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30.01.2012  •  Film NEWS


The Passenger - a story of love and death in 72 minutes. Trailer on GoSee



Director: Tor Iben
DOP: Daniel Devecioglu, Christpoh Kuchinke, Jan Klein & Patrick Rupprecht
Production: Pelin Heris
Editing: Markus Morkötter
Sound Design: Manfred Bickmeyer & Rene Paulokat
Music: Alessandro Tartari & Erlandas Adams
Actors: Carsten Bauhaus, Niklas Peters, Lynn Femme, Urs Stämpfli, Peter Beck, Sinan Hancili, Ingo Raabe, Elisabeth Seidl & Marc Hodapp

THE PASSENGER is the third film in the SPEKTRUM series, the trailer of which we are delighted to present here on GoSee. SPEKTRUM is a selection of seven feature and four documentary films, which were chosen from 250 film submissions, all of which made a particularly good impression and belonged to the most exciting discoveries of the last production year, according to MOP.