18.10.2011  •  Film NEWS


Night at the zoo. GoSee presents the grand Lion Parade. Awards ceremony for 79 German Cannes Lions to creatives and clients at the exclusive Winner Dinner hosted by WerbeWeischer in Hamburg.



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The Cannes Lions Festival happened a while ago and agencies are already gearing up and creating new ideas. For the first time ever, Germany managed to land second place when it came to the medal breakdown of the most important creative festival worldwide. WerbeWeischer celebrated this in style by hosting an exclusive Winner Dinner in Hamburg.

On the 29th of September, Florian Weischer, CEO of WerbeWeischer and German festival representative, handed all 79 Cannes Lions to the German creatives and their clients – 16 gold lions, 30 silver lions and 33 bronze lions. Around 300 select guests from all over Germany accepted the invitation from WerbeWeischer and its partners Deutsche Telekom Out-of-Home Media, Jost von Brandis & Getty Images and showed up at the Alte Hagenbeck'sche dressage hall, where wild animals had once been domesticated for life in the zoo.

Dinner was served after a warm welcome from WerbeWeischer's head of marketing Katja Garff and team accompanied by some entrees. The first lion was awarded to IKEA, the client of the year – and was received by the beaming Claudia Willvonseder. The two medals for the Media Youngsters were given to Felix Kleipoedszus and Bastian Raschke. After the appetizer, DIRECT, PR, OUTDOOR and CYBER received their well-deserved lions.

With some soup as well as MEDIA, RADIO, PRESS and PROMO, the lion parade elegantly proceeded towards the main course. Next up were the major disciplines FILM CRAFT and TITANIUM. The dessert was complimented with the award ceremony for 25 (!) DESIGN lions.

The whole shebang was hosted by Florian Weischer and accompanied by very entertaining trailers, which we are happy to feature on GoSee as well. First and foremost, the most important one of course, the SPONSORS trailer.

Jung von Matt was not only named the agency of the year, but also reeled in awards with its 'Print a WWF' campaign. That meant a positive workout for the Doerte Spengler-Ahrens and Jan Rexhausen creative team, who had to traipse back and forth between the table and the stage for quite some time. ‘GoSee? Super! Keep it up!’ - was the expert comment by the creative boss, given between two lions.

By midnight, the first guests were leaving the venue to make sure that they could continue to come up with those ideas again in the morning – others, including many of the winners, the WerbeWeischer Team and GoSee celebrated until into the early hours. Yes, we also paid a short visit to the zoo and no, not all animals sleep at night.

By the way, WerbeWeischer has been a German cinema promoter for 50 years and works with all known cinema chains, takes care of 80% of the cinema-advertising budget and is a talented host.