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GoSee Awards • GoSee AWARDS 2016 - call for submissions is now open! Art producers, art buyers, magazines, creatives, ... are all excited to see your entries. Grand Finale at UPdate16 in Berlin

22.04.2016 • GoSeeAWARDS is possibly the highest quality online portfolio viewing not only because of the top notch jury which has been invited, but also with regard to the quality of participants. Art Producers, art buyers, magazines, creatives, ... are all excited to see your entries and will view your works in 8 categories in 2016. And the best part about it: Participation is free of charge! And the even better part: You will meet the full force of our jury at UPdate16 Berlin on Friday, September 30th at Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin. Here are a few photos from 2015 on GoSee to get you in the mood. And please spread the good news! &

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Events • Darius Ramazani photographs for the German political party FDP Saxony-Anhalt the 2016 state campaign with Frank Sitta

22.04.2016 • “We are hard-working, courageous and smart. But are not governed accordingly” FDP Saxony-Anhalt prepares for the election. At the spearhead: Frank Sitta, German politician and regional party leader for FDP Saxony-Anhalt and Vice District Chairman of his party in Halle. The photos for the campaign were shot by DARIUS RAMAZANI.

Frank Sitta joined forces in 1993 with the Young Liberals. In 2001, he became a member of Germany's liberal party FDP. On 25 April, 2015, Sitta was elected regional party leader at the 25th FDP Sachsen-Anhalt party conference in Peißen. On 29 August, 2015, he was nominated as the leading candidate for the state election in Saxony-Anhalt 2016 by the conference of delegates in Magdeburg. The liberals missed the ticket for state parliament by a notch with only 4.9 % of the votes. The winner with 23,1 % of popular votes was the right-wing group AfD.

Saxony-Anhalt is second to Bavaria in the number of UNESCO world heritage sites in Germany – the Bauhaus, Dessau-Wörlitz Garden, Lutheran memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg, or the old city center of...

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Events • Tribute to the Bambi Foundation - styling by Zeynep JANSEN c/o Agentur Rouge

21.04.2016 • Artist, doctor, architect? Responsible for cheerful styles of the 'Tribute to the Bambi Foundation', which supports important children's aid projects in Germany, was Zeynep JANSEN c/o AGENTUR ROUGE. "A wonderful production for an important project," AGENTUR ROUGE tells GoSee. The party continued with Veronica Hanglberger (C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH) and Julia Wick (Bambi Foundation). You can see further motifs in Zeynep's children portfolio c/o Agentur Rouge. Photos were shot by Sandra Bielmeier.

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Events • GoSee is celebrating its annual (re)unification. We' ll be seeing you at UPdate16 Berlin on September 30th - Register now!

18.04.2016 • Two perfect reasons for you to enjoy a long weekend in Berlin: On October 3rd, all of Germany will celebrate Unity Day. The nation-wide German holiday commemorates the country's unprecedented historical reunification, which finally came to fruition when the GDR became part of the Federal Republic of Germany on that day in 1990. Reason enough for GoSee to warm up for the celebration: On Friday, September 30th, we kick off the long weekend of creative (re)unification in the hip & happening city of Berlin as part of our UPdate. Who will be there? The full art producer force from Jung von Matt to Wieden+Kennedy...

“Berlin is always a great place to visit – no doubt. And we are delighted to take our Update in 2016 back to its roots at Kronprinzenpalais, which was closed for years due to renovation, and back to the beautiful memories we have of the very special location. Just like every year, our program has a lot in store for you, from the exhibition and GoSeeAWARDS to cocktails, the VIP dinner and party... let us surprise you.” the original statement from Frank and Cyrus at the...

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Hair&Make-up • The HASSELBLAD 'SHOOT HH' workshops. Hairstyles & make-up by Karin GADE and Alex MERK, both artists c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY

02.04.2016 • Hair & make-up artists Karin GADE and Alex MERK, both c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY left no holds of their creative energy barred for HASSELBLADS 'Shoot HH' concept and workshops. The looks were photographed by Ali KEPENEK c/o GoSee member KRISTINA KORB. The HASSELBLAD ShootHH event is an interactive happening with hands-on activities and live shoots, demonstrations, tutorials, and seminars. With top photographers from the scene and the manufacturers of leading brands. More under

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kids fair • The CIFF KIDS trade fair 2016 says thank you! The campaign for the Copenhagen show by kids photographer Achim LIPPOTH

18.03.2016 • Achim LIPPOTH photographed cool kids in powerful poses for the 2016 campaign of the largest children’s fashion trade fair in northern Europe, CIFF KIDS Copenhagen. The fair took place from February 3rd through 5th, and is extremely popular year after year. The CIFF KIDS website expalins the trade show as follows: “As northern Europe’s most progressive children’s fashion fair, CIFF KIDS is forging the best universe for over 300 brands. By constantly working on increasing the exposure to media and customers and establishing new collaborations and special projects, CIFF KIDS aims to create an ideal place for brands to present their products, build their image and create new customers.”

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Events • Happy 1st Anniversary! The food festival ALFRED'S MARKET in a portrait - 4 motifs by photographer duo BEN & MARTIN on GoSee

16.03.2016 • ALFRED'S MARKET is a 15,000 m² former industrial area with space for events and presentations from many different lifestyles and colorful cultures in Essen. It is a location in Germany's Ruhr region, which bridges the gap between modern and international food, music, art, and style. The new portrait campaign for the happening was created by Cologne-based photographer duo BEN & MARTIN.

ALFRED'S MARKET on ALFRED'S MARKET: “Enjoying amazing food together is known to facilitate communication, and we have chosen this approach so that we can help shape the cultural diversity and the future of the Ruhr region. Street food & style markets, concerts, outdoor cinema, and more give the site a new multifaceted urban appeal.

Fast, sympathetic, diverse food of consistent high quality is becoming increasingly popular and finally offers the perfect alternative to fast food chains and imitation cheese. In our street food market, we present you an exclusive selection from Germany's young creative street food scene and a part of the constantly expanding food truck community, which is giving...

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