25.09.2011  •  Film NEWS


DBC - Driven By Creatives : Don't let odour stop you - songs of praise for sweat for GILLETTE plus unique moments for SONY ERICSSON, two spots on GoSee



Director: Markus Walter
DOP: Martin Ruhe
Production: Anonymous Content

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‘By the sweat of one’s brow’ might be a saying – but honestly, unless it is about very ambitious tennis players that are easy on the eye, a picture is enough. GILLETTE is currently trying to take a stand for sweat and its GILETTE ODOUR SHIELD, and shows all that humanity has achieved thanks to its sweaty endeavours.

The intellectual approach: sweat is good, smell ain't. It was the task of director Markus Walter and DOP Martin Ruhe to capture this philosophy in appropriately impressive pictures. Slaves building the pyramids or discoveries on the high seas, chamber musicians with stage fright and the air pioneer or the first man on the moon, no expenses and work were shied away from in order to prove: "Great things can come out of sweat. So don't let odour stop you."

Director Matthäus BUSSMANN c/o DBC and DOP DOP Pascal WALDER c/o 1st UNIT are showing how many beautiful moments a day can have in very atmospheric pictures for SONY ERICSSON. Also, they prove that lack of light has long stopped being an excuse for not taking pictures of your friends and the rest of the world.