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STEPHAN STORP illustrates abstractions for client d&b Audiotechnik and agency Schneider/Waibel, Stuttgart

Illustrator Stephan STORP visualises the abstract, turning the acoustic into optic for a simulation and planning software for loudspeaker systems. Schneider/Waibel Stuttgart hired the Hamburg based illustrator yet again for the D80 advertising campaign for client d&b audiotechnik. The results are new advertising images, that will be published in a specialist publication worldwide and present the simulation programme and D80 amp as an ideal tool for planners and sound ...

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THOMAS OLSEN illustrates Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis as GIOTTO testimonial for Heimat/Berlin

Thomas OLSEN illustrated a poster with Italian Elisabetta Canalis as the advertising face for agency Heimat/Berlin. The image promotes GIOTTO confectionary by Italian sweets brand FERRERO. The actress has starred in films such as ‘Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo’ and ‘Virgin Territory’ with Mischa Barton and Hayden Christensen and was in a relationship with George Clooney for two ...

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Katrin Funcke’s illustration on the discovery of sexuality in STERN special

Katrin Funcke created a seven page illustrated spread on exploring sexuality for STERN’s special on LOVE & PASSION. She used watercolour and ...

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Animation • 2000 Watt zombies created by ZOMBIE STUDIO show superhero power in LG campaign for Y&R Brazil

ZOMBIE STUDIO created highly detailed electricity zombies for the LG 2000 watt advertising campaign. The agency was Y&R Brazil with creative directors Paulo Garcia and Natalia Gouvea. We reckon they could make a whole movie of ...

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Jamiroquai, Green Day and 50 Cent - ESTILO 3D with typography visuals for MONEY WEEK and agency Lola Madrid

ESTILO 3D’s latest MONEY WEEK typography visuals are on the streets of El Puerto de Santa Maria. Lola Madrid agency and MONEY WEEK magazine commissioned him to create images for the annual Independent Music Scene. See images attached for Green Day, Jamiroquai and 50 ...

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window design • Sarah Illenberger designs HERMÈS Hamburg shop window

Sarah ILLENBERGER developed the concept for the shop window display for the Hamburg branch of HERMÈS. Adrian Hermanides was responsible for the set ...

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animation • Animated English language commercial spot for European project AXES - artwork Philipp SEEFELDT

AXES is an R&D EU project exploring audiovisual content from three different axes: users, content and technology. This 4-year project is co-funded by the European Commission and develops tools to interact in new and engaging ways with audiovisual libraries. DW 2013 produced the film, script by Jan Schäfer. Storyboard, animation & illustration by Philipp SEEFELDT c/o GoSee Member ...

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film • ARTE’s Karambolage TV show - illustration, animation & sound design Philipp SEEFELDT

We present a filmed declaration of love to our favourite European TV channel, ARTE. Unfortunately it is only available in German. Illustrator Philipp SEEFELDT was the brains behind the film for the cultural channel, contributing illustration and animation, as well as sound. The film was screened as part of the show dedicated to the big differences between the Germans and the French. Film text by Hajo Kruse, production by Arte Karambolage. Catch up on the show :

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transportation • Detailed images - Nils KASISKE’s car illustrations for VW and AUDI Magazine

Nils KASISKE dedicated his skills to the inner lives of our metal companions. Grabarz & Partnern commissioned him for an elaborate series for client VW. Love agency hired him for super detailed illustrations for AUDI ...

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Andre SANCHEZ illustrates top football player Neymar Jr. for WEEKLY

Illustrator Andre SANCHEZ, who lives in Paris, draws attention to the football World Cup here on GoSee one last time: the cover picture featuring top footballer Neymar Jr. in WEEKLY, highlights the versatile and sensitive use of his collage style with a variety of themes. We want to use this opportunity to send some encouraging love to ...

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