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film • DBC : the Uber-hot SMART BRABUS URBANLAVA commercial for BBDO Berlin, GSK Performance spot, crafty with BRILLUX, and singing with AHOJ BRAUSE for Dojo Berlin

23.06.2016 • When popcorn has a mind of its own, your ice cream melts too quickly, the window cleaner evaporates within seconds on the windshield, it can have many reasons – one of which is the Uber-hot, super cute SMART BRABUS URBANLAVA. True to the slogan: 'Hell on Wheels in City Traffic.' Because no matter what gets in its way: Nothing can stop the smart | BRABUS edition urbanlava. With maximum manoeuvrability and thrilling dynamics, it puts the flow back into slow city streets. Even in tight parking situations – with an elegant 2,69 m length – it always finds a smart parking solution. The SMART BRABUS URBANLAVA spot by Director Claas ORTMANN c/o DBC – Drive by Creatives for BBDO Berlin.

And the cash register reads: smart fortwo | BRABUS edition urbanlava from 17.990 €, smart convertible | BRABUS edition urbanlava from 21,990 €.

The GSK Human Performance Lab is a world-class research facility focused on applied science, 'combining GSK scientific expertise, external advisers and cutting-edge technology to deepen our understanding of human...

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Advertising • Director Emil LARSSON and visagist Helen BORG c/o ADAMSKY realize a beauty spot for H&M, and ADAMSKY presents all 5 divisions - from Management, Production, Content, Film to Post Production... at UPDATE16 in Berlin

22.06.2016 • Director Emil LARSSON and Helen BORG (make-up) teamed up for a beauty spot for H&M. Production was done by ADAMSKY.

Meet the agency based in Stockholm and Paris at UPDATE16 on 30 September, 2016 in Berlin – where they will present their work and their five divisions in addition to their MANAGEMENT services for photographers, directors, stylists, set designers... ADAMSKY also has its own PRODUCTION Department for photo & film, with ADAMSKY DIVISION post production services for print and moving images, STUDIOS in Stockholm, and with CONTENT even a department for content.

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Advertising • MULBERRY Bayswater collection - moving images by Katy BEVERIDGE c/o ADAMSKY

22.06.2016 • Katy BEVERIDGE directed and animated the MULBERRY Bayswater image film, which was produced in London. The DOP on set was Benedict Morgan in the production by Image Partnership. Assistant: Elsie Abdie Collins, grade & post production: Joeseph Bicknell c/o Cheat London.

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Cannes Lions • GoSee Cannes Tip : It's what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.' Uber-athlete Michael Phelps with the UNDER ARMOUR spot in the race for Cannes Film Gold

20.06.2016 • Legacies like his are built over a lifetime like this. Michael Phelps returns for one last time.' is what UNDER ARMOUR has to say about the star of the new 'Rule Yourself' campaign, the most successful Olympia athlete of all times on the path the path to his last great battle – Rio 2016. And the spot has now entered its very own race – will it be Gold in Cannes? The Grand Prix? We're excited to see.

Just this March, Under Armour presented the 90-second spot with Olympia athlete and swimming star Michael Phelps. The spot – which follows in the good old Armour 'Rule Yourself' campaign tradition – doesn't rely on the magic of winning but instead takes a closer look at the often lonely way to the top. And what sport could be more lonely than swimming? Even those who have never given it a second thought are guaranteed to be thoroughly stirred by the spot. Phelps himself even had to cry after seeing it for the first time. Which could, of course, also had other reasons. We don't mean his beard; we like that ; ) !

“For me, it's just incredible,” says Michael Phelps. “I think it...

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Production • Beyond the Dunes - Part 2 - with models Thea Costache and Andreas Praeg, production by photographer & Director Reno Mezger & Rawblack

20.06.2016 • The personal film and photo project titled 'Beyond the Dunes' which began last summer has now been continued by photographer & Director Reno Mezger with RAWblack. Styling was once again done by Uta von Fintel; in charge of beauty was visagist Isabel Peters c/o BIGOUDI. Out in the dunes too were Thea Costache and Andreas Praeg.

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Fashion • Outdoor fashion from GIL BRET - RAWBLACK produces the Summer campaign in print and film

20.06.2016 • The Summer collection from the label GIL BRET from the Betty Barclay Fashion Group was produced by GoSee member RAWblack. Outdoor Goes Fashion – is the slogan of the German fashion label, which since 1968 sells high-quality jackets and coats from sporty to classic and has stores in more than 60 countries. Behind the camera stood Reno Mezger, and responsible for art direction was Lea Bayer. Anja Voskresenska was styled by Uta von Fintel, with hair & make-up by Linda Sigg. Post production was in the hands of GoSee member BLINK IMAGING. And we have the results for you on GoSee.

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Fashion • Summer with SAINT JACQUES - RAWblack produces campaign plus image film

20.06.2016 • For fashion client SAINT JACQUES (Betty Barclay Fashion Group), GoSee member RAWblack was in charge of production for the new Summer campaign. Realized at the same time as the print motifs was an image film by photographer and Director Reno Mezger. The RAWBLACK team will put a stronger focus in the future on the dual use of print and moving images. Styling of the model Anja Voskresenska was done by Uta von Fintel, with hair & make-up by Linda Sigg.

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Production • MODENHAUS BECKER'S Summer 2016 in touching photos by Reno Mezger and Rawblack

20.06.2016 • Together with photographer Reno Mezger, RAWblack handled production of the Summer campaign for the client MODENHAUS BECKER – for which the team once again provided image film and print services from a single source. Also on the team were stylist Natascha Nitschke, Manuela Elsa Degelmann c/o NORDISH REPUBLIC for hair & make-up, and in front of the camera, model Aleksandra Popovic and Leonie Bentzinger presented the new summer trends.

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Fashion • On the Run - photographer and Director Reno Mezger and Uta von Fintel aka RAWblack realize a fashion production in print & film

20.06.2016 • Photographer and Director Reno Mezger realized the personal production 'On the Run' together with enchanting Sara Wittgruberova c/o LOUISA MODELS. Production was taken care of by RAWblack, and in charge of styling was Uta von Fintel. Hair & make-up were done by Ulla Kornelius c/o LOUISA ARTISTS.

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