22.03.2011  •  Film NEWS


Südlich-t : latest SCHWEPPES sparkling tea commercials on Germany's Next Topmodel and new office in Düsseldorf



Client: Schweppes
Post Production: südlich-t
Visual Effects: südlich-t

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Post producers Südlich-t from Munich produced the current SCHWEPPES commercials. The company known for its refreshing beverages promotes its sparkling tea with a comprehensive campaign structured around Germany’s Next Topmodel.

Several spots are aired before, after and during the episode’s ad breaks and always pick up on the show’s events.

The spots have been completely produced by südlich-t, including the first animatics, 3D, compositing and the final broadcast copies. Seven clips are already being aired and more are to follow leading up the series’ finale in summer.

And as such, the iconic catchphrases ‘See you next time on Germany’s Next Topmodel’ or ‘Who will manage to get a picture today? Germany’s Next Topmodel continues’ are both ‘presented by Schweppes Sparkling Tea – The refreshing beverage with a swish’ – of course.

These aren’t even the only news to come from the südlich-t camp. In addition to their offices in Munich and Zurich, they are in the process of establishing an office in Düsseldorf. But more about this next time . . . here on GoSee, where else?