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28.02.2011  •  Film NEWS


DBC - Driven by Creatives : and the HSV or 'cut the flab' - campaign by TELERING, plus NIVEA and DOVE spots on GoSee



Director: Grøbert & Grøbert
DOP: Bjørn Haneld
Client: Telering
Art Director: Jim Probyn
Production Company: Seven Production GmbH Wien
Editing: Tobias Suhm

Okay, in this case – HSV does not stand for football, as the fancy spot might suggest – it stands for mobile bargains instead.

Directing team GRØBERT & GRØBERT lets the colours, pictures and last but not least the cast speak for itself under the motto of ‘Weg mit dem Speck’ (cut the flab). The spot was produced by TELERING with DOP Bjørn Haneld.

Plus, the new DOVE spot with director JIMMY DIEBOLD for the ‘Go sleeveless in just 7 days’, as well as the new NIVEA COMMERCIAL for the ‘3 Step Face Care’ campaign with DOP JENS MAASBØL are available here on GoSee.