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ADC Opening Party : also at NuSoul in 2011 - the 2010 spot on GoSee Film


ADC 2010 Turntable Werber Trailer

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As in 2010, Saatchi & Saatchi, Turntablewerber, Pictorion Das Werk, Loft Tonstudios and NuSoul will host the official ADC Opening Party on Thursday the 5th of May 2011 in Frankfurt. This year sees the addition of new co-hosts AS&S Radio. The DJ sets in 2011 are just as exciting as ever:

Nielz Alzen (Scholz & Friends) / Joep Beving mit Bart Hendrix & Steve Johnsen (MassiveMusic Amsterdam) / Henner Blömer & Götz Ulmer mit Fabian Frese (Jung von Matt/Alster) / Eric Schoeffler (DDB) / Roberto Capellutti (Moderator) / Zoran Bihac (Director) / Palmer & Moscatello (serviceplan) / Uli Reuter & Max Penk (e+p commercial) / Henan Wensik (soundscape) / Dirk Finger Eisenmann (Freier Texter) / Peter Recker (Deutsche Post) / Tobias Schiwek & Alexander Reiss (Saatchi & Saatchi) / Christian Lea & Kai Borges (AS&S Radio) / VJ: Flo Decker (Pictorion das Werk).

ADC Opening Party with the Turntable Werbern
On the 5th of May from 9pm at NuSoul,
10 Euro Entry
Sonnemannstrasse 6
Frankfurt am Main