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Fashion • 'Starry Days' SUD EXPRESS campaign by Elina KECHICHEVA c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

22.04.2016 • “Let's get seduced by our pastel colors and our delicate fabrics” - the new S/S campaign of French label SUD EXPRESS was realized by Elina KECHICHEVA in soft pastel tones.

About : Sud Express, the brand represented by a small star, was born in 1987. It specialises in manufacturing and marketing prêt-à-porter women’s fashion. The first boutique opened on the boulevard Saint Michel in Paris, and has since grown into a network of nearly 150 stores, located mainly in France.

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Fashion • 'I am out.' The SCHÖFFEL Summer 2016 catalogue made in Canada - styled by Alexandra DIETL c/o AGENTUR ROUGE

22.04.2016 • Alexandra DIETL c/o AGENTUR ROUGE styled the new SCHÖFFEL Summer 2016 catalogue, which was produced in the great outdoors of Canada. The slogan "I am out" stands for the philosophy of fashion house Schöffel. Sports outdoors in the beauty of nature, leaving life behind for a while to feel and enjoy the beauty of nature in all of its facets for a few moments – without pressure or competition – a philosophy which all products follow. Schöffel Outdoor and ski clothing focuses on what men and woman really need outdoors: a high level of flexibility, functionality and protection in no matter what weather. For steps that are worth taking. Photographer of the shoot was Michael Müller, and art direction was in the hands of Oda Männel.

Schöffel Sportbekleidung GmbH was founded 1804 in Bayerian Schwabmünchen as a clothing trade and is to this day a mid-size, family-owned business in the small southern German town. It is among Europe's market leaders in the area of functionwear, outdoor clothing and skiwear.

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Fashion • The OLD KHAKI Winter 2016/17 campaign - photos by Sven JACOBSEN

18.04.2016 • 'It's cold outside.' For the agency Canvas with Creative Director Mike Ipp and Art Director Michelle Baron, fashion photographer Sven JACOBSEN once again realized the Winter 2016/17 campaign for South African fashion label OLD KHAKI just on time. Because at the southernmost part of the globe, winter is right around the corner.

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Fashion • Tone in tone for FASHIONETTE. The new ad motif photographed by Verena KNEMEYER c/o DOUBLE T

18.04.2016 • For the loyal client FASHIONETTE, online shop for designer handbags, Verena KNEMEYER c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the new ad motifs. In front of her camera was model Laura Berlin, who was styled by Patrick RINKEL with H&M by Steffanie KROLL, both artists c/o GoSee member LIGANORD.

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Fashion • The spring campaign of PHILLIP LIM 3.1 featuring supermodel Liya Kebede & family, straight out of Addis Abeba and produced by 10-4 AFRICA

16.04.2016 • 10-4 AFRICA produced the spring campaign of PHILLIP LIM 3.1 with supermodel Liya Kebede. The sensational campaign was photographed by Viviane Sassen in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Phillip Lim tells GoSee about the campaign: "This season, we pushed the boundaries even further by asking a world-renowned model to join us in this guerrilla affair; we asked her to do this in her home country with her actual family. The model is Liya Kebede, and her home town is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where she grew up with her four brothers and where her parents still live. Liya is also passionately devoted to her role as a maternal health advocate. We are enormously grateful to Liya and her family for being part of this special moment and welcoming us to their home." We have the motifs for you on GoSee.

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Fashion • KAVIN : 'Get the Blues' in London for WAGNER, photos of the fashionable Danish Spring 2016 for E-Mag and you on GoSee

14.04.2016 • For E-Magazine, the Danish fashion experts from WAGNER, Anders KAVIN in a London Garage. From denim to suits – the style guide knows what looks good on men this spring. Wagner was founded in 1946 with its first store in Aalborg and today has shops all over Scandinavia.

Wagner on the beginnings: “The assortment at the time consisted of blazers and suits, down to a size age 4, and sports clothes and work wear. Most of our selection was manufactured in Denmark and was in fashion for up to 3 years in a row. So that most men could be in fashion and on-beat without even knowing. But that’s not what it’s like anymore. Today, fashion changes constantly, so it’s all about having a finger on the pulse and being up-to-date on all trends of the time. We have that in all of our 103 stores spread all across Scandinavia." & ../wagner/2016/ProfilWagner

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Lingerie • Welcome to the 'Circus'! Jens IHNKEN c/o TOBIAS BOSCH takes you to the Big Top with underwear from BRUNO BANANI F/W 2016; we have the photos and making-of clip on GoSee

13.04.2016 • Knife throwers, jugglers, contortion artists meet cats, birds, striped hooved animals… Absolutely animal friendly photographer Jens IHNKEN c/o TOBIAS BOSCH photographed for the underwear experts from BRUNO BANANI and proves once again: 'Bruno banani underwear – not for everybody'. Petrine Houlberg and male models Jonas Kautenburger & Sean Andrew Sanders posed in front of his camera in South Africa. The executive agency was Prinzip | E with Kirsten Hechler & Stefanie Hemmann for the shoot, which took place at the Cornellskop Animal Training Farm Bot River, South Africa. We have the results for you on GoSee.

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Fashion • Spring is here! Eric FRIDEEN c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL photographs image motifs for GARHAMMER

13.04.2016 • Model Alona Kravchenko and Benjamin Reynier were photographed by Eric FRIDEEN c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL for the fashion store GARHAMMER above the rooftops of Berlin. Styling: Anja ZANDER c/o BIGOUDI, Hair & Make-up Gabrielle THEURER c/o BASICS and CD Tim Reinert. Go & See:

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Fashion • SUMMERTIME FOR SAILORS - Peter GEHRKE c/o ADAMSKY shoots GAASTRA S/S 2016 sportswear campaign

12.04.2016 • This year's Spring/Summer campaign was photographed by Peter GEHRKE at the royal yacht club Real Nautico de Palma in Majorca, of which Gaastra has been a loyal sponsor for many years. The ships which were lovingly prepared during winter leave their dry docks for the water in spring. The sailmaker collection was photographed on the 100-year-old classic sailing yacht Moonbeam IV. For the sportwear collection, it was all abord the superfast TP52 yacht of sailing champion Marco Serafini. The print motifs are presented here on GoSee, and more is available directly from GAASTRA.

Gaastra International Sportswear B.V. has belonged to the international McGregor Fashion Group since 2003. The brand owes its international reputation to the unique combination of functionality and fashion. It was founded in 1897 as the a sailmaking company from the ambition of the young Douwe Gaastra to make sailing equipment better, more efficient and faster. Today this puruit continues in the collections. Gaastra Sportswear is the casual collection, which is clearly inspired by Gaastra's nautical heritage.

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