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The dog strikes back - VW's Super Bowl TV ad launch. Back with even more Star Wars power



Client: VW
Production: Lucas Film
Advertising Agency: deutschinc.com

Fancy a dog? Or how about having some kids? That is a question that not only advertisers tend to ask themselves. Pets do have some advantages though and that is exactly what the VW creative team thought. Hence, they replaced the killer kid in the charming black Star Wars Mini Darth-Vader look with a golden family dog – albeit with a few extra pounds.

See for yourself and find out how the brave dog manages as it goes up against the VW Beetle – and whether Mini-Vader can defend his well-earned place in the hearts of the audience. The TV-spot 'The Dog Strikes Back' premièred during the Super Bowl and went on air in the USA afterwards (and on the Internet of course).

The spot was developed by the Deutsch Agency, Los Angeles in cooperation with LucasFilm.