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Tim Burton - the interview to accompany his MOMA exhibition in New York here on GoSee



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Who is the dream team of the film bizz? Brangelina? Or George Clooney in a wild marriage to his lover? Acting legend Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis? Any other suggestions? Well our personal favourite is : Tim Burton and his wife Helena Bonham Carter.

Tim Burton isn’t simply a director. He is an all round talent. He illustrates, paints, creates worlds. He is one of the few directors in the world that magically attract crowds to the cinema time and time again. Both with animation films and real people, erm, sorry, we meant stars.

In regards to his wife : Helena started off with innocent films during the Romantic wave in the 80s, taking on increasingly edgier roles with each decade that passed. Her latest work is the Enid Blyton biopic, the tale of an obsessive author who was the first to select the illustrations for her own books, which numbered over 700 in total. And as a result remained an infantile bitch towards her younger daughters for the rest of her life.

Helena’s next role is also played in Alice in Wonderland, by none other than our favourite director Tim Burton. She is the Queen of Hearts alongside Tim’s favourite male actor and alter ego, Johnny Depp. Other stars also include Anne Hathaway, Christopher Lee and Alan Rickman.

When Tim Burton first heard that MOMA were going to dedicate an exhibition to him, he thought it was a joke. GoSee would like to mark this wonderful and very real occasion by presenting an interview with director and illustrator Tim Burton. He speaks of the opening of the large exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, which is entirely focused on all of his work to date and even presents previously unpublished material.

It is interesting to note, that even though he resides in London, Tim is 100% American – in contrast to British Helena. We would also like to draw our readers’ attention to the glorious music that accompanies Tim’s films. Thanks go to composer Danny Elfman.

Danny’s latest soundtrack work was realised for Taking Woodstock, by the equally as talented director Ang Lee.

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