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DBC - Driven by Creatives : 'The Cockpit Legend' - commercial film for the ASKANIA watch manufacturer, meet new entry director Thomas KRYGIER and his adrenaline-pumped spot for BLICK, Switzerland


DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES : Grøbert & Grøbert for ASKANIA - The cockpit legend

Director: Grøbert & Grøbert
DOP: Daniel Gottschalk
Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Berlin
Creative Director: Jan Lucas

This August, Berlin's watch manufacturer ASKANIA celebrates its 140th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Grøbert & Grøbert alias Paul Gerwien and Robin Polak and M&C Saatchi & Saatchi Berlin produced the film 'The Cockpit Legend'.

The two directors played a major role in the ad film's final concept and look. The locations were the mysterious and romantic Lanke Castle and the legendary Tempelhof airport in Berlin. The film will be shown on the Internet as well as in German cinemas.

From precision engineering for the aeronautical industry to handmade luxury watches: this describes the development of the Askania workshops, founded in 1871. They produced their first chronometers for harbours in 1975. Back in the day, the clock would indicate the time by lowering a ball. As early as in the 1940s, the company produced pilot wristwatches and in 2006, watch expert Leonhard Müller acquired the rights to the name.

Director Thomas KRYGIER is the latest addition to DBC. Be it an action film for the Swiss BLICK relaunch or the unforgettable EUROSTAR launch film, presenting Bruce Willis’ toughest side for Firedup.com or spreading some international glamour with Claudia Schiffer for CITROEN – the films by the director (*1965 in Hamburg) are always an eye-catcher.

You can find an early-bird preview here on GoSee, more is available directly via DBC.