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Events • UPDATE16 Berlin – the big get together for Art and TV Producers, Art Buyers, ADs, CDs, brands, companies, fashion labels and everyone who produces campaigns and films of the highest quality. REGISTER NOW!

28.09.2016 • UPDATE16BERLIN takes place on 30 September at KRONPRINZENPALAIS in Berlin's Mitte district. A total of 60 agencies from London, Stockholm, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Barcelona, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Scotland, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Cologne, Paris, Warsaw, and New York present their talents from the areas of photography, illustration, styling, art direction, moving images, CGI, direction as well as their services and exciting locations.

To realize print campaigns, corporate material or films, UPDATE16 is where you meet the perfect artist agencies and producers for the next shoot and and film productions down south, way up north or in the Californian desert, Dubai... or Barcelona, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Warsaw, the Maledives, ... As a matter of fact – Everywhere! Just as exciting, networked and top notch are the visitors of the trade fair – CDs, CEOs, fashion labels, press, magazines, … the who is who of the industry.

For a list of all exhibitors go to – and meet them in person on 30 September from 12 noon to 8 pm at Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin Mitte. Plus the...

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Production • NEW : Die Filmbauarbeiter, construction of film sets, studio sets as well as creation of set designs, Berlin, present their services on GoSee and in Berlin as an exhibitor at UPDATE16

22.09.2016 • What would a good film, a cool commercial, a music video or a fashion film be without the perfect sets and props? Under the credo, 'Your film is our construction site' Udo Reinschke and his crew aka DIE FILMBAUARBEITER are at your service as a competent partner. “Tap into our long years of long years of experience in building film sets and props for your projects. We love our job and master all tricks of the trade, the grand art of successfully bringing a film set to life.”

Next to their core business of manufacturing film sets and props, they also offer tailor-made solutions for temporary and permanent constructions, as well as conversions and expansions. Together with experienced partners. DIE FILMBAUARBEITER support their clients in all areas imaginable. Whether in film, photo, trade fairs, events, or promotion for film productions, agencies and companies.

Their services include sound project and construction supervision, dedicated film construction workers of all trades, competent partner industry experts for every service necessary as well as safe transportation...

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Directors & DOPs • FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT : from now on with OFFICE IN HAMBURG... Plus spots for ALCATEL VR goggle headset, VISANA, APOLLO, CHEESTRINGS, and DEICHMANN Elefanten shoes on GoSee

22.09.2016 • Together with Director Jonathan Notaro, DOP Tommy WILDNER c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT staged multicolored 3D worlds for the new spot for the ALCATEL VR headset. The spot was produced by Brand New School. The perfect amount of unreal.

About ALCATEL Idol 4S. The IDOL 4S is the world's first smartphone + VR goggle package delivering virtual reality experiences that everyone can enjoy right out of the box.

With all the extras or rather without? DOP Arne SCHIEL c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT and Director Rainer Binz found beautiful photos together for the new spot of Swiss health insurer VISANA. The commercial was produced by Solid & Haller Zurich.

Mission Impossible? There is no such thing for APOLLO customers. Because Apollo wants to excite you! With crystal clear prices and international designer brands – that should be no problem at all... And the cherry on top is now a nation-wide and free Apollo Pro eye test. Cobblestone Berlin produced the Mission APOLLO commercial with Director Nico Beyer and FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT DOP...

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Advertising • 'Los Bellos Perdedores – We Are Beautiful Nerds' – the ALCINA Professional 2016/17 campaign – realized by the creative agency Philipp Seine Helden and beauty photographer Florian Sommet c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

22.09.2016 • Being perfect is boring! The agency Philipp Seine Helden realized the new ALCINA PROFESSIONAL collection 'Los Bellos Perdedores – We Are Beautiful Nerds' with rather unusual models and modern looks. The hair specialist commissioned the creative agency with complete production.

The international annual collection was developed by Paul Gehring Hairdressing from Barcelona for ALCINA Professional 2016/17. The collection is meant to be an homage to all the individualists who used to be confronted with rejection because of being different and who now successfully make the streets more colorful. The provocative title is also a mirror of today's trendsetter Millennials who want more than just a perfectly styled look.

Responsible for the imagery was Philipp Seine Helden, and the motifs used for the campaign, POS and lookbook were photographed by Florian Sommet, c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN. Casting of the models took place in Paris and Berlin. Artistic Directors Paul Gehring and Encarnacion Pachon Marquez were in charge of realizing the creations.

Additionally, Philipp Seine Helden...

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Advertising • REEL ROCK 11 – E.O.F.T. and HELLIVENTURES film production present the best climbing films of the year – European premiere of the tour on 25 September in Cologne

22.09.2016 • The best climbing films of the year are on tour again. Under the name REEL ROCK 11, the European premiere takes place on 25 September in Cologne. Adventurous expeditions, crack climbing at the limit and youthful high-performance: The REEL ROCK FILM TOUR 2016 presents 90 minutes full of enthusiasm, commitment and fun climbing. This year, REEL ROCK 11 leads through extreme routes in the eternal ice on Baffin Island, classics in a climbing paradise Yosemite and boulders in Norway. The founder of the tour, Peter Mortimer and Josh Lowell, is among the most renowned climbing film producers is the world. And HELLIVENTURES to the most action-packed film productions when it comes to climbing, mountain and action films as well as commercials.

Here is a preview: The 15-year-old Ashima Shiraishi and 16-year-old Kai Lightner are the faces of the new generation of climbers. A trip to Norway demands all their skill, and Ashima wants to go down in history with a V15 boulder in Japan.

Will Stanhope and Matt Segal are crack climbers at a world-class level – besides the fact that they are...

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Advertising • 'Which Princess are you?' KATJA HAECKER, Creative Director & GoSeeAWARDS juror, New York, realizes the new DISNEY 'Enchanted Fine Jewelry' campaign with Snow White, Belle & Cinderella for MMF

22.09.2016 • Together with CD and Director James Benard, Katja HAECKER realized the new magical ’Enchanted Fine Jewelry’– campaign from DISNEY for MMF, TV and print: “We translated Disney’s magic of transformation in a stylish and sophisticated way, elevating the ordinary into a magical moment. Disney’s fairy tales characters translated in this campaign are Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Elsa (print only),” the New York resident creative on her work for Jewel Mark/Jay Gems.

The DOP responsible for the film was Jennifer Askew. Art direction was in the hands of Kevin Sullivan. In front of the camera of Swedish photographer Mikael Schulz stood model Anna I. c/o New York Models and male model Peter Argue. The gem of a result in the Disney jewelry campaign with film and photos for you on GoSee.

We are also delighted that KATJA HAECKER is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS jury this year.

About: “Global creative director Katja Haecker is a human dynamo with all-inclusive 360° art direction, photography, scriptwriting, trend-forecasting and video experience acquired throughout more than 15...

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Advertising • Johannes Bethge, Entertainment Marketing Manager NIKE, as a juror at the GoSeeAWARDS and in an interview on testimonials and NIKE's national approach plus in person at UPDATE16 in Berlin

22.09.2016 • We are very delighted to be supported by Johannes Bethge from NIKE in the GoSeeAWARDS jury and that he will attend the photo & film salon UPDATE16 at Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin. The Berlin native has been responsible for marketing at Nike for ten years and as Entertainment Marketing Manager for events and supervision of artists in German-speaking countries for sports giants. On September 26, he supervised a NIKE running event in Berlin with actor and singer Matthias Schweighöfer titled 'MOVE WITH MATTHIAS', and Lena Meyer-Landrut just appeared at Bread & Butter by Zalando for Nike athletic #UNLIMITED. We are pleased to introduce Johannes and his work in an interview...

You are Marketing Manager at NIKE and responsible for the area of entertainment. Can you tell us about your job?

For some, I am a professional coffee drinker, but that is not the whole story. The truth is that I have built a network of artists and creatives over the past years. I stay in contact with musicians, actors and presenters who I have worked with. At the moment: Lena Meyer-Landruth or Matthias...

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Post • 'Lena Meyer-Landrut for L’Oréal Paris' - beauty post by RECOM FILM

21.09.2016 • RECOM FILM was in charge of beauty FILM post production and color correction for a film shot by Philip Bruederle & Pete Schilling for JOLIE MAGAZINE titled 'Lena Meyer-Landrut for L’Oréal Paris'. Production was in the hands of beauty Director Anika Bergmann-Pohl, with art buying by Sergio Bongiovann, and make-up by Nina Park. Hair was done by Sigi Kumpfmüller.

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Fashion • Create Curves! TRIUMPH 'Find the One, Forever Young' Asia Fall 2016 - concept, art buying and art direction by GRAPHIC+

21.09.2016 • “CREATE CURVES! Sensual, alluring and so, so pretty, FOREVER YOUNG brings you back the beautiful curves as the latest new fashion essential. A chic take on classic shape wear, each piece offers a unique fusion of contemporary design, soft comfort and high-function curve control...” GRAPHIC+ was responsible for the TRIUMPH 'Find the One, Forever Young' Asia Fall 2016 catalog. Responsible for the concept and art direction was Karsten Sondersorg from GRAPHIC+, with production and art buying by Gabriele Hoyer. Behind the camera stood Monika Sedlmayr. Styling of the lingerie came from Claudia HOFMANN c/o GoSee premium member SHOTVIEW.

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