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Young Director Award : awards for Aleksander Bach (Stars) & Mario Zozin (Oleg – Life of a Weightlifter) of the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy


Aleksander Bach : Red Cross

Director: Aleksander Bach
DOP: Peter Matjasko
TV Producer: David Skrotzki, Martin Wippler
Production Company: Filmakademie B-W / Telemaz
Editing: Andre Gelhaar
Music: Adelphoi Music

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This year all three prizes in the “Film school – European“ category went to young advertising film students of the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. The first prize was shared by Mario Zozin for his “Oleg – Life of a Weightlifter“ 90 second MTV spot and Aleksander Bach for his “stars” charity spot for the German Red Cross.

In his Red Cross spot, director Aleksander Bach takes his viewers to the centre of a brutal civil war situation: a child soldier is forced to shoot someone, but can’t bring himself to do it. At the same time a family’s home is stormed by soldiers. A young woman, caught up in the awful moment breaks free and begins to dance, symbolising her personal freedom. Her dance leads her out onto the street, where she sees the child soldier, who takes up his weapon and aims at her. “When it’s dark enough – you can see the stars“ is the final claim that stays with the viewer after the thought provoking 60 second spot.

Polish born Aleksander Bach has studied Direction/Commercial Film at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy since 2006. He already won the first prize at last year’s Young Director Award for his “Orange – I Love You” spot. Aleksander Bach lives in Ludwigsburg and Cologne.

“Oleg – Life of a Weightlifter“ was realised for MTV’s “Dare to be different“ campaign. Mario Zozin tells the story of Oleg the weightlifter, who has been pumping iron ever since he could remember. His bravery and will to be different make Oleg usual and special. Oleg acts as a role model for all young people, encouraging them to be authentic and true to themselves.

Born in Bonn, 1980, Mario grew up in Remagen am Rhein. It all started with a few music videos he recorded of his older brother rehearsing with his rock band. He was magnetically drawn to the media city of Cologne, where he began working for television at the age of 20. Mario worked for various Cologne-based production companies from 2001-2006 – first as an editor, then as a cutter and director of documentaries and entertainment programmes.

He continued working on music videos and short films in his spare time, and discovered his passion for film. He is now living out his dream at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. Mario is in his third year of Commercial Film studies. Go to www.mariozozin.com for more on this successful young star.

Grøbert & Grøbert received Gold in Cannes, in the Young Director Award 2009’s "European Test Commercial" category. Their "The Robbery" commercial spot amused countless guests. The Czech/German duo have been collaborating since the start of 2009. Their work is a black comedy mixture of dry humour and a unique understanding of everyday life.

The Young Director Award is held annually by CFP-E (Commercial Film Producers of Europe)  in cooperation with Shots magazine. It has five categories.

To find out more go to www.youngdirectoraward.com

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