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YES WE CANNES - boat people at Cannes Harbour and short escapes to the islands off the Cote d'Azur


GoSee presents Cannes 2010 part I

DOP: Ivan Turina
Client: Rolf Scheider for GoSee
Usage: Internet
Post Production: PICTORION das werk
Service Production: SOS Casting, Paris
Music: Ric Scheuss for TRON GmbH
Styling: inboat

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Following last year’s GoSee report from the Croisette and all the events at the Festival de Cannes, this year we planned to cover slightly more advertising industry-related topics.

So what could possibly beat a sailing yacht, decked out with a skipper, champagne and lovely guests? Captain and ship’s cook Rolf Scheider, 1st Assistant Ivan Turina, Head of Photography Frank Schmitz, les Go-Go's Anja Wiroth and Sabine Grosswendt as well as Talk-Master Cyrus C. Halabian - voilà, voilà !

The Îles de Lérins island group is a secret haven directly before busy Cannes, which remains to be discovered by the majority of the city’s visitors. On Saint-Honorat, the second largest of these islands, the solitary St. Honorat monastery, which is dedicated to contemplation, has been making its own wine for many generations of monks. They also have 30 guest beds that can be booked for a small charge by curious culture enthusiasts.

Every day, our boat trip – even more exciting! – took us past the cell of the man in the iron mask. Not as in Leonardo di Caprio’s famous film role, but as in the real prisoner. He lived in 1700 and at the behest of King Ludwig XIV of France, was moved to various prisons, including one on the Sainte-Marguerite Island.

His identity remains a mystery to this very day, yet the comfort that sweetened his imprisonment feeds the imagination. His mask was made of velvet, not iron and the King was so blood thirsty that anyone who even just heard the prisoner’s voice was sentenced to death.

His wardens were under strict instruction to immediately liquidise the prisoner should he even attempt to speak to them. Allez, voilà !

The space between the islands is like a huge swimming pool for the super rich, million pound yachts bob around next to one another, anchored on the side of the wind-protected island. The incredible turquoise water can be attributed to the rather shallow sea and gorgeous sands.

So between the hours of 12 and 4, 5 or even 6pm, this is how we would spend our time, sharing equally between the festival, the events and of course the football. Read the rest of this newsletter to find out what else we saw and took with us.

Many thanks to PICTORION das werk for cut and editing and to Ric Scheuss c/o Tro GmbH for the wonderful music mix.

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