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08.09.2011  •  Film NEWS


Strike a pose .... Yolanda Dominguez strikes up a fuss with women posing in public ....



Artist: Yolanda Dominguez

‘Poses’ is one of the latest projects by Spanish artist Yolanda Domínguez. She asked down to earth women with ‘normal’ figures to strike gorgeous model poses in public.

The project presents women standing, sitting and stretching out in usually unnatural positions, looking absurd on the street, in the museum, in a greenhouse. The reactions of passers by are insightful – some are concerned, other amused – some annoyed. GoSee presents the not so-fashionable spot.

Yolanda Domínguez, born in 1977, Madrid is a visual artist and performer. She studied Fine arts at Madrid's Complutense University and graduated with a Master in Art and New Technologies from the European University of Madrid and in Concept and Creation in Photography at Madrid's EFTI School.