPDATE 14. We have an overview of this year’s UPDATE 14 for you here on GoSee: Once again the event will take place at Ritz-Carlton Berlin, the hotel that combines luxury and impeccable service like no other. We love it. But we actually set out to tell you about the SCREENINGS Award.

Now in its tenth year, the award has grown and developed wonderfully in terms of judges and participants, which we were delighted with in 2013. To celebrate we will be adding several categories in 2014 as well as inviting a few more judges. Details to follow soon – we would love to hear your feedback as well. In the meantime, we have some snaps from 2013 for you.

Don’t forget to save the date: 24 October 2014, and 25 - 29 October: exhibition, GoSee Guerilla office and more events.... if you need more information on exhibiting at or visiting this year’s UPdate (we already have 20 stands reserved), simply email :

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GoSee Recommendation : Friday Late Opening of Zurich Galleries on the left Limmat Bank 4 April 2014, 6 – 11 pm, Katz Contemporary must go see

If you happen to be in Zurich this Friday – then we strongly recommend the Friday late opening of the galleries. To see the full programme visit We present a selection of representative artwork from Katz Contemporary for the event : Choice & Charity Part I and Choice & Charity Part II.

These are organised to raise funds for charities Zürcher Stadtmission and insieme Zürich, Choice & Charity Part I followed by charity auction (Choice & Charity Part II). The exhibition presents a selection of collection highlights. This includes works by Olaf Breuning, Erwin Wurm, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yves Netzhammer, Henry Bond and Gregory Green.

Katz Contemporary. Exhibition: 28 March — 16 May 2014, charity auction: 27 May 2014, 8pm

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DBC - Driven by creatives recommends : crowdfunding for director Robin POLAK's ‘Oskarreif’ has started. Take part !

‘Oskarreif is a satirical short film which mocks clichéd drama and cheesy blockbusters that occupy our TV programme. Marginal groups, animal babies, sex, tears, violence and action in a 15-minute short film! A black comedy about the German-German history and the long way to Hollywood.’ The young German director was born in Prague won gold at the 2009 Young Director Award in the ‘European test commercial’ category. He shot a variety of short films, trailers and commercials to date and directed two seasons of MTV Germany’s ‘Ulmens Auftrag’ series with actress Nora Tschirner and Christian Ulmen. Afterward Robin Polak directed his short film ‘Alice im Niemandsland’ (Alice in Neverland), also with Nora Tschirner and Christian Ulmen.

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Over 50 years of WELTHUNGERHILFE – campaign images by FRANK P. WARTENBERG

“Because everyone has the right to eat!” – for over 50 years Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. has been fighting for equal distribution and against worldwide poverty and famine, aided with the help of celebrity supporters. For Welthungerhilfe FRANK P. WARTENBERG photographed celebrities including show master Markus Lanz in Hamburg, TV presenter Bärbel Schäfer in Frankfurt am Main, and actors Max Tidof and Michaela May in ...

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Experiments in electric ink: GoSee London at Fashion Space Gallery Relaunch

Fashion Space Gallery presents Relaunch, a series of consecutive tailor-made live events, marking a new approach to the space in central London.

Recently appointed new Director of the Fashion Space Gallery, Ligaya Salazar, curator of renowned shows such as Yohji Yamamoto and Fashion V Sport at the Victoria and Albert Museum, worked closely on the project with assistant curators Polona Dolzan and Joana Filipe.

The Relaunch programme encompasses exciting participatory events that are free to sign up to and centre on themes related to fashion.

GoSee London attended one of the first in the series, Bare Conductive, a workshop laboratory inspired by the frequent intersections of fashion with technology. Never one to shy away from getting our hands dirty in the name of fashion, we tested the design possibilities of conductive ink.

The workshop was hosted by Studio PSK, creative associates of Bare Conductive, a London based design and technology studio. Their electric paint was born from a collaborative project started at the Royal College of Art and science specialists Imperial College London. In 2009 Bare Conductive set up their own business and now thanks to their starter kits available from the online store, anyone can turn their home into a design and technology lab, ...

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GoSee loves • Bravo Cabaret de Paris ! The premiere of the unique Rambazamba theatre in film clips and snapshots on GoSee

ROLF SCHEIDER CASTING invited us to Rambazamba Theatre and GoSee was happy to take him up on it. And we experienced a night with Casting Director Rolf Scheider that we won’t be forgetting any time soon. The theatre seats up to 100 guests, so obviously other than Rolf’s guests, it was mainly friends and family that were all bundles of nerves on the opening night. After all Rambazamba isn’t just any old theatre. Enter a collective of people who are considered ‘mentally disabled’ according to the norms that still reign free in our society and yet show us a true magical spectacle.

At the beginning we were feeling a little apprehensive, didn’t know what to expect, however just 20 minutes into the show we had been transported to another world. The stage became the norm, a much more colourful, friendly and dynamic space than the one we usually cohabitate. Unstandardized, unregulated, each actor a little important wonderful world in themselves. Singing suddenly became personal expression rather than an octave achievement showcase, knife throwers didn’t need any knives and a new dimension of sexy danced before our very eyes. Bravo Rambazamba !

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“You can only have both hands free if you let go” – Deutsche Werbefilmpreis 2014 in Berlin. GoSee reports on the awards ceremony and actress Denise Zich says “Hello GoSee!”

This weekend, after a two-year break, the Deutsche Werbefilmpreis (German advertising film award) was presented at Kino International in Berlin. Around 500 visitors were looking forward to the new concept – less categories, no presenter, no entry fees and entries accepted from everyone. After an aperitif or two in the company of contemporary celebrities such as director and producer Carlo Rola and actresses such as Dennenesch Zoudé, Ralph Herforth, Tobias Schenke and last but not least the absolutely enchanting and hardworking Denise Zich – who says "Hello GoSee !" live from the event, the industry insiders made their way to the screening room. We were treated to an eloquent introduction by Tony Petersen, Chairman of the event. Open, self-critical and yet self confident.

The award was opened with a making-of video of the jury meeting – which gave us some deep insights. Although quite a few people were rather surprised by the result. But all in good time. As promised, all categories were quickly ticked off the list, though we did notice that the surprises we had hoped for were excluded from the categories. We suggest rather than using designed artwork trailers (which we really liked btw) it might be nicer to produce a colourful medley of the entries… who dares wins.

The ceremony started with ...

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Helmhaus Zürich honours Julian Assange with Copy-Art. The reconstruction of his study at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London now open for everyone and Christian Waldvogel presents 'unknown'

Helmhaus Zurich presents contemporary art, mainly by Swiss artists or creatives based in Switzerland. However, there are exceptions. For example, Zurich visitors can have a free look at the detailed reconstruction of Julian Assange’s study room at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is at the centre of the !Mediengruppe Bitnik exhibition..

They visited Julian Assange several times in London and reconstructed his living quarters from memory since photography is banned from the embassy. It became the control centre of Wikileaks and a world famous symbol for the influence that total surveillance has on our society. !Mediengruppe Bitnik sent a homemade ‘post drone’ to Julian Assange in return: a package, complete with camera, which recorded the journey in the post and made a live transmission. This traditional medium proved to be a truly reliable source of communication in this age of omnipresent surveillance.

Alongside this Helmhaus also presents works by Christian Waldvogel, famed as an artist who does not shy away from science. He is particularly interested in our perception of the universe and the possibility of life on other planets. In 2011 he was appointed Co-Chair of the «Topical Team Arts & Science» of European Space Agency ESA. For the exhibition Christian Waldvogel ...

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paper art • Into the Valley of the Paper Dolls - GoSee London at: Non-Sterile – an exhibition of paper artist Linda Toigo’s latest works

In her latest series of works, Linda Toigo presents ‘Non-Sterile’, a site-specific installation at St John on Bethnal Green.

Conventionally a place of ritual and contemplation, Toigo situates her works in the belfry of a church, ultimately disrupting the formality of the environment and revealing a sacrificial offering of traditional beauty.

Armed with a non-sterile scalpel blade, the paper artist carves through the sterile glossy imagery of perfection represented in magazines to reveal the fast-paced ephemeral nature of beauty. Meticulously excavating crowded layers, she singles out individual images suspended in time to reveal a complex interplay of light and darkness.

The multitude of a magazine’s smiling lips, bright eyes and translucent limbs is exposed in ‘Vanity Fear’, an unsettling series of portraits that hang in the solemn space. Alongside this, ‘Paper Dolls’ deploys an army of unattainable sleek feminine flawlessness that, rising from carved pages of Vogue’s, casts dark shadows on the surroundings.

Combined, the works cut away at the idealisation of beauty and reveal a tension between the overexposure of perfection with the ritualistic dissection of the glossy image.

After graduating in Architecture, ...

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