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Rockenfeller & Göbels splashy for EXXON MOBIL, more than a smile for HUAWEI, 'The natural look of fashion' for COCON - three spots on GoSee



Director: Andreas Andé c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels
DOP: Andreas Andé c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels
Client: Cocon
Advertising Agency: J. Samutina
Creative Director: Jelena Samutina
Editing: Chamäleon Düsseldorf
Styling: Jana Esau c/o 21agency
Hair: Diana Galante c/o close up agency
Makeup: Diana Galante c/o close up agency
Model: Holli

Photographer Peter SCHAFRICK is now splashing in motion as well! While shooting for US-American mineral oil company EXXON MOBILE, he produced a film in which he expresses his passion for 'Splashes' in moving imagery.

A smile for HUAWEI – Frank SCHEMMAN realised the '10 YEARS OF CONNECTING EUROPE' film clip for Huawei, the leading provider of telecommunication solutions. The image trailer will be used at trade fairs all over Europe as well as on the Internet.

‘The natural look of fashion’. Andreas ANDE captured the natural aura and tenderness of fashion client COCON's collection on film. He was supported by the NY model Hollis and CD Jelena Samutin.