24.01.2012  •  Film NEWS


Max Ophüls 2012 - GoSee goes backstage at the festival for newcomer German directors in Saarbrücken - Go & See the energy!



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The Max-Ophüls film festival dedicated to German newcomer directors takes place in Saarbrücken and presents awards in January each year. The programme, guidelines, press releases, jury and awards can all be found on the creative event's homepage. Star portraits taken by Leo Krumbacher for GoSee, unfiltered making-of the location, the teams, acts, events, film-trailers, interviews – all of this can soon be found on GoSee.

You can find an early summary of the opening ceremony at Radio Salü, the channel with the best music selection in all of Saarland.

The name-giver of the award - Max Ophüls – was actually called Maximilian Oppenheimer. He was born on the 6th of May 1902 in Sankt Johann (part of Saarbrücken since 1909) and died on the 26th of March in Hamburg. He was an important German-French film, theatre and audio director.

Max worked as an actor and director, including gigs at the Viennese Burgtheater, from where he was fired following his fourth project in 1926 due to anti-Semitic reasons. He produced his first film in 1931 – 'Dann schon lieber Lebertran’ - based on an original story by Erich Kästner. After two more films in 1932, he could finally celebrate his breakthrough as a director with ‘Liebelei’ (1932/1933), still actively working in Germany's dark ages.

Shortly after the Reichstagsbrand on the 28th of February 1933, he and his family left Berlin and moved to Paris. He became a French citizen in 1938. In 1942, he fled to America, where he began a successful career in Los Angeles. He returned to Paris in 1949. He died of a heart condition in 1957 in Hamburg and was buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris.