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Esther Haase : latest projects 2010 - spots for ESPRIT, NEW YORKER and personal films here on GoSee!




Director: Esther Haase
DOP: Esther Haase

The photographer produced personal work on the beach. The 'Pigment' series features models who share the spotlights with horses and men in bunny costumes! Click here to watch the accompanying film here on GoSee.

In another film project, a gorgeous model, dressed only in her birthday suit and a gorilla’s mask unleashes voyeuristic desires in a forest.

The production for the ESPRIT campaign took place in idyllic Bavaria. The kids and teens were photographed in the great outdoors by a lake. Watch the adorable video here on GoSee.

And last but not least, Esther produced the current NEW YORKER campaign in Berlin. The film, as directed by Esther, is also here on GoSee for your viewing pleasure.