11.07.2011  •  Film NEWS


Hauser Fotografen : "Above the Islands of Africa". Five photographers between dream beaches and adventure. Documentary on ARTE this week.


HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN : Über den Inseln Afrikas

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Zanzibar, Mauritius, Madagascar, Sao Tomé & Principe, Cape Verde Islands – just the names of these places makes us think of dream beaches, spices and stories from distant countries.

In the five-part series ‘above the islands of Africa’ five internationally renowned photographers explore the islands around the continent.

Alongside Ami Vitale and Mathias Ziegler, Wiesbaden-based photographer Rui CAMILO photographed the Sao Tomé & Principe islands.

On the search for spectacular perspectives for their aerial photographs, stories and portraits, no challenge was too tough for the photographers who used unusual methods of transport, from motorised parachutes to a flying rubber boat, to get the shots they wanted.

After over two years of production time, the dates for their premiere airing on ARTE Découverte have finally been announced:

Mon 11.07.2011, 19.30 h - Zanzibar
Tue 12.07.2011, 19.30 h – Mauritius
Wed 13.07.2011, 19.30 h – Madagascar
Thurs 14.07.2011, 19.30 h - Sao Tomé & Principe
Fri 15.07.2011, 19.30 h – Cape Verde Islands

Direction: Thomas Wartmann