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PX Group : on top form this winter - CGI animation for AUDI Winter Tyres and CGI liquid simulation



Client: Audi
Advertising Agency: Mutabor, Hamburg
Animation: PX3D (CGI)

PX3D developed a full CGI animation for AUDI winter tyres, commissioned by Mutabor in Hamburg.

The motif was entirely created in CGI. The snow was simulated in particles, whirled up by the tyres; the tracks the vehicle leaves behind in the snow were also artificially generated.

The animation can be found on the AUDI homepage, as well as on GoSee Film. The sound design was created by nhb Hamburg.

PX3D Hamburg takes care of CGI for cars, spaces, liquids, landscapes and packaging for applications in still / print and animation. PX3D has recently also been working on liquid simulations. We have attached a selection of tests.