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Illustration • New celebrity portraits by Jole STAMENKOVIS c/o ART ACT

28.03.2017 • Jole STAMENKOVIS c/o ART ACTS illustrated new portraits of different actors – all of which signed by them – including Sky du Mont or Dina Meyer. Details about the illustrations are available directly from his agency ART ACTS.

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Illustration • Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz meets Emil Forstberg from RB Leipzig - two illustrations by Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT for you on GoSee

28.03.2017 • For RED BULL magazine, Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT illustrated Swedish soccer player Emil Forstberg, now under contract with RB Leipzig, on the topic of 'Training in Winter'. And for ZEIT mag, he staged Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz – prepared to fight and on horseback. The German politician has been a member of the SPD since he was in secondary school, and since 2011, has been Mayor of the proud hanseatic city of Hamburg and an outspoken opponent of the German political party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), an acronym which translates to the misleading claim 'Alternative for Germany'.

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Illustration • 'The Art of Summer' - Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT illustrates the cover motif for the SOLPURI 2017 catalog

28.03.2017 • 'Demand the exceptional. Get the exceptional.' For the outdoor furniture catalog "The Art of Summer" 2017 from SOLPURI, several illustrators were engaged to draw impressions from their hometowns. Among them was Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT, and we have her beautiful cover motif for you on GoSee.

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Illustration • 'The hidden truth your hoodie reveals about you!' - Chris MENKE c/o ART ACT illustrates for youth portal NOIZZ.D

28.03.2017 • For youth portal, which went online in February 2017 and is published by Axel Springer, Chris MENKE c/o ART ACT developed four characters for a native advertising format from the quill of BILD Brand Studios for the fashion label Bench. Read the complete article here.

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Illustration • WILDFOX RUNNING gives a warm welcome to illustrator and Art Director Chatchanok WONGVACHARA!

27.03.2017 • WILDFOX RUNNING NEW entry Chatchanok WONGVACHARA lives in Bangkok. Chatchanok works both as illustrator and art director. She illustrates mainly with paper and pencils, but likes to create digital paintings for packaging designs and other applications. She also has a soft spot for beautiful typography. The results are very impressive – Go & See for yourself!

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Illustration • Welcome to the Nuremberg Reichspost - illustrations for the image brochure of HUBERT HAUPT IMMOBILIEN Holding by Christian ECKERT c/o ART ACT

27.03.2017 • In its image brochure, HUBERT HAUPT IMMOBILIEN Holding shows the Nuremberg Reichspost from 1938 and a future vision of how it soon could look. Since there was not sufficient archive material available, all-rounder Christian ECKERT c/o ART ACT imitated the copper plate engraving technique of that time and compares it with a modern draft from this day and age.

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Illustration • Illustrator new entry: Laura LÜNENBURGER is now at WILDFOX RUNNING - first works for you on GoSee

27.03.2017 • New at WILDFOX RUNNING is illustrator Laura LÜNENBURGER. Over the past few years, she has lived and worked in Berlin, and her works range from drawings to infographics and even paintings. We have a first impression for you on GoSee.

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Illustration • 'The Dummies’s Guide to Men's Boots' - Julia PIEPER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING illustrates men's shoes for RACKED

27.03.2017 • Julia PIEPER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING illustrates men's boots for RACKED ... and RACKED writes: “You need a pair of boots over the next couple months. It is simply too cold, too wet, too slushy, and even if you live in a warmer climate, and there is too much Winter to be without a pair. That part is easy. The more difficult question is: What kind? All that will depend on where you live, what you need your boots for, and how much of a child you are (or, as I like to say, how much childlike wonder you have). The former is important only because I need a pair of boots that will prepare me for all of the puddles and large piles of snow I will jump into, on and around. Here are the broad categories of boots to get familiar with before making your decision.” Read the rest of the story on:

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Illustration • Hej, Paris – IKEA congratulates on the 20-year anniversary of Parisian concept store COLETTE with a fine selection of international illustrators – we met up with HELL'O from Brussels during a live painting session

23.03.2017 • Paris concept store COLETTE has its 20th anniversary and celebrates it with an IKEA Art Collection. Twelve international artists designed a poster for the limited edition. On the top floor of its stores, IKEA presents from 20 March the unusual cooperation in a pop-up studio and invites selected artists to paint live.

It kicked off with Brussel-based creative duo HELL'O, aka Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille, with their work 'We Are One', whom we met at the signing session. “The idea was to create a mix between humans and animals in a positive way, to paint a character built from several funny heads. This is painted in a very colorful set with a lot of patterns influenced by a combination of African tribal, Memphis design and pop culture. We try to translate and merge our separate visions into the same drawing. Most importantly, we hope it makes you smile.”

The beautifully illustrated prints are also on high-quality paper and come in a limited art box packaging – plus every limited poster is available in the equally limited IKEA bag. Instead of yellow and blue, it...

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