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Art • GoSee Tip: Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum presents for the first time 'New for Now: The origin of fashion magazines', 300 unique fashion prints from five centuries

06.07.2015 • Long before photography, printing was considered fashion's best ally. The often elaborately and meticulously colored prints presented the latest trends, sometimes even accompanied by a short description. This combination is why they are seen today as the predecessors of our so beloved fashion magazines. The Rijksmuseum is now presenting for the first time a large-scale retrospective from its vast archive of costume and fashion prints. All 300 exhibited prints document the transition of men's and women's fashion from the 16th century to the first half of the 20th century. The show was designed by Christian Borstlap in close cooperation with the fashion illustrators Piet Paris and Quentin Jones.

The press release tells us : "A great sense of elegance - The publishers of fashion prints did everything to make their product as attractive as possible. They attracted skilled illustrators for this purpose, some of whom went on to become specialists in this area: true ‘fashion illustrators’. The trick was to portray the models on the prints as skillfully as possible and with a great...

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FREE FUN • GoSee cut, fold and paste tip : GOOGLE Cardboard - Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way. Congratulations on the Cannes Lions Mobile Grand Prix 2015

02.07.2015 • Google Cardboard – is virtual reality for every smartphone owner. And it's affordable, even free of charge with a little skill. Free! That was good enough for the Mobile Jury at Cannes Lions. GRAND PRIX, and Google took home nothing less. What makes the decision special: Google had no help from advertising agency friends with either their concept or their entry. We learn from Joanna Monteiro, VP Creative Director at FCB Brazil and Mobile Jury President about the Cardboard concept that it provides "mobile new possibilities to really change behavior and have a huge impact on consumer life". So, what are you waiting for, go and fold your own Cardboard today:

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Film • The silver screen is the true hero.The Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase celebrates their 25th anniversary with filmed alumni power

02.07.2015 • During the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Saatchi & Saatchi celebrated the now 25th issue of the New Directors’ Showcase. Instead of the usual bombastic opening, a film was shown this year, titled '25x25: An Experiment in Film', which relied on the full support of the directors shown in the past.

Here is the briefing for you on GoSee: "… the screen is the hero. And the screen inspires and gives a magical introduction to the reel for 2015. To make this happen, Saatchi & Saatchi invited 25 directors. Each director was given a brief: to create a 60 second film, end their film with a prop from their original Showcase film, and start their film with the preceding director’s prop." The result: '25x5: An Experiment in Film'.

Pablo Del Campo, Worldwide Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi says: “The film 25x25 is a celebration to thank the amazing directors who have made the New Directors’ Showcase possible. It is testament to the enduring influence of the Showcase on both commercial and experimental film. The legacy started with Paul Arden and Bob Isherwood....

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directors & dop's • DBC - Driven by Creatives : presents 10 spots for POWER HORSE, DACIA, JOHN SMITH’S, McDONALDS, VOLKSWAGEN, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, BINCK, BECKS, and MERCEDES BENZ on GoSee

02.07.2015 • Run Boy Run is the music of choice for the POWER HORSE spot, which was directed by Matthaeus BUSSMANN c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES.

Party at DACIA. That means: no champagne, no frills, no red carpet, no band, and most certainly, no pseudo celebrities… even testimonial Mehmet Scholl ultimately had to give up. Because Director Claas ORTMANN c/o DBC has no mercy in the latest TV commercial for DACIA. The occasion is Dacia's ten year anniversary plus five-year warranty – that is definitely enough party.

John Smith is not a name that sounds unique right off the bat. In 2015, the traditional British JOHN SMITH brewery thought that it was time to do away with any kind of prejudice. To this end, great talents were casted, among others DOP Martin Ruhe c/o CBD – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES. The stars of the campaign are Keith Beasley – farmer during the day and gymnastics fan in his leisure time – and his partner, Hilda the Cow. The executive agency was adam&eveDDB, London.

About: John Smith's Brewery was an English brewing company based in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. The brewery site is...

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YDA • 'Whatever you have in mind!' Young Director Award 2015 news and a fabulously decadent pool party for you on GoSee

01.07.2015 • The winners of the YDA Award 2015 in Cannes – aka Young Director Award – have been chosen. The cinema reception was unfortunately called off this year, but that didn't spoil the fun or success of the project whatsoever. Why not? It's very simple: Work on the new concept for 2016 is in full progress, and the location for the after-no-show party was a dream come true. Rosé in full flow on the sun-drenched French Riviera beach, chock full of directors, advertisers, ... it doesn't get any better than this!

Apropos dream – 'Wet Dream' by emerging director Djawid Hakimyar (from Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg) convinced the sophisticated jury of the YOUNG DIRECTORS AWARD and received Gold in the category 'FILM SCHOOL EUROPE'. And how could a slow-motion show of pictures from a decadent pool party convince the jury in Cannes? 'Pool-Cannes-Party'. It almost makes you feel like a traitor. But see for yourself. You'll find the further winners under the link YDAwards..

We asked CFP-E / YDA President François Chilot about this year's showcase and his plans: "YDA 2015 was a very good...

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Film • 1st Unit : 'Amare!' the music video from Adele Jacques by director Marc Raymond Wilkins and Stefan Borbely (DOP) for FORD MONDEO and TECATE

01.07.2015 • The new TECATE spot celebrates 70 years of lager beer and illustrates masculine virtues – the power to relentlessly pursue a personal vision alone and against all odds. These can be the desert, sand storms, raging rivers, aggressive eagles, mountains, hot and bothered women... all of which are no match for a cold refreshing beer. We have DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT to thank for the perfect looks. And it is quite okay to become friends with the eagle, an equally lonesome predator, in the end. It will hardly try to take the beer away from our young hero. After all is said and done, that's all that counts right? The executive agency was Ola Buenaga / Chemistri with CD Gabrela Fenton and AD Sergio Guerrero.

AMARE! – is the name of the cooperation between HUMBLE, Digital Bolex and Iara Films, which was formed to promote the new song of the French artist Adele Jacques. The video was directed by Marc Raymond WILKINS c/o GoSee member 1ST UNIT. The pop song was composed by Adele Jacques and Austrian guitarist Bern Locker. Their collective inspiration: man, woman, beach, and the...

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cannes lions 15 • Cannes Lions 2015 : We present Leica, Dominos, McDonald’s, Geico, Iron Fish, John Lewis partnership. Hand-picked and convincing results for you on GoSee

01.07.2015 • 101 Film Cannes Lions were awarded in 2015, including two Grand Prix prizes. In the category TV/Cinema, F/NAZCA Saatchi & Saatchi São Paulo won for Leica Institutional with "Leica Gallery São Paulo", whom the Jury President Tor Myhren, President & worldwide Chief Creative Officer Grey, described as the first and almost unanimous choice of the entire jury.

Myrhen tells us about the Martin Agency Richmond’s Film for Geico, titled "Unskippable: Family Long Form 01": "This broke every rule that we know in filmmaking. In the least sexy media space available, pre-roll, GEICO made content so good they challenge you not to watch. But of course, you can’t take your eyes off it." We have both films for you on GoSee.

FILM Silver at the Cannes Lions for McDonald’s homage to the one-and-only Clown Oleg Popov – we congratulate director Alex FEIL c/o DBC aka DRIVEN BY CREATIVES !

The Grand Prix in the category Film Craft went to the agency adam&eveDDB for the spot "Monty’s Christmas", which was made for the customer John Lewis Partnership. "Our decision is absolutely from the heart....

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prodcution company • First Productions : Father-Daughter journey through time for SWAN Insurances, 'Dream it, See it, Believe it, Achieve it.' BMW LIFESTYLE introducing testimonial Chris Bertish and the Consors Bank Fonds Stars – Three films on GoSee

01.07.2015 • 'The freedom to enjoy life.' The production company FIRST PRODUCTIONS produced the spot, which is presented on GoSee, in South Africa for the SWAN insurance professionals from distant Mauritius. The director was Robin Schmidt; DOP was Oli Kember. The executive agency was Luxury Branding UK.

About - Swan, established in 1855, is the leading financial solutions provider in Mauritius. We provide the full range of financial solutions, from short-term and long- term insurance, retirement plans, to wealth management and stockbroking for corporate clients and individual customers. We live by our core values: passion, people and performance and put people at the centre of our business. We are driven by a single unifying idea: that only when you know you are protected and your future has been provided for, can you progress towards your personal vision of prosperity.

Star surfer and water sports fan Chris Bertish is the testimonial for BMW Lifestyle. "Dream it, See it, Believe it, Achieve it" are the words the successful sportsman lives by – who knows how to excite...

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film & photo • Bradley Cooper and model Deborah Mace in the worldwide HÄAGEN DAZS campaign – directed by Dean FREEMAN c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT; we have two spots on GoSee

01.07.2015 • Dean Freeman was commissioned to direct and shoot the new Häagen Dazs global integrated campaign starring People magazine's “Sexiest Man Alive” Bradley Cooper and beautiful model Deborah Mace in the spots, which focus on the classical game of seduction. Aollow both protagonists through the commercial to ultimately find out who the real star is – the ice cream itself! Christa Klubert tells GoSee : "So it is obvious that Dean was called to direct this fun spot himself and shoot the print and posters, to become known as one to be loved and trusted by celebrities. So be our guest and take a look at the spot and the exclusive directors cut, plus the Global print and poster ads – enjoy." All in the name of real pleasure, of ...

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film • The fine art of FORD MONDEO in the film by Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT for JWT Shanghai

01.07.2015 • Director Andreas Link accentuated the most important features of the newest technological innovations in the new FORD MONDEO 2 – always on his side: DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o GoSee member 1ST UNIT. Together with velvet’s post production, 3D & VFX experts he created the new Ford world for the Chinese market. Let them take you on a journey through the exhibition of class and style in a unique art installation, where sophistication meets the love for detail. The car's architecture, mechanics and the automotive energy elegantly feature the smart technology of Ford and invite for a ride through their stunning ...

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