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Last Call Art Cologne 2014 with a little GoSee media review and "Hello GoSee!" from Veronique Ansorge, Associate Director at Zwirner Gallery New York

Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper’s headline read: ‘the power of the Rhine. Surprise in the west: the 48th edition of Art Cologne sets its sights on post-war contemporary. The show also proves that it’s Germany’s only art fair of international importance.” Loyal local newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger claims “big love for Cologne”, in contrast Die Zeit already pragmatically declared in advance: “seven to nineteen (VAT)… is art being taxed too high?”

And, if you want our opinion, you can never go wrong with art made in Germany, and art in and from Cologne has long been acclaimed on an international scale – on both sides, that of the artist and gallerist. The direction may have changed every now and again, but that makes it all the more interesting. Now both parties, in terms of the fair and exhibiting galleries, have reshuffled and reorganised themselves. The 48th Art Cologne came across as a little more tidy and scandal free. It was fitting then that Ai Wei Wei welcomed visitors at the entrance with flowers.

221 galleries from 25 countries offered around 55,000 visitors an outstanding selection of classic contemporary, post-war and contemporary art, unique to Germany. “ART COLOGNE 2014 certainly raised the profile of the most important German art fair,’ claims Daniel ...

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Dagmar Staudenmaier : CQUADRAT on the road on the racing tracks in Phoenix and Las Vegas for BMW M3 Sedan & M4 Coupé and Serviceplan Munich agency. Photography and online video on GoSee

CQUADRAT = Christopher Thomas & Christoph Adler visited racing tracks in Phoenix and Las Vegas to photograph the incredible efficiency of the worldwide brand new BMW M4 Coupé and the relaunch of the BMW M3 saloon. The cool dark colour scheme works really well, its attention to detail brings out the powerful smooth shapes of the car bodies. CQUADRAT opted to capture the car in a realistic look so as to bring to life the experience of the uncompromising relationship between man, machine and the open road.

This time CQUADRAT completed the series with a special extra: they worked in close collaboration with Jan Grothklags – Serviceplan Hamburg to race the M3 and M4 against each other on the Californian Ralley Raceway. Editing by MOVINGPIX - André Brüggemann and Felix Berndt (sound) really brought out the best in the video material. The result is a thrilling race, which presents the full power of the cars in just 40 ...

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Weitsprung 2014 : the Art Buying teams of Hamburg’s agencies Kolle Rebbe, thjnk, Jung von Matt and Scholz & Friends and their WEITSPRUNG event. GoSee presents Katrin Grün & Alice Feja’s "Hello GoSee", the making-of film and a selection of snaps

“Dingy rainy weather outside – but happy glowing faces inside thanks to great portfolios and photographers” –the first comment we heard from the art buyers at the second WEITSPRUNG portfolio day. When round two hit on 4 April 2014 young photographers were once again treated to personal chats with art buyers from Hamburg’s biggest advertising agencies, providing them with honest feedback on their portfolios.

Photographers could apply online in advance on the WEITSPRUNG website with their portfolios. The Art Buying Jury viewed and put together a mix of various photographic approaches. This meant that artificial photographers had the same chance of getting some advertising feedback, as classic commercial and fashion photographers. Here on GoSee Katrin Grün (Art Buyer thjnk) and Alice Feja (Head of Art Buying Kolle Rebbe) explain in their very charming “Hello GoSee” just what the nice event is all about.

After the 25 minute viewings, the portfolios of all participating photographers were collected and put together so that in the evening the agencies’ art and creative directors had the opportunity of also viewing them and meeting the photographers for a drink or two. The three best portfolios were also voted on and announced. And here on GoSee we can announce that the winners are:

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A taste of California in the ‘80s at Hasted Kraeutler, New York. May we present Jeff Barks "Goldenboy" in all its glossy glory on GoSee

From 24 April there will be one more reason to jet to New York this spring: it is the day that Hasted Kraeutler will open ‘Goldenboy’ the exhibition by photo artist Jeff Bark, which will be on show until 14 June. GoSee presents a sexy pre-dazzle preview and teaser video.

The gallery states: "The photographic tableaux in Jeff Bark’s newest body of work, Goldenboy, exist in an eerily ambiguous time of day, somewhere between the burning, first rays of dawn and the last glow of sunset. Suffused by a warm, languorous light that evokes the close heat of Southern California, and set amidst colors and textures that recall the 1980s, the series was inspired by aspects of Bark’s own autobiography. It was in a Southern California backyard in the ‘80s that he made his first photographs, and Goldenboy’s protagonist, is the same age as Bark was during those very years. But the similarities end there, as these works take viewers through a compelling though confounding journey, refusing at every turn to provide satisfactory answers as to what, exactly, is taking place in this young man’s life—and who he will become.

Although most of the photographs appear to take place outside, and have an authentically rich, saturated West Coast palette, every one of them was actually taken inside Jeff Bark’s New ...

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HelliVentures : production for OUTLETCITY METZINGEN and snowboard filmmaker David TINDALE aka POPULAR now exclusively under contract

Shopping with HELLIVENTURES. HELLIVENTURES venture out on an expedition into the world of fashion for OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. They carried out the shoot on location at the shopping paradise, which stocks luxury brands such as Hugo Boss, Prada and Armani together with director and photographer Florian Seidel. OUTLETCITY METZINGEN’s success story began in the ‘70s in an old brick factory – the textile centre and home of the Hugo Boss brand. What began as the menswear tailor’s personal sales space has developed to become a vibrant shopping destination of international distinction.

HELLIVENTURES Film Production and director David TINDALE are taking their successful collaboration to the next level. David aka Popular will now be directing exclusively for HelliVentures. The passionate snowboard and skateboarder grew up in Vancouver. He gave up his professional career after several injuries, working as a designer and later creative on projects, which enabled him to continue pursuing his love of the sport.

He built up a portfolio of countless campaigns during his time as a brand and marketing manager, both for agencies, as well as clients. A few years ago David decided to entirely dedicate his skills to snowboard filming. With his films for BURTON and NITRO he soon became a regular fixture on the international snowboard scene and ...

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Mateusz STANKIEWICZ shoots the RESERVED Spring/Summer 2014 Denim collection, mood film by Bart POGODA

Mateusz STANKIEWICZ shot the S/S 2014 Denim collection for fashion label RESERVED in the hot jungle between palm trees and cacti. Karin SMEDS c/o LINKDETAILS created the styling for models Frida Gustavsson and Wouter Peelen. Director Bart POGODA developed the appropriate mood film for the current RESERVED Denim SS 2014 campaign.

Mateusz STANKIEWICZ went to a golden tower for the ‘Lady from the Golden Tower’ spread, published in the April issue of Polish PANI magazine. Model Kama struck a pose for the editorial, styled by Michał ...

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HMS • PerfectProps : HUK24 with Johann König, SCHWARZKOPF hair colour, COMMERZBANK, BEPAHNTHEN, ZALANDO-Amor, BEBE cream, feature film A MOST WANTED MAN with Philip Seymor Hoffman and Willem Dafoe, 8 commercials on GoSee plus new online prop hire

Inga KUSCHE styled comedian Johann König as a boxing champion for the new HUK 24 personal liability commercial. Claas ORTMANN c/o DBC-DRIVEN BY CREATIVES directed the advertising film.

The new Nectra Color hair dyes by SCHWARZKOPF have just launched, including a commercial for the colour with the scent of flowers. Stylist Frank WILDE delivered the right clothes for the shoot with director Karina TAIRA in Prague. The second commercial we present here on GoSee depicts a team leader on the way home. The new COMMERZBANK film by director Phil Brown is kept in subtle post work lighting - Frank Wilde once again carried out the authentic styling.

Christian FRITZENWANKER worked on the new ZALANDO commercial, for which he styled the hair and make-up on location. Director John O'Hagan and film production company Bigfish produced this advertising film in Cape Town.

The new commercial for the BEPANTHEN salve for cracked and flaky skin needed a little more than just their wonder working ointment to create the perfect look for the commercial. Luckily Christian FRITZENWANKER was available to do hair and make-up on set. Direction by director duo Reggie Pack.

‘Just be a little softer!’ is the charming statement made by the lady in red in the BEBE commercial. You can recognize the various characters in the BEBE flat ...

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costumes • Cinema highlight for 2014: ‘A Most Wanted Man’ - Anton Corbijn’s thriller starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe, Daniel Brühl and costumes by Nicole FISCHNALLER

And we are already very much looking forward to seeing ‘A Most Wanted Man’, one of Philip Seymour Hoffmann’s last films, for which Nicole FISCHNALLER was responsible for costumes. The new thriller from director Anton Corbijn, his third feature film following Control and The American, mainly takes place in Hamburg and is based on the eponymous novel by John le Carré. The star-studded cast includes Willem Dafoe, Rachel McAdams, Daniel Brühl and Nina Hoss. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January. We present the one-minute trailer in the original version here on GoSee

About - A Most Wanted Man follows a half-Chechen, half-Russian immigrant who appears in Hamburg’s Islamic community laying claim to his father’s criminal fortune. Directed by Anton Corbijn, Produced by Andrea Calderwood Simon Cornwell Stephen Cornwell Gail Egan, Screenplay by Andrew Bovell and based on A Most Wanted Man by John le Carré. Starring Rachel McAdams Robin Wright Philip Seymour Hoffman Willem Dafoe Daniel Brühl Nina Hoss and Music by Herbert ...

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Styling • ‘Insured like a king.’ Inga KUSCHE styles comedian Johann König for the HUK 24 commercial

Inga KUSCHE styled comedian Johann König as a boxing champion for the new HUK 24 personal liability commercial. Claas ORTMANN c/o DBC-DRIVEN BY CREATIVES directed the advertising ...

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styling • Just be a little softer. Stylist Jessica BRAUN dresses the BEBE flat share

‘Just be a little softer!’ is the charming statement made by the lady in red in the BEBE commercial. You can recognize the various characters in the BEBE flat share from the styling by Jessica BRAUN. Laurentius EMMELMANN c/o GoSee Premium member FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT directed the commercial in ...

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