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Director • 'Get home safely' with HVV public transportation. Director of the spot: Mario FEIL

03.10.2015 • It´s the 50th anniversary of Hamburger Verkehrsverbund public transportation. That certainly calls for more than just streamers and a cheesy round of bingo is what Grabarz & Partner thought and came up with a new brand identity and campaign to boot. Director Mario FEIL c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT realized the 'Get Home Safely' spot of the public transportation service HAMBURGER VERKERHSBUNDS HVV. Production was in the hands of Tini Schwarz from Bakery Films with editing by Johannes Hubrich and post production by Slaughterhouse.

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Film • The label YVY presents 'Avian' – an art fashion film about evolution and femininity

03.10.2015 • With the artistic film titled 'Avian', Yvonne Reichmuth presents the leather collections of her label YVY on a whole new stage. To do so, the Swiss designer cooperated with Director and Choreographer Laura Kaehr to stage a dance performance themed upon air, earth, and evolution. Styling was done by Yvonne personally; the DOP was Alex Herzog. Music: Manu Gerber.

About - ‘Avian,' a short film of artistic expression, developed from an intimate collaboration between designer Yvonne Reichmuth and director and choreographer Laura Kaehr. This dance of earth and air takes us on an intense journey as we witness the evolution of the dancers, growing from mythological creatures into bird like beings. The contrast between dark and light seen in the costumes and throughout the performance, parallels the transformation of the creatures. As the movements transpire and shift and as the women begin to embody their femininity, they become confident, sensual and empowered. Values of elegance and strength characterize both the brand YVY and the film and their celebration of

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Production • NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS produce the JACK WOLFSKIN 'Can you feel it?' campaign with 30-second TV spot and catalogue shoot

03.10.2015 • NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS, a full-service production company from Bonn realize film and photo productions all over the world for their clients. We present the new JACK WOLFSKIN campaign titled 'Can You Feel it Too' for the F/W 2015 season.

The campaign revolves around a 30-second TV spot, which was filmed at four different locations over a period of ten days: in Iceland, the Italian Alps, Finland, and Dusseldorf. The production consisted of four main actors and ten extras. Plus NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS were on the road for a several day photo production in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Austria, and Sweden for the campaign and catalogue shoots.

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DOP • 'Innovation is the new wow' - DOP Pascal RÉMOND for VW Tiguan

03.10.2015 • A perfect combination of fun, power, and comfort that caters to your every need - is how VW describes its new model. Now, looking forward into the new year 2016, VOLKSWAGEN introduces its Compact SUV Tiguan in a three-minute image film by DOP Pascal RÉMOND c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT. The claim of the game: 'Innovative is the new wow'. Streamlined to the max, sharp and more precise is the new language spoken by the form of the vehicle. Shoots took place in Dusseldorf and Vancouver. Post production was in the hands of BYP Backyard Pilots.

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Agencies • Blossom Management : spot for the fashion client PETER HAHN, 2 x WANTED magazine, CAMP DAVID, TCHIBO 2015 street style looks, and SUSSEX STYLE UK...

23.09.2015 • Woman in black meets Brigitte Bardot in the new spot for the fashion customer PETER HAHN by director Stephan Hadjam - glamorous hair & make-up by Melanie SCHOENE c/o BLOSSOM.

Two motifs with models Alona Tal and Julian Morris for AMAZON - hair & make-up by Melanie SCHOENE c/o BLOSSOM.

On the road with photographer Frederick Etoall for WANTED magazine and Crocker Jeans - H&M by BLOSSOM artist Tony LUNDSTRÖM.

'Berlin Calling' presents edgy urban men's trends for Fall 2015, appearing in WANTED magazine - grooming by Tony LUNDSTRÖM c/o BLOSSOM

Sporty stylish big city looks for men by CAMP DAVID - grooming by Theo SCHNÜRER c/o BLOSSOM.

TCHIBO 2015 street style looks from the metropolises of the world - supported by Timo PFAFF (hair & make-up) and Theo VASILIOU (styling) c/o BLOSSOM.

Andy Tan photographed for SUSSEX STYLE UK - hair & make-up support from Stef RALBOVSKY c/o BLOSSOM.

Creative TCHIBO worlds - styling and props by BLOSSOM artist Petra VOGEL.

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Advertising • GoSee QUEST : Damon Aval, Senior Art Director at ANTONI, the new lead agency for MERCEDES-BENZ, presents the its first work on GoSee

18.09.2015 • Perfect timing! For the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the recently founded agency ANTONI presents its first work for MERCEDES BENZ: Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion – an elaborately produced 12-page supplement which is included in large national daily newspapers as well as a making-of clip on the topic of autonomous driving. The research vehicle F015 Luxury in Motion was staged with handcrafted installations by artist Sarah Illenberger c/o EMEIS DEUBEL. With the self-driving luxury sedan, which was presented at the CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, MERCEDES-BENZ is providing “a holistic outlook on the future of mobility”.

We had a great time with ANTONI Senior Art Director Damon Aval at this year's GoSeeAWARDS. It was amazing, and here is a brief introduction of the creative mastermind on GoSee..

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Design and Visual Communication, he went into the advertising, first as Junior Art Director in the digital area at Scholz&Friends in Dusseldorf, then as Art Director at HEIMAT Berlin and Senior Art Director at...

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new at GoSee - Music Production • NEW at GoSee : BMG MusicDIRECTOR, the new BMG Rights Management department. With trailers for PRO7, 'Batman: Arkham Knight', plus singer-songwriter SAM KING - and a stand at UPDATE15 in Berlin!

16.09.2015 • BMG MusicDIRECTOR is the new BMG Rights Management department specializing in music for productions. The sounds for radio, TV, advertising agencies as well as businesses with an audio-visual focus can be selected from catalogued music or also individually composed upon request. The sky's the limit thanks to a worldwide network of composers. BMG MusicDIRECTOR also provides ready-to-use online solutions, which facilitate the search for music.

Among the department's clients are big TV broadcasters such as RTL, PRO7, SAT.1, and productions including 'Germany’s Next Top Model' or 'Promi Big Brother'. We present you three trailers, for which BMG was in charge of musical consulting: 'Germany's Next Top Model 2015' for TV broadcaster PRO7, 'The Night of the Boxing Champions' for SAT.1, and the teaser for the video game 'Batman: Arkham Knight'.

You can find out more and also have the opportunity to meet the creatives behind BMG MusicDIRECTOR in person on 25 September at UPDATE15 in Berlin. Plus: A reliable source told us that special percentage rebates await trade visitors at the...

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Directors & DOPs • DBC - Driven By Creatives : Hannah Ware in the HYUNDAI Tuscon spot, Juventus Turin soccer stars in the ADIDAS clown spot, and WILLIAM HILL TVC on sports bets

16.09.2015 • To launch the revamped HYUNDAI Tuscon model, the South Korean automobile manufacturer booked British actress Hannah Ware together with Director Aleksander BACH and DOP Sebastian WINTERØ for the new spot. True to the hashtag 'ChangeIsGood', the 32-year-old slipped into various roles – all showing the natural interplay of good and evil.

Perhaps the new ADIDAS soccer spot titled 'No Clowns - Just Footballers' by DOP Borja LOPEZ DIAZ is based on the notorious insult uttered by Nantes manager Jean Claude Suaudeau, that Juventus Turin allegedly play like clowns. If so, we gladly present you the comeback footage with soccer stars Paul Pogba and Claudio Marchisio in leading roles – wearing the new ADIDAS uniforms for the 2015/2016 season. Consistent and true to the claim : 'Our Way or No Way'.

With action-packed, perfectly staged comic relief à la Roger Rabbit, DOP Borja LOPEZ DIAZ c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES filmed the new spot for WILLIAM HILL, one of the largest betting companies in the UK.

About - William Hill, The Home of Betting, is one of the world’s leading betting and...

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