27.04.2011  •  Fashion NEWS


AVANT GARDE ROBE •  Ofimatica by Anna Jazewitsch - the modern uniform for the strong woman's efficient world

GoSee presents the current ‘Ofimatica’ collection by designer Anna Jazewitsch.

This is what Anna herself has to say about the inspiration behind her designs: “The collection attempts to create an artistic and logical range of female work clothing for the daily stroll into the office of today.

The clothes could function as a mandatory uniform for modern and future orientated companies, but also create a sphere of creativity and ensure the efficiency of the work progress as well as the happiness of the wearer.

The goal is to create a distinct artistic reflection. The collection questions the ever-changing space that is the office and workspace of our time and the increasing pressure in large offices that are more and more dominated by mechanical work procedures.

The collection combines the three cornerstones office, technology and nature. The inspiration comes from the style of the Russian avant-garde, which is separated into constructivism and suprematism.

The Russian avant-garde came into being parallel to futurism, Bauhaus and the Dutch De Stijl and shared the same core philosophy of simplifying and industrialising the nature of objects through geometry.

The technology stands for artificiality and progress, which stands in conflict with nature and life itself, just like in the suprematist opera ‘Victory over the Sun’ which premiered at the Lunatheatre in Sankt Petersburg in 1912.

The opera tells of artists who euphorically celebrate the victory of technology over nature and have no sense of gratitude for the light of the sun any more but prefer to live under artificial light. A hundred 100 years later, we should ask ourselves why the curtains are closed and the lamps switched on for each and every conference at the office.

When it comes to the aesthetic level, the collection ponders on that very conflict through two contrasting design approaches. On the one hand, the clothes do not give a lot of freedom of expressing the beauty of the body and come in strict, solid and almost mathematical forms.

In order to express the basic idea of strict business clothing, the designs emphasise masculinity and strength. The sex and individuality are streamlines. Conventional details such as the processing that is predominant in traditional menswear are realised in an unconventional and modern manner for the avant-garde collection.

The wearer of this collection will frequently be urged to act manly, strong, courageous and self-conscious, strong-willed and the eyes firmly set on the goal.

Due to the colour scheme, that features an abundance of blue, grey, cream and pastel, the collection appears cold and official on first sight. But this impression is countered with the flowing forms and creases.

The organically formed holes remind us of water and visualise the association with nature. The material moves with the body, uncontrollable and lively. The materials used are wool and satin.”

We think: good cuts, tailorship and nice ‘n’ airy too. There you go!

By the way, you can vote for her at the Garmz Fashion Award. Take a look at Ofimatica!