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Advertising • Wieden & Kennedy presents the NEW GLOBAL BRAND PLATFORM, CORONA ‘THIS IS LIVING’, on GoSee... And we look forward to welcoming them once again with art buying at UPDATE16 BERLIN

24.05.2016 • Wieden + Kennedy has always been among the most creative agencies worldwide – and have once again lived up to their reputation. Take a look at their great artwork presented here on GoSee for the client CORONA, whose campaign wants to remind us where the real life is. And it's usually not a world trip away, but right in front of your eyes – if you open them.

Apropros: Open your eyes on 30 September at the latest in Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin – UPDATE16 BERLIN is expecting you ! And everyone at GoSee looks forward to welcoming our friend Maud, Art Buying Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, once again in Berlin at our annual GoSee event UPDATE16 BERLIN.

Here is the orignial press release on the CORONA artwork for you : “With a vast majority of our lives spent inside, CORONA wants to remind us to go outside to live more moments that matter. CORONA launches ‘This Is Living’. Tapping into the universal desire for freedom, the brand wants to inspire people to go outside and live more moments that matter. Through original content featuring authentic voices from around the world, this new...

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Production Company • You've got what it takes – the LIDL premium sports brand Crivit® PRO photo spread and film with Ironman FARIS AL-SULTAN realized by FIRST PRODUCTIONS

18.05.2016 • GoSee member FIRST PRODUCTIONS was in charge of the production of the sporty photo spread and the accompanying commercial for the LIDL premium sports brand Crivit® PRO. Wolfgang STAUBER c/o GoSee member GUDRUN HAMANN photographed professional triathlete and multiple Ironman winner FARIS AL SULTAN for it in high-quality running & biking sportswear in sunny Cape Town. Plus, a commercial was produced accompanying the fitness fashion photo spread, which shows the Munich resident sports hero in action running through Cape Town with a female companion, hitting the ocean waves or riding up a steep mountain road on a racing bike.

Styling of the sports spread was taken care of by Tania HOHENHOEVEL c/o LIGANORD, Hair & make-up were in the hands of Jen Fechter. The executive agency was NonFood advertising agency from Hamburg, and for the Film, together with Mindbox from Dresden (DOP: Dillon Buirski, Editing: Dylan Wrankmore). We have the motivating photos and the spot here for you on GoSee.

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Hair & Make-up • Close up Agency : SOS Racisme, ODLO Spring/Summer campaign film, FLAIR mag, FAULT mag, GOODSOCIETY spot, HANDELBLATT magazine, three spots for the DEUTSCHEN KINDER VEREIN, EDITO ZINE mag, and VOGUE Italia online

18.05.2016 • Photographer Loreen Hinz got inspired by the studio of Leipzig-based painter Anija Seedler. The series 'Madame Seedler' was created from the basic idea of the interplay between an artist and her muses. The motifs show the naked body as an inspiring moment. CLOSE-UP visagist Melanie HUNGER accentuated the porcelain-like look of Madame Seedler with her make-up skills. The shoot took place in the studio of HTW in Leipzig. The artists of the works are Floris Leszke and Olga Bläsi. VOGUE Italia online was so excited about the spread that it posted some of the photos on the website as the photo of the day.

Former Deutsche Bahn CEO Hartmut Mehdorn played the leading role in the title story 'The Mechanics of Power' in HANDELSBLATT magazine. Grooming was done by Melanie HUNGER c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY. The German industrial manager and mechanical engineer was photographed by Andreas Chudowski in the Malzfabrik Berlin. Photo assistant was Tom Bal, and photo editing & production were in the hands of Nicola Düpow.

SOS Racisme launched the anti-racism campaign 'Passeport pour la...

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Directors & DOPs • 'Are you sure about this?' The mafia-like GILLETTE CLUB COMMERCIAL by DOP Jan PRAHL c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES. We have the film for you on GoSee

18.05.2016 • 'The Godfather' was undoubtedly the inspiration for the humorous commercial which DOP Jan PRAHL c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES realized as commissioned by GILLETTE and the agency Grey (London) with German Director Kai Schonrath and Nice Shirt Films, to be aired first on the English market.

The plot: In a kind of barber shop backroom, a young Italian-American, played by stage actor Jordan Misfud, informs his capo of a big delivery of 'premium' razor blades that is a sure thing and already on its way. He talks with a New Jersey accent kind of like Tony Soprano and plays around with the vernacular of 'Goodfellas'. He finally convinces the boss and takes the package of blades – nice and easy – out of his jacket pocket. Free delivery included!

The online Gillette Club Service is operating in Germany too, and it says there in no uncertain terms: 'As soon as you're in, you're part of the family'.

Credits: Creative Director: Will Adam, Copywriter: Robert Greaves. Art Director: Samuel Daly, Agency Producer: Jessica Taylor, Creative Producer: Ali Power, Planner:...

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Film • Animation film by PATSWERK c/o JSR AGENCY for the start-up app EFINDR

18.05.2016 • Dutch animation and illustration trio PATSWERK c/o JSR AGENCY was commissioned by the agency Q + H London to produce a 30-second clip about how practical using the app is for all household work, which requires a handyman, for the start-up company EFINDR. Efindr works by word-of-mouth advertising and the company describes the app as follows: “Efindr is a clever app that knows which of your friends has the professional you need. Whether it’s a plumber, web designer, accountant or whoever you’re looking for – we use the power of your contacts to connect you with quality experts you can trust, so you don’t have to make endless phone calls.” Quasi a network-to-network job service for your cell phone.

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film • 'Summer is Sport'. The filmed 2-minute ODLO S/S 2016 campaign spot - hair, make-up & grooming support from Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY

18.05.2016 • Biking, running, yoga, freeletics… ODLO is a leading and award-winning sportswear brand, which offers exceptional products for athletes of all sports categories. With the slogan 'Always One Step Ahead', ODLO was founded in 1946. Hair & make-up of the models on the 2016 campaign film presented on GoSee were done by Julia KROHSE c/o GoSee member CLOSE UP.

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Events • Three films with '20 Seconds Against Child Abuse' featuring actress Andrea Sawatzki, Armin Rohde and musician Andreas Bohrani for DEUTSCHEN KINDER VEREIN – H&M Julia KROHSE

18.05.2016 • For the DEUTSCHEN KINDER VEREIN campaign, Andrea Sawatzki, Armin Rohde and Andreas Bohrani stood in front of the camera. DKV launched the campaign to call attention to the unacceptable abuse of children which takes place every day. Hair & make-up were the job of Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP.

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Fashion • The GOODSOCIETY image film on GoSee – hair & make-up by Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY

18.05.2016 • GOODSOCIETY was created with the conviction of rethinking fashion new and focusing on the world and the people. H&M for the commercial were done by Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY. Carsten Sander photographed the advertising motif. We the film for you on GoSee.

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Fashion • 'Different Eyes, different Lives' - the Frames of Life eyewear campaign from ARMANI by photographer and Director Serge GUERAND for Dolci Advertising

14.05.2016 • “The moment before a ballet dancer enters the stage, tasting a new recipe, the search for the perfect wave, the last few moments before a competition or waiting behind a camera to capture the moment of a lifetime. Suspense, which comes before important moments of great emotional intensity and heightened concentration, unites the stories of the five new stars featured in the Giorgio Armani Frames of Life 2016 campaign. Different looks, but real lives retold in all their uniqueness, framed by iconic Giorgio Armani glasses.”

Themed upon the slogan “Frames of Life 2016”, Serge GUERAND was not only the photographer at the latest ARMANI shoot, he was also the director. The models were filmed in five different sceneries – always with a focus on the ARMANI eyewear collection. Mimi Thorisson was staged in France, Nicole Schrock as a blogger at a shoot in Oregon, Caner Yildimir at a shoot in Istanbul, Damiano Artale as a dancer in Austria, and Richard Rossmann as a cameraman. In all of these stories, the eyewear of the Frames of Life collection play the role of a loyal...

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