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Fashion • Sotheby’s Diamonds’ 'Inspiration and Innovation' – the precious 'Ricci Collection' photographed by Erik Madigan Heck. Discover his archive on TRUNK ARCHIVE and meet the renowned agency at UPDATE17 in Berlin

20.07.2017 • Sotheby’s Diamonds’ The Ricci Exhibition, presents the glamorous works of ERIK MADIGAN HECK and is now on display at Sotheby’s on Bond Street. Further works by the photographer are available from GoSee member TRUNK ARCHIVE. And meet TRUNK ARCHIVE this year once again at UPDATE17 on 6 October in Berlin.

“This summer, Sotheby’s is celebrating the Art of the Season – the very best in quintessentially British events that pepper the social calendar throughout the summer – and the new Sotheby’s Diamonds salon is the perfect place to choose jewels for the season, assisted by a dedicated team offering a bespoke service for any occasion or event,” says the traditional London auction house.

“Sotheby’s Diamonds celebrated the opening of the new London Salon and its contemporary collection of modern diamond masterpieces by commissioning a set of photographs by renowned photographer, Erik Madigan Heck. Approaching photography with the same eye as high art, Heck captures the essence of the great masters by using his camera as a paint brush – celebrating the jewels and the art that...

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Fashion • The MUSSWESSELS Fall/Winter 2017 campaign on GoSee – with photos by Anja BOXHAMMER c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS

19.07.2017 • Anja BOXHAMMER c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the MUSSWESSELS Fall & Winter campaign of namesake Hamburg-based designer Kathrin Musswessels. Model in front of her camera was beautiful Manuela c/o Hamburg-based top model agency MD MANAGEMENT. The MUSSWESSELS shop is located in Clemens-Schultz-Str. 29 in 20359 Hamburg St. Pauli, and of course 24/7 online under:

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Fashion • The PERUVIAN CONNECTION Spring and Summer 2017 campaigns photographed in picturesque locations by Blasius ERLINGER c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS, Hamburg

19.07.2017 • Blasius ERLINGER photographed the Spring & Summer campaign of PERUVIAN CONNECTION with model Tabea Koebach. For the Spring campaign, the team took it to Majorca, and the Summer campaign was shot in Todos Santos/Mexico. Styling: Andrea Menke, hair & make-up: Dawn Jacobson.

About - Peruvian Connection was founded in 1976 by mother-daughter team Biddy and Annie Hurlbut after an inspiration on the other side of the globe. While conducting anthropological research in Peru, 19-year-old Annie fell in love with the extraordinary hand-woven mantas and ponchos, which she discovered in the markets of Cuzco, the historical capital of the Incas. As they say, the rest is history...

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Fashion • STEVE BIKO lookbook photographed by Hans van Brakel c/o Klein Photographen

18.07.2017 • Hans van Brakel realized the new lookbook for Kenyan–Dutch fashion label Steve Biko in Amsterdam (styling : Anouk van Griensven c/o NCL rep., hair & make-up: Judith Neyens c/o NCL rep., models : Arjan, Erik, Ronel c/o republic Amsterdam and Nola c/o Paparazzi models).

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Fashion • Model Kim Riekenberg in the MARC O'POLO S/S 2017 body & swimwear campaign - with photos by fashion photographer MAX VON TREU

17.07.2017 • MAX VON TREU photographed model Kim Riekenberg and male model colleague Sebastian for the Spring & Summer body/swimwear collection 2017from MARC O'POLO. Creative Director was Katharina Reichle, production: Tobias Wenske and post production by BLINK IMAGING. For the new July issue of MADAME magazine, Munich-based fashion photographer MAX VON TREU shot model Juju in the 'Summer Freshness' in Sicily.

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Fashion • 'Burst' - model Esther Kellner in the collection from Claire Nungesser - hair & make-up by Kim ANGERMANN c/o 21AGENCY

11.07.2017 • Kim ANGERMANN in charge of hair & make-up at an advertorial shoot with the new 'Burst' collection from young German designer Claire Nungesser. Model Esther Kellner was photographed by Caroline Zenker.

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Fashion • ASICS F/W 2017 collection, photographed by Paul CALVER c/o MAKING PICTURES in San Francisco for the ASICS digital catalog launch

10.07.2017 • The new ASICS collection was photographed by Paul CALVER with athletes in various locations in San Francisco. Highlight of the global shoot are the lifestyle motifs in the warm light of the Californian sun. Further motifs from the production and further works by Paul CALVER are available from MAKING PICTURES.

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Fashion • The CINQUE F/W 2017/18 collection with great model Jay SHIN c/o MD MGMT - hair & make-up: Giovanni RIVAS c/o LES ARTISTS BY JOSEF STOCKINGER

09.07.2017 • Oliver BECKMANN c/o NERGER M&O photographs the CINQUE Fall and Winter collection 17-18 with the great model Jay SHIN c/o MD MANAGEMENT. Production was taken care of by Gerlachhartog, personally by Clemens Gerlach, together with GoSee member MARION WALTER. Hair & make-up: Giovanni RIVAS c/o LES ARTISTS.

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