03.04.2012  •  Film NEWS


HAPPY EASTER  •  DBC Driven by Creatives : asks "what would Easter be without kids" for FERRERO, explains the little "Ohhh" for NIVEA, acts cool as a cucumber for MAGGI and rocks KONZERTHAUS DORTMUND




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Director Mona EL MANSOURI and DOP Andreas BERGER, both c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES spread happiness in the FERRERO Easter special spot. They were commissioned by the Heimat Berlin advertising agency. The spot poses the quite provocative question: “what would Easter be without kids?”

Things continue to blossom in colour – yet a bit more on the adult side. Director Aleksander BACH & DOP Peter MATJASKO realised this quite elaborate clip featured here on GoSee for NIVEA, which elaborates on the diversity of such a little word as 'Ohh'. The line between cool and uncool is very thin once ou get to a certain age – and a little bit of help is much appreciated. Take a look.

Coolness is also the subject of the new MAGGI spot. It's easy to lose the plot during a good dinner… a fine production by the director Robin POLAK c/o DBC and DOP Daniel GOTTSCHALK c/o 1st Unit.

Mario ZOZIN & Sebastian WINTERØ Das KONZERTHAUS DORTMUND is well known for his uncompromising advertising. Not alone thanks to the Jung von Matt/Spree GmbH agency. The multi-award winning concert milk comes to mind. The spot featured here on GoSee promotes 'the end of classical music' in sheer rockstar fashion.

The main protagonists are the ‘Junge Wilde’ AKA musicians Anna Prohaska, Andreas Brantelid, Ray Chen, Vilde Frank, Sebastian Manz, Jan Liesicki as well as Khatia Buniatishvili, who took the end of classical music quite literally.

On its website, the Konzerthaus clearly states: “the free-roaming ‘Junge Wilde’ are not only exceptional talents on stage, but are also ambassadors of classical music and visit a Dortmund school before each gig to ensure that the young kids get a taste of what classical music is all about.

Classical is back in fashion. Young classic is the perfect fit for the lifestyle of a generation, to which the past is but a variety of the present, with people like Robbie Williams rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mozart and Madonna sits next to Schostakowitsch Great, rock on!