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Artbox, Amsterdam : Stop Motion, 3D, Motion Graphics – the Summer 2012 Show Reel is out now, New Work by Theo Aartsma and animal rarities for the Artis Royal Zoo



Amsterdam’s creative hub of illustration and animation present their new show reel here on GoSee. They present a best of the past months with various styles including Stop Motion, 3D, Motion Graphics Line Animation and more.

Ever seen a kantjil or an axolotl in the zoo? No? Just the same old lions and elephants… To reintroduce the invisible zoo residents, Artis Royal Zoo and Dawn Advertising decided to feature 10 forgotten animal species. Raoul DELEO was commissioned with the visualisation of the ‘forgotten animals’. The illustrator studied the animals in the zoo, making detailed sketches, which now feature on buses, banners, adverts, TV commercials and in an App.

Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, in the heart of Amsterdam. Their history dates back to the 19th century. On May 1, 1838, three wealthy Amsterdam residents founded Artis. The full name is ‘Natura Artis Magistra’ – meaning nature teaches art and science. Artis began as a garden with an orangery, which now houses a petting zoo.

We have also attached new work by illustrator Theo AARTSMA. This sees the illustrator and graphic designer complete his portfolio, which could hardly be more dynamic.