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DBC - Driven by Creatives : Katja Riemann and Olli Dittrich in "Die Relativitätstheorie der Liebe" (the theory of love relativity) feature film and AVENIDA PAULISTA interior accessories from Brazil in Hamburg


DBC : Otto Alexander JAHRREISS

Die Relativitätstheorie der Liebe

Director: Otto Alexander Jahrreiss

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Ten people, two actors. Director and author Otto Alexander JAHRREISS filmed ‘Die Relativitätstheorie der Liebe’ (the theory of love relativity) with actors Katja Riemann and Olli Dittrich in the leading roles.

The five-episode rom-com leaves plenty of space for interpretation between love and luck, between different couples and their everyday strange large and small events. In cinemas now.

Check out Sandra Basan’s online interview with Katja Rieman for the Berliner Morgenpost to find out what she really has to say on the film and her colleague Dittsche.

AVENIDA PAULISTA is a gallery for contemporary design, interiors and art from Brazil, located in the Portuguese Quarter of Hamburg. The quarter is located directly by the Hamburg harbour.

Bistros, street cafes and rustic bodegas – you can really discover a southern vibe in Germany’s north. Pretty southern, just with the addition of Scandinavian seamen’s churches, German fashion boutiques, Turkish bakeries, the Iranian lottery shop, the Pakistani hairdressers – as well as Brazilian living design. Thriving integration in the so-called cool north.

DOP and director Matthias ‘Lemmy‘ LEHMANN captured the latest interior accessories on film. We spotted about four to eleven products in the video that we want to have right now. Even though Hamburg is nice, it is great to know you can order online.