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film • The film 'Welcome Home' by stop-motion artist Virgilio VILLORESI as a house call homage to exceptional Italian artist Piero Fornasetti

04.02.2016 • Stop-motion artist Virgilio VILLORESI c/o ANTONELLAPERILLOAGENCY presents on GoSee his filmed house call at the home of exceptional Italian artist Piero Fornasetti, who was born on 10 November, 1913 in Milan and died in October, 1988, also in Milan. In 1930, young Pierro Fornasetti received a scholarship from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera – only to be expelled after two years of studying painting.

Formasetti spent the years 1943 to 1946 in Swiss exile and received as the result of his creative efforts the Neiman Marcus Award in 1959, which he more than deserved. The lifetime oeuvre of Piero Fornasetti comprises more than 11,000 works of art. His trademark, the face of the Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri, which appeared in his series “Tema e Variazioni”, is famous worldwide today.

As a child, Piero already began transforming his parent's home, with the support of his father, into a work of art. Today Piero's sun Barnaba attends to the affairs of the family estate and was more than happy to open the doors of the house to stop-motion filmmaker Virgilio...

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prod & celebrity endorsement • 'My Style, My Bolon' Hollywood superstar Anne Hathaway in the BOLON eyewear campaign 2016, photos and film produced by GlamPR

02.02.2016 • Bolon®, the leading Chinese eyewear brand designated Hollywood star Anne Hathaway in 2016 as the brand ambassador for China, South-east Asia and several other regions. The Oscar winner and witty presenter – who was the youngest Oscar host of all times – is famous from films such as 'Brokeback Mountain', 'The Princess Diaries' or 'The Devil Wears Prada'. The campaign themed upon the slogan 'My Style. My Bolon.' was launched in February 2016 throughout China and includes TVC's, Internet, ads, and POS. The video and motifs were realized by Kai Z Feng from Eiger Agency. Production was under the executive of GlamPR. Styling was done by Penny Lovells, The only agency, with hair by Jenny Cho, Wallgroup, and make-up by Pati Dubroff, from Forward.

The press release from the parent company ESSILOR GROUP tells us: This confirms the willingness of the Essilor Group to strengthen the attraction power of its flagship brands as well as to accelerate its growth in a strategic market like China, but also in other countries. Bolon® experienced success in the last 6 months in airports, in high...

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Illustration • Kombinatrotweiss : NIVEA men animations, AOK customer magazine, WELEDA, COUCH mag, HÄFELE, MIGROS, TRIAS Publishing, BEAUTY TALK, BUGUNDY mag NYC, LUFTHANSA, BARCELONA, LES ECHOS, AGITO

02.02.2016 • The 'Running Nose' motif, realized literally by KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrator Astrid SCHULZ for the AOK customer magazine.

WELEDA motifs and fashion portraits for COUCH mag, realized with water colors by Ekaterina KOROLEVA c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS.

The HÄFELE company values, visualized by illustrator Nils KASISKE c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS, two double motifs on GoSee.

Commissioned by MIGROS Media, Nina TIEFENBACH c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated dazzling New Year's Eve looks. For TRIAS Publishing she realized food and lifestyle motifs on the subject of metabolism. An in memory of David Bowie, Nina dedicated a portrait work to the exceptional musician, here for you on GoSee.

Illustrator Susan HASSMANN c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS presented her beauty motif for BEAUTY TALK mag, as well as an additional, personal motif on GoSee.

Two portraits for BURGUNDY Magazine NYC by illustrator Käthe BUTCHER c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS.

The city of BARCELONA commissioned KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrator LAPIN to visualize houses and sculptures by various artists and architects, in order to direct...

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Advertising • HelliVentures Filmproduktion : Food hunting and dog skateboarding - new commercial projects for MCDONALD'S and Leo's thjnk tank, Munich

02.02.2016 • Food hunting with a Michelin star chef in the Allgäu and dog skateboarding in a fast food restaurant. Those are the sports HelliVentures discovered for their two newest commercials for MCDONALD'S. Director of both good-vibe spots was Manuel Werner. Creation was in the hands of Leo's thjnk tank, Munich. Kids can now look forward to Transformers in their Happy Meal and slip into the role of BUMBLEBEE or GRIMLOCK...

Further new productions focused on adventure, action and sport can be seen directly at HELLIVENTURES.

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Photo, CGI • Photoby&Co : SWISSCOM campaign, BISHOPP Dirty Chooks, characters for ZVV, SAISONKÜCHE, personal animation clip, and a new entries in motion design: THE OPERATOR and Sven HAUTH

01.02.2016 • The agency Service Plan Switzerland commissioned Peter TARKA c/o PHOTOBY&CO to create four 3d visuals for their client Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecom and media services provider. The campaign focused on their new TV Box - and only 28 days later, we can share the final motifs with you!

“Made ya look, ya dirty chook” – It’s this Australian saying that stands behind the eye-catching campaign of Bishopp, the specialist for outside advertising in Down Under. With their CGI skills, the guys from ILLUSION c/o PHOTOBY&CO created three “dirty chooks”: Lady of The Night, The Shady Peddler & The Lawless Motorcycle Gansgster. The executive agency was Rumble Creative & Media, Brisbane, with Art Director Bec McCall and Copywriter Rhys Venning.

NIKOPICTO c/o PHOTOBY&CO presumably had both hands full creating the characters of the latest campaign to promote the new ticket app of the ZVV (Zurich Transport Network) - which comes in very handy in one-handed situations. The executive agency was TBD.

PHOTOBY&CO Motion Designer NIKOPICTO rapidly picks up speed exploring the score...

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CG & Motion Design • New at PHOTOBY&CO: Sven HAUTH, CG artist and motion designer; here with CVolution #4 Crise d'Identité and a first portfolio insight on GoSee

31.01.2016 • PHOTOBY&CO welcomes new entry Sven HAUTH! The German artist occupies the realm somewhere between the organic and inorganic, the real and unreal, between motion and non-notion. Since 20 years, he has worked as CG artist and now presents a further part of his series "CVolution #4 Crise d'identité", which we have along with more from his portfolio for you here on GoSee.

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Illustration • You know it, you need it. The 'Stress Protect' animated spot for NIVEA MEN by Jojo ENSSLIN c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS

30.01.2016 • Jojo ENSSLIN c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated and animated films about various modern male subjects for the customer NIVEA Men 'Stress Protect'. They can be found on the NIVEA Facebook page as well as on the GoSee Members website under kombinatrotweiss/Animation. We also show you his motifs for 'Ferrero Chocofresh' on GoSee.

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Production • The EVEN&ODD print campaign by photographer Ophélie Rondeau plus the fashion film for you on GoSee - art buying, locations, casting plus production - all from the hand of CLAAS CROPP Production Services

30.01.2016 • 'Best friends don't let you do stupid things...' Hashtag, Hashtag. For ZLabels and its brand EVEN&ODD, CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS teamed up with photographer Ophélie Rondeau to realize a wonderfully analogue photo campaign. Plus, CCCP supported DOPs Kitty&Frido with their EVEN&OFF fashion film, meaning in this case: They were in charge of everything from art buying, locations, casting to production. The new Berlin-based young fashion label Even&Odd stands for dresses, scarves, accessories, shoes… or basically everything, that makes a women’s heart leap.

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Production • HDI Insurances 'Helps' - the campaign motifs by photographer Markus Mueller, with production support from CLAAS CROPP

30.01.2016 • With photographer Markus Müller, the campaign for insurance company HDI was continued with a variety of motifs. CCCP delivered the locations and production for the shoots in Berlin and Hamburg. We have a few results for you on goSee.

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