31.07.2012  •  Film NEWS


2X ON THE ROAD & MC DONALDS •  Driven by Creatives : very fast reactions for AUDI, extreme direct banking for RADOBANK and blurred vision for MC DONALDS


DBC : Fredrik BAECKAR for AUDI A6

Director: Filip Tellander
Client: Audi A6

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DBC presents new spots by Fredrik Bäckar, Alex Feil, Michael Schreitel and Claas Ortmann on GoSee.

Rain, wind, people on the streets, temperature, curves, tunnels, building works… lots of factors that call for a reaction. Or your car. ‘Quick to react’ is the claim of the new AUDI A6 bi-turbo Diesel that makes you look like a good driver.

The cool black and white look highlights the simplicity and easiness of the car and stems from DOP Fredrik BÄCKAR c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES, Filip Tellander was in charge of the direction.

‘Don’t think of silly things, think of your money!’ Because direct banking can be this ‘direct’. Director Alex FEIL and Michael SCHREITEL, both c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES also hit the road for RABOBANK. Clog phones answered by blonde stocky cheese eaters and plenty of windmills along flat roads… the spot is a tongue in cheek vision of German platitudes of their Dutch neighbours.

Director Claas ORTMANN c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES and DOP Nikolai von Graevenitz are currently promoting the ‘get your vintage Coca Cola glass at McDonalds!’ offer. The agency was the Heye Group with Creative Director Arndt Rossnagel and FFF Sascha Diesang. We love it.

Of course we haven’t forgotten the great GEORGE MICHAEL video by Ryan HOPE – it features in the LONDON special. Here is the GoSee link. Spread the good NEWS!