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new at gosee • NEW : Hendrik Nennecke, photographer and director, Hamburg; Airstream, photos and film for VAGABOND Shoes Sweden, COTTONWORLD INDIA and 'Skateboarding is No Crime' series

Hamburg photographer HENDRIK NENNECKE is a new entry at GoSee. Fresh out of school, Hendrik completed an apprenticeship with Gruner & Jahr, after which he travelled the world for 12 years as a photojournalist, focusing on social documentary photography. Actively wanting to change his life he decided to move to London, where he assisted various advertising and fashion photographers. His clients include AOL, Becks, Bosch, Cottonworld India, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Glamour, Windsor/Clothcraft, Löwenbrau, Mastercard, Mexx, Mens Health, Nike, Villeroy & Boch and many more. Today he lives with his wife, son, dog and two cats just outside of Hamburg (that is when he isn’t busy travelling with work).

Here we present his Airstream images for IMPRESSIONEN. Schmidtlike! Agency commissioned him, art direction by Tina Bone Jenssen. Gayle HIETT c/o GoSee Member BIGOUDI perfected hair and make-up on location, on St. Peter Ording beach. Heike Tuerk styled model Agnes Sokolowska.

The attached images were created for COTTONWORD INDIA and captured by Hamburg photographer HENDRIK NENNECKE. Cottonworld is India's very first store dedicated to 'natural clothing' – and this way back in 1987. They opened their first store on a small leafy street in Colaba, Mumbai, and have loyal fans to this day that regularly stop by to have a shop.

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film • GoSee says thank you Element-e - after all we can only make a stand against climate change together! Filmed evidence in three commercial spots from the German Ministry for Climate Protection

Barbara Hendricks, SPD, is the German Minister for Environment, Environmental Protection, Building and Reactor Safety. She feels at home in this department as climate change is also on her personal agenda, since it immediately affects her everyday life. However, when it comes to some things, as shown in the new campaign, Barbara Hendricks prefers to keep her eyes closed. And so the latest overly sexual spot says: “lights off!”, not: “spot on!”. Surely a relaxing way to save electricity. After all this is the message behind the spot that really comes from the heart. Production by ELEMENT E with director Georg von Mitzlaff.

The message behind the spot: if each German household manages to reduce their electricity use by just 5 per cent, then around seven Terawatt Hours (TWh) could be saved per year. This is the output of a large coal-fired power station, made up of five power plant blocks. And if you know what Germans are like, then you’ll know they are going to be efficiently on the case as ever! Though we may have a case of electricity rates falling and birth rates rising thanks to the 'über-cool' minister Barabra. The campaign has already gone viral in Germany and would have been unimaginable amongst her male colleagues. Women seem to be the better politicians after all - the sexism argument simply does not gel. Quite the ...

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GoSee Tip : Only the medium knows the message. Joan Fontcuberta - Stranger Than Fiction at National Media Museum

Joan Fontcuberta’s unbelievable life’s work is currently on show at National Media Museum. The free exhibition presents six impressive bodies of work by the photographer, researcher, sceptic and supposed agnostic. He blends art and science, borrows stylistically from journalism, advertising, didactics, …. Uses statistics, scales and anything he can get his hands on to get his world into our heads. Think you know what you see? Then take a close look at the work of Joan Fontcuberta. We present a trailer of the show as well as a selection of works, this includes mermaid fossils, petrified water monkeys, ..... raise the curtains!

Here is a piece on the exhibition by Simon Bainbridge, published in British Journal of Photography, including many great statements by the artist  : "In November 2001, the US-led military action against the Taliban in Afghanistan appeared to be a success. The Coalition Forces were closing in on insurgents, Kabul had fallen, Kandahar was next, and the hunt was on for Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. At the end of November the international press, including The Independent, The Sunday Times and The New York Times, ran a series ...

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film & photo • Sexy and on the road for VAGABOND shoes - photos & film by Hendrick NENNECKE

HENDRIK NENNECKE produced atmospheric imagery both in photographs and moving image for Swedish shoe brand VAGABOND. Models Yannik, Kai, Karina White, Marie and Julian posed for his camera in sexy styling byJulia NEUMANN c/o GoSee Member BIGOUDI, Daniel Reinhold was the ...

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photo & film • Multi S.r.l. : Ewan McGregor for ICON cover and MOTO GUZZI campaign, FLAIR editorial, REPLAY, D REPUBBLICA, REDMILK, SATELLITE STUDIO, DAVID NAMAN, FAIRLY, GQ, STYLE, BLAUER and LUNA Mag

We can show three spreads by fashion photographer Paolo ZAMBALDI for FLAIR magazine. He carried out a shoot in a salt desert, capturing various trends for the cold season. In the studio he focused his lens on unusual key looks by Prada to Chanel. And his luxury watch editorial was created in front on a sturdy set of bark, stone and coal.

Paolo ZAMBALDI shot a portrait of the great Ewan McGregor for the cover of Panorama ICON magazine. Andrea Tenerani styled the actor, grooming by Martina Luisetti. The cinema star has currently directed his attention to the theatre and will be playing alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal, Josh Hamilton and Cynthia Nixon in "The Real Thing" at the American Airline Theatre on Broadway, New York.

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is the first Hollywood star to endorse motorbike advertising. No wonder, as he is a passionate motorbike enthusiast. MOTO GUZZI California 1400 is his preferred choice. The bikes are exclusive, as was the shoot, near Perth. McGregor spent two days in front of the camera for Italian photographer Paolo ZAMBALDI.

In keeping with the Italian cult brand’s look Fashion photographer Luca BELLUMORE captured the REPLAY Denim campaign in a classic style. Frederikke Winther and Francisco Lachowski embodied the brand’s philosophy for the camera, in casual styling by Elisabetta ...

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film • Marco MIGNANI (direction) and BABIC (photo) shot the BLAUER S/S 2014 campaign spot

Summer may have passed, but the BLAUER Spring/Summer 2014 campaign spot looks as relevant as ever. Rough leather jackets, wild characters, timeless visual language. Director Marco MIGNANI and photographer BABIC carried out the shoot at Circus Studio, Milan with models including striking Jimmy ...

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"The Journey" - filmographer Monica Menez takes us on an unexpectedly unusual road trip to Spain’s back country with top model and celebrity Laura Ponte behind the wheel

Monica Menez’s film 'The Journey' and accompanying editorial were created for S MODA magazine, a Conde Nast publication. Monica Menez roped in celebrity support for the shoot – famous model Laura Ponte stars in the story, which recently premiered at Madrid Fashion Film Festival.

Laura Ponte isn’t just a celebrity in Spain and further afield. Her wedding with Luis Beltrán Ataulfo Alfonso Gómez-Acebo y Borbón in 2004 was met with media interest worldwide. Her husband is the son of Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz, and so he is the legitimate nephew of King Juan Carlos I of Spain. They separated in 2010. Well, nobody is perfect. A perfect segue to the story of the film. The DOP was Paul Robert Klinar, production by Enrimür (Madrid). The film will be screened as part of Paris Fashion Film Festival (ASVOFF) by Diane Pernet at the end of November. Go see for yourself.

About - Madrid Fashion Film Festival / MadridFFF (3-5 November 2014) is a showcase of the best audiovisual work made for the fashion industry. Lectures, panels, presentations and exhibits, that along with the contest aimed at both professionals and young talents, make the content.

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film producction • Element E : 'Fantastic Journey' for MERCEDES-BENZ wins Gold at CLIO Awards, Steffi Jones tells it like it is for ALLIANZ and director duo Wolf & Lamm seduce us with a commercial for AMORELIE

Forget all reason. AMORELIE online store for playful adults has launched its first spot seducing us with sweets. Director duo Wolf & Lamm dish up the filmed ‘dessert’, presenting their highly successful debut as advertising directors. Two more spots by experienced Hamburg film production company ELEMENT E will follow soon – GoSee will be reporting. Stuck for gifts: how about an alternative advent calendar? As seen on

Director Isa Prahl teamed up with Hamburg film production company ELEMENT E and client ALLIANZ on a shoot with German football legend Steffi Jones. What is Steffi waiting for? She lets the camera know that she definitely isn’t waiting for her dream prince. No the spot with the out and proud lesbian, “who grabbed her princess quite a while ago”, is working on something far more important than gender stereotypes. She is concerned with pensions, after all “if you sit around waiting, you will lose out on money” is the motto of the spot. The agency was Ogilvy & Mather.

About - Stephanie Ann "Steffi" Jones (born 22 December 1972 in Frankfurt am Main) is a retired German football defender. She now works as a football administrator, and was in charge of organizing the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany. She scored nine goals in 111 caps for the German national ...

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GoSee at the preview screening of Gardenia - Bevor der letzte Vorhang fällt at Schauspiel Cologne

‘A cat has nine lives. They have more. And during their final life, they found each other in a safe ghetto. If you sneak your way in, you can see them clawing, growling and hissing. And when the ghetto is demolished, all lives seem to have been used up. The trip to nothingness is crushing. Because even skin has a memory’

Inspired by the penetrating film Yo soy asi (by Sonia Herman Dolz), in which the closing of a transvestite cabaret in Barcelona affords us a glimpse into the private lives of a memorable group of old artists, actress Vanessa VanDurme collected a number of transsexual and transvestite friends in order to win over directors Alain Platel and Frank Van Laecke and composer Steven Prengels for a project that can be called unique in every respect.

Because Gardenia is not a work of fiction. Gardenia is a singular account, the most intimate of tales. Gardenia goes deep into the turbulent lives of nine striking people. Seven older individuals who appear to effortlessly navigate the twilight zone between being male and being female. In contrast and harmony with a ‘young guy’ and a ‘real woman’. Each on a quest. Each with their own intriguing story. Sometimes funny, sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious. Each with a trunk full of longing. Often lost or out of reach. Sometimes ...

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HelliVentures : Felix Neureuther on speed with Airwaves – viral commercial with the ski champion as well as an orchestra in the Austrian Alps

This summer the HelliVentures film production team carried out a production with ski star Felix Neureuther and AIRWAVES on a glacier in Austria. And they took an orchestra along with them. The viral commercial with the ‘Highspeed Orchestra’ advertises a competition: Airwaves is giving away an Airwaves helmet, signed by Felix Neureuther as well as one of 25 product packages including an Airwaves winter hat, to celebrate the collaborative film via .The agency in charge is Heye from ...

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