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Fashion Communications : POLO SYLT Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 by Ali Ansari - making-of spot and campaign



Making Of

Advertising Agency: Fashion Communications GmbH
Creative Director: Nick Larrett
Art Director: Judith Cajic
Art Buyer: Uschi Kolonko

The POLO SYLT A/W 2012/2013 collection by Ali Ansari is inspired by the light of the morning skies over the island of Sylt and its reflection on the salty water of the North Sea. The light, the atmosphere and especially the location that is Sylt itself make us long for gentle colour palettes – from frosty tones of silver and reed to warmer and more rustic nuances. The whole project was carried out in accordance with the 'Twin' philosophy – meaning, man and woman are essentially made for each other.

“We used that thought for the shoot of FASHION COMMUNICATIONS”, explains CD Nick Larret “and made sure it found its way into the campaign”. The location for the shoot was the local museum and old Frisian house in Keitum on Sylt with all its stark contrasts.

Models Lesly Masson and Simone Bredariol were photographed by Magnus REED c/o GoSee member AGENTUR LINKE, styling by Daoud Daftarie and last but not least, Steffen ZOLL c/o GoSee member BLOSSOM perfected the hair and make-up.

Concept, art buying, production and layout by FASHION COMMUNICATIOS. Creative Director Nick Larret, AB Uschi Kolonko and AD Judith Cajic.