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Film • Lady is so 80s... For GoSee they are all winners! We present you the STRANGE CARGO FILM 'Lady Like' for H&M Fall Fashion plus spots with Chloë Sevigny & Chance the Rapper as representatives of the KENZO meets H&M collection

01.12.2016 • The STRANGE CARGO team supported the H&M Fall commercial 'Ladylike', which was celebrated worldwide, as agency producer and post producer. The Swedish clothing giant praised a new femininity with an extra-large dose of confidence, cute chubbiness and a little pit hair here and there. Posing to the classic Tom Jones tune "She's a Lady", re-interpreted by duo Lion Babe, are the ever-sensational Lauren Hutton or also Adwoa Aboah and transgender actress Hari Nef with every inch of femininity. The clip once again bids farewell to the funfree, high-gloss depiction of women by the fashion world and goes for diversity, non-conformity and pounds and pounds of joie de vivre. It was directed by Gustav Johansson on commission for Forsman & Bodenfors.

Actress Chloë Sevigny and hip-hop artist Chance The Rapper were among the seven testimonials of the KENZO x H&M campaign, which appeared worldwide just a few weeks ago. Responsible for production of the shoot with Director Max Vitali was STRANGE CARGO. In an interview, Chloë Sevigny talks about fashion as a form of self-expression and reveals...

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Advertising • #FindFocus. First-class comfort before and after the game. ADIDAS Z.N.E Hoodie campaign with James Harden & Gareth Bale - film and stills by Olly BURN c/o MAKING PICTURES

01.12.2016 • "Game day isn't always close to home. Whether it's the next city, country or continent over, staying focused on the road there is essential. As you travel, distractions are everywhere. You need something to help you tune out from the noise and Find Focus on the move. The adidas Z.N.E. Travel Hoodie is built to block out distractions and let you ignore the noise to focus on what really counts. Designed with the world’s best athletes, this is the ultimate game day equipment..."

In fall, ADIDAS presented its new athletics collection, which granted unique insights into moments of the competition routines of the adidas athletes. The athletes are wearing the white Z.N.E. hoodie as a highlight product for large sports events, but also afterward. Olly BURN was commissioned to realize the new ADIDAS Z.N.E Hoodie campaign feat. James Harden and Gareth Bale. He had the soccer stars in front of the camera for stills and a video.

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Advertising • Chloë Sevigny & Chance the Rapper representing the KEMNZO X H&M designer collection. We bring you interviews with Director Max Vitali - produced by STRANGE CARGO

01.12.2016 • Actress Chloë Sevigny and hip-hop artist Chance The Rapper were among the seven testimonials of the KENZO x H&M campaign, which appeared worldwide just a few weeks ago. Responsible for production of the shoot with Director Max Vitali was STRANGE CARGO. In an interview, Chloë Sevigny talks about fashion as a form of self-expression and reveals why she wishes to dedicate herself to filmmaking. Sevigny celebrates her debut as a director this year with the short film “Kitty”, the story of a young girl who dreams about becoming a cat. 2016 was a big year for hip hopper Chance The Rapper. His mixtape “Coloring Book” was a huge success and is the first publication, which made it the Billboard 200 by streaming alone.

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Advertising • AMBICIOSAS AMBER - an unusual beer tasting session with blind people - casting & production by Dora Joker

29.11.2016 • For the Spanish beer brand AMBISIOSAS AMBER, DORA JOKER realized an unusual casting: Required for the 'Tasting' campaign were perfectionists when it comes to taste and touch: blind people!

"We organized a beer tasting for blind people, to know their sensations when tasting the new beer for the first time considering the fact that being deprived of the sense of sight, smell, and taste become more acute. Casting was made all around Spain through blind production assistant Meritxell Aymerich who made everything possible, smooth and easy. Super interesting project which became a lesson for life apart from a great video and photograph by Marcel Juan and Raimón Solà respectively. Don't miss the video, it is really worth seeing. Great creative direction by Ruiz Company Studio." Further info on the campaign is available via AMBAR.COM, and making-of motifs from the cheerful tasting session are here.

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Production • SEAGRAM'S GIN social network and print campaign, produced by Dora Joker with photographer Matthew Brookes and Director Marcel Juan in New York

29.11.2016 • Photography, videos and cinemagraphs were realized for the SEAGRAM'S GIN campaign. The social network and print campaign was realized with DORA JOKER in cooperation with Michele Stanger in New York. The settings were photographed by Matthew Brookes, and Director Marcel Juan filmed the moving images. We have a few samples for you here on GoSee, and more is available directly from DORA JOKER.

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Film • 'Viva Hate' - new video by Ilario MAGALI c/o PHOTOBY with Elisa Sommet in the leading role

28.11.2016 • Still life expert Ilario MAGALI discovered his new passion for the moving image which the agency Photoby informed GoSee: “Ilario Magali has lately expanded his professional experience in still photography toward a newfound love of directing evocative motion pieces. 'Viva Hate' featuring French actress Elisa Sommet is an example of his directing skills.” (hair & make-up: Julie Camus, retouch: La Souris sur le Gateau, music: Hans Zimmer).

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Fashion • 'Journeys' campaign and film with Camille Rowe for MANGO, photographed and filmed by Hunter & Gatti in Texas

27.11.2016 • HUNTER & GATTI realized a road trip with Camille Rowe for MANGO's latest campaign. The photographer team filmed the road trip as a short film in Texas. The 'Journeys' campaign is continued with Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Alma Jodorowsky. We bring you the first part with photos and film here on GoSee. “The initiative, titled ‘Journeys’, sees each young woman star in a short film inspired by aspects of their personality and Mango’s core values: modernity, femininity and positivity. The first release will be launched with French model and actress Camille Rowe as the protagonist. Set in Marfa, the film draws inspiration from Bonnie Parker from Bonnie and Clyde – a personal heroine of Camille. The theme awakens the model’s spirit of adventure and leads her to go on a road trip through the Texan desert,” says MANGO about the project.

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Styling • Tomorrow's news today: the 'You're here already?' spots for MOVE24 are still simply undecided between The Donald and Hilary Clinton - with decisive styling by Rainer METZ c/o PERFECTPROPS

23.11.2016 • You've made your bed, now... MOVE 24 addresses in its latest advertising campaign the still very dramatic US presidential election... and its consequences. We recommend viewing the spots with Obama, Clinton and Trump with tongue firmly in cheek. Because every which way it goes from now – the show must certainly go on! Styling in both spots was taken care of by Rainer METZ c/o GoSee member PERFECTPROPS. Director was Calle Astrand. Move24 is a young dynamic company active in ten countries throughout Europe. Clear objective in the end: Revolutionize the market for relocation or moving house by means of quality mechanisms and technological solutions. Improved route planning and intelligent algorithms help reduce empty hauls – enabling Move24 to provide services at up to 70% lower cost.

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Styling • "Thinking of the years that passed..." a very touching spot for the MOVEMBER Foundation with styling by Madlen UHLEMANN c/o PERFECTPROPS - Go & See!

23.11.2016 • “Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are in the middle of a health crisis, and nobody wants to talk about it. Men are dying at a younger age. We can't afford to remain silent.” says the MOVEMBER Foundation. This is the reason they remind us every year in November to sustainably improve the health of men. The scope of Movembers is set on reducing the number of men who die prematurely by 25 % until 2030. The touching spot was styled by PERFECTPROPS artist Madlen UHLEMANN, who worked with Director Patrik Bergh. Join the movement:

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Photographers • Frank Kayser photographed the new 'Spearhead' Porsche 911 RSR on the circuit as a dynamic eye-catcher

22.11.2016 • “The most spectacular 911 of all times” - is how the trade press acclaims the new PORSCHE. The new 911 RSR, which will stir up the GT Class scene in 2017, was completely revamped. This is the first time a Porsche 911 race car is driven by a mid-engine. The vehicle is equipped along with new suspension geometry also technological gimmicks such as a collision warning system to alert drivers particularly at night in high-speed races like Le Mans.

“The Spearhead concept became the central and most important topic of development for Porsche. The visual concept and appearance of the vehicle had to thus represent the primal force and aesthetics of the Porsche 911 RSR,” Frank Kayser tells GoSee, who dared to ride the canon ball and shot dynamic eye-catcher motifs on the circuit, which are all over the media at the moment. “A magnificent car, so it wasn't hard to take laid-back photos.” Frank sums it up.

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