27.04.2010  •  Fashion NEWS


DIRTY LOOKS ! •  The Wrangler Costume Culture collection hearts rockabillies!

We have only just kissed goodbye to the seemingly never-ending chilly winter and yet the new designer collections are already out there and showing us what we will be wrapping up in when the next icy season returns.

In the case of Wrangler, this means lightly dyed jeans, leather jackets and a love of rockabilly perfection. The ‘custom culture’ motto promises classic American designs with plenty of personality.

Blue denims and green cast washes form the heart of the collection. A bit dirty, a bit adventurous. Keywords road trip, Western graphic prints and a hand crafted know-how.

The looks are layered with knitwear, plaid shirts, light puffer jackets and anti-fit jeans. Low cut, high waisted turn-ups for girls, faded dark workwear styles for the lads.

“This Wrangler Collection presents our original, American outdoor denim brand from its sophisticated and progressive side.

It is fun, robust and makes for an adrenaline laden adventure”, says Alessandro Vigano, Creative Director of Wrangler EMEA.

GoSee presents a preview. We’ve already got our eye on the cardigan!

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