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Film • FRANK P. WARTENBERG presents his filmed making-of for 'Next.15 – Perspectives', the vernissage and fashion show of the AMD Munich graduates

13.04.2015 • His latest film is the making-of for "Next.15 – Perspectives" – the vernissage and fashion show of the Munich AMD fashion school graduates. The students of the Munich Fashion & Design Academy presented their exceptional graduation collection in February. The collection was shown on the Munich Prater island to a very large audience. Frank accompanied the event with his camera on stage and behind the ...

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Film • 'Born To Be Wild' - personal fashion clip by FRANK P. WARTENBERG

13.04.2015 • 'Wild thing, you make my heart sing… ' Model Chantal really got loose in FRANK P. WARTENBERG’s video 'Born To Be Wild'. Loud, strong, sexy – the Swiss lady knows how to rock the camera and played the part very convincingly. The animalistic outfits were combined by GoSee member PETRA WIEBE, the appropriate look for hair and make-up was done by Norbert Cheminel.

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Fashion • 'Rhythm colours my life' - Joachim BALDAUF photographs the ST.EMILE S/S 2015 campaign

06.04.2015 • The new Spring/Summer 2015 collection of the fashion label ST.EMILE was shot and filmed by Joachim BALDAUF with German model Corinna Drengk. The title 'Rhythm colours my life' determined the atmosphere and the look which stylist Daniella PETROVICS c/o BALLSAAL created together with hairstylist Anny Brylla and make-up artist Adalberto Pezzaioli. The executive agency was Werbewelt; Creative Director was Viktor ...

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Celebrity • Von glücklichen Schafen – the arthouse film is now showing in German movie theaters, a 'Hello GoSee!' from our GoSee friend and leading actress Narges Rashidi in our GoSee Quest, also the trailer, the interview and photos from the premiere on GoSee

01.04.2015 • The actress Narges Rashidi lives in Los Angeles. In the near future, she will star in a film shot in Jordania by a British production company for an international film in Farsi language. She is currently starring in the arthouse film "Von glücklichen Schafen" now in German movie theaters. Her Persian name comes from her Iranian ancestry – however, her family, who escaped from Iran via Turkey, has long since found a home in the quiet town of Bad Hersfeld in Germany.

After falling in love, she now lives in Los Angeles, where the new green card owner is also represented by an agency. Her husband Christian Straka is a successful tennis coach there and coaches stars like producer David Lancaster or guitarist James Valentine of Maroon 5. "Competition is much worse here, for one casting there are hundreds if not thousands at the auditions", Narges told GoSee. In Germany she is known from TV movies like "Schimanski – Schicht im Schacht" featuring Götz George (2008) or "Nachtschicht – Geld regiert die Welt" (2012) with Ben Becker. Her beautiful face gained more fame thanks to the...

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Director • On visual magic, a fascination with intros, and leaving behind finger prints... more in an interview with director Tina Maria Werner, plus the SECRET.DE spot, MTMT Gym spot and the BMW installation at the Geneva Automobile Salon

31.03.2015 • Touch the audience and open up new worlds – this is the maxim of filmmaker Tina Maria Werner. Launching TMW, the successful commercial producer is fulfilling a lifelong dream by dedicating herself to directing, which she admits is her true passion. “The projects I direct captivate me and won´t let me go,” she says. “This fascination stays with me until the film is completed.”

The analytical viewpoint on the essence of her clients´ wishes, her sense for people and emotions and the focus on detail and its impact on the whole – these are the factors that influence Tina Maria Werner’s style as a director: “Each one of my films is personal to me, it’s got my signature all over it”, she explains.

Werner started her career with her studies at the renowned Munich University of Television and Film (HFF) and a diploma in Production and Media Business.

In the following years, she gained extensive radio and television experience, among others places, at prominent German TV stations such as SAT 1 and ZDF. This facilitated her founding the Music Division of Picture Planet GmbH in...

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Directors & DOPs • DBC – Driven by Creatives : iconic 6th generation VW multivan, NO EXCAPE blockbuster teaser with Pierce Brosnan & Owen Wilson, horror movie trailer 'STUNG', HAGEBAUMARKT and DOP newcomer Jan-Marcello KAHL

31.03.2015 • The VW bus has been an iconic vehicle for decades for families, surfers, whether used as delivery van, by new drivers or romantic day trippers. Now VOLKSWAGEN multivan goes into the 6th generation and word is that we can expect great things. The commercial emphasizes the number 6, Thomas GARBER (director) and Bernd WONDOLLEK (DOP) provide nostalgic photographs of big and elementary facts like: the best guitar solos of all times played on 6 strings, or snowflakes have 6 points and are unique. The executive agency was Grabarz & Partner. The first 'Bullis', as they are referred to in Germany, went into production on March 8th, 1950. Starting April 15th, 2015 generation No. 6 will come off the line.

An old, remote estate, unexpecting extras, a couple of disgruntled leading actors: the perfect ingredient’s for a horror movie. This time around, Stephan BURCHART’S did not only have people in front of his camera, he had wasps too – mutated by pesticides... Rat Pack and XYZ Films produced 'STUNG' with the support of the German Film Fund, starring Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Peter...

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film & DOP • 1st Unit : DOP Paul MEYERS films the 'Birth' of the new LAMBORGHINI Aventador LP 740 super sportscar, and the fashion label ODEEH celebrates love with DOP Ralf NOACK

31.03.2015 • From the molten core of the earth, the LAMBORGHINI Aventador LP 740... was formed, according to the clip by Paul MEYERS. The DOP filmed in China the 'Birth' of the Italian super sportscar, whose predecessor model was first introduced at the Geneva Autosalon in 2011. Waiting time was one whole year even before start of delivery. Das Marco Battiloro was in control of editing for the one-minute clip directed by Alessandro Pacciani. The production process ran smoothly thanks to P.I.G. China's producers with Executive Producer Nick Dodet, and Sound Design was contributed by Echolab.

About - Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and, formerly, SUVs, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary brand division Audi. Lamborghini's production facility and headquarters are located in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. In 2011, Lamborghini's 831 employees produced 1,711 vehicles. Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturing magnate, founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 to compete with established marques,...

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