21.10.2011  •  Film NEWS


Hey, Rafa, take your time! in the improvised changing room with tennis talent Rafael Nadal for Armani Jeans, spot and campaign


ARMANI JEANS with Rafael Nadal

Client: Armani Jeans
Model: Rafael Nadal
Photographer: Mert & Marcus

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The Spanish guy who took on the tennis world with astonishing speed is no less energetic and enigmatic when it comes to ARMANI JEANS. The campaign photographs are on show and well known all over the world. Here on GoSee, you can watch the clip featuring the athlete.

Born in Majorca, he won ten Grand Slam titles over the course of his career so far, six times at the French Open, twice in Wimbledon and one at the Australian Open and US Open respectively, which makes him one of seven players, who managed to win all of the Grand Slam tournaments at least once.

At the Olympic summer games in Beijing 2008, Rafa also won the gold medal in single competition and became the world athlete of the year in 2011. That's almost too fast for our taste . . .