24.10.2011  •  Film NEWS


In times of the credit crunch GoSee recommends Daniel Garofali's calendar for KIVA


Daniel Garofali - Calendar 2012

Editing: Backstage FiX
Music: Olympic Ayres
Model: Daniel Garofali
Photographer: James Demitri

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One could easily claim that Daniel Garofali, model and dancer from New South Wales, Australia is of a quite handsome build. The Sydney local has spent some time – just like the rest of us – pondering on the issue of the banking crisis. The result of the brainstorm is this calendar presented on GoSee for the year 2012. A whooping 50 percent from the proceedings will be given to the KIVA organisation.

Founded in 2004, by Matt Flannery & Jessica Jackley, the KIVA project is determined to change the world via micro-loans. The non-profit-organisation already generated a 2 million US-Dollar turnover in 2006 and was featured in the NY-Times 'Year in Ideas' magazine.

Ever since KIVA popped up amongst 'Oprah's Favourite Things of 2010' and the organisation sported more than 100 million US-dollars in loans, KIVA is a name to be reckoned with.