11.08.2011  •  Film NEWS


Tanqueray - the ideal summer drink with fresh images by DOP Martin RUHE



Director: Anders Hallber
DOP: Martin Ruhe
Client: Tanqueary

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GoSee FILM presents a spot for the legendary TANQUERAY gin brand, directed by Anders Hallberg and DOP Martin RUHE c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES.

The founder of the distillery – Charles Tanqueray hailed – as usual – form a clerical family. Born in Bedfordshire, he set up a distillery in 1830, specialising in Gin, located in Bloomsbury, London. He ventured forth to enter the export business in 1847 and supplied the British colonies, including Jamaica.

Following his demise in 1868, his son Charles Waugh Tanqueray joined the company. Later on, Tanqueray Gin became a popular brand in the United States and became the main ingredient of a ‘Dry Martini’.

During German air raids in 1941, the distillery was almost completely destroyed – only one burning kettle remained unscathed and is still used today. The major part of the production takes place in the Scottish Cameronbridge. The green bottle’s peculiar shape has allegedly been modelled to look like a green English hydrant. Tanqueray is available in variations that range from 43,1% to 47,3% alcohol.

This ‘summer’, we are delighted about each and every percent that tops off our drinks. Good thing, that the Tanqueray website has plenty of yummy cocktail recipes lined up. DBC’s Berlin office prefers to keep it classic – ‘Dry Martini’ is the unofficial drink of pretend-its-summer-in-Berlin.

We in Cologne opted for a more or less ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ style – door to door with the Marsil Bar. Our favourite: Gin Tonic in all its variations. Here are a few editorial tips for alternative drinks: Quatro, French 75, Tiny Ten. And should you be looking for that quick fix – on the rocks is never out of fashion.