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Illustration • Hölderlin poetry in SPARKASSEN Bank's private banking mag 'Ventura', interpreted in illustrations by Lisa ROCK

23.11.2015 • For 'Ventura', the private banking magazine of SPARKASSE Bank, JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Lisa ROCK interpreted Friedrich Hölderlin’s poem 'Half of Life' full of charm and poetry. In the meantime, a series of six lyric illustrations were created for the customer, and more will follow soon on GoSee.

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Illustration • From ostrich tactics to children's rhetoric, Lisa ROCK illustrates social issues for ANNABELLE

23.11.2015 • For the Swiss magazine ANNABELLE, JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Lisa ROCK humorously visualized social subjects such as marriage counseling vs. the ostrich tactic, use of the breast app for regular self-tests, or funny linguistic bloopers from the area of children’s rhetoric: a sadly hanging head for some children is a fallen head.

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Illustration • The best of times for 'Hamburg as a logistics location', according to the HANDELSKAMMER magazine 'Hamburger Wirtschaft'. Illustrations by Anja STIEHLER

23.11.2015 • HANDELSKAMMER Hamburg commissioned Anja STIEHLER to illustrate for the monthly magazine 'Hamburger Wirtschaft'. On the subject of 'Hamburg as a logistics location', multipage works were created which show that the branch can look forward to a bright future in many ways.

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Illustration • Have you sung a song today yet? Music education in AOK the magazine 'Vigo Familie'. Illu collages of the titel story Kathrin FRANK

23.11.2015 • On the subject of musical education, Kathrin FRANK c/o JUTTA FRICKE realized six illustrations in a collage mix technique for the Fall 2015 issue of AOK Rheinland/Hamburg's customer magazine Vigo Familie. It was commissioned by wdv, Gesellschaft für Medien & Kommunikation.

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Illustration • Go Angela ! Very expressive in politics & economy: Thomas KUHLENBECK illustrates for WELT AM SONNTAG mag, HÖRZU mag, and SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG news

21.11.2015 • For the Politics section of WELT AM SONNTAG news from November 2, 2015, Thomas KUHLENBECK expressively illustrated questions about the refugee policy: On the subject, Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Seehofer apparently have different opinions. Open or closed?

Commissioned by Funke Media, he visualized judicial errors in a realistic Ductus Justitias for the title subject in HÖRZU magazine.

And for an advertising special publication in SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG news, Thomas portrayed the attendees of the Bank Summit in Munich together on board. Stay on course or change the strategy? Published in the economics portfolio in print and online media

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Illustration • Educational games and problems in language books by CORNELSEN Publishing, illustrated with drawings by Antje KAHL

21.11.2015 • Commissioned by CORNELSEN PUBLISHERING, Antje KAHL c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrated for secondary schools the book series 'Educational games' and 'Educational tasks' – in volved are the books for the language classes English, Spanish and Latin. The Cornelsen Publishers is a German schoolbook publisheg company, which offers educational materials in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Illustration • Who will win a Grammy in 2016? The big 'Run' with Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, illustrated by Tom COOL for BILLBOARD mag, plus a motif for DIE ZEIT Austria news

21.11.2015 • American BILLBOARD magazine gives a preview of the Grammys 2016 and lets Tom Cool c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrate the big 'Run' on the coveted awards. Among the famous co-runners: Taylor Swift, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), and Bruno Mars. You can read find the whole story on In addition, we show you a work, which Tom produced for DIE ZEIT Austria news. Subject: Can experts make mistakes? When judges are at their wit’s end, experts show them the way. Delicate issues are decided and people are convicted. When in doubt, trust the expert.

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Illustration • kombinatrotweiss illustration : Annual Report for COMILOG and illustrations for FRESSNAPF, OETTINGER, NATIONAL THEATRE OF SCOTLAND, horoscope for ELLE, live painting for the Shoe show by HERMÈS, …

16.11.2015 • New at kombinatrotweiss are Astrid SCHULZ and Fritzi STUKE, we present several of their works. We also have a showreel by Boris DÖRNING on GoSee.

Ekaterina KOROLEVA illustrated horoscopes for ELLE and MYSELF mag, and Gunter RUBIN was in Switzerland for MIGROS MEDIEN.

Katrin WOLFF illustrated the cover for Jessica Jarrell’s personal work "Winona".

LAPIN illustrated an Annual Report for COMILOG and illustrations for FRESSNAPF and for OETTINGER.

At the shoe show of the luxury brand HERMÈS in Frankfurt, Matthias SCHARDT illustrated live. He drew the attending guests in 10-minute portraits. The customers at the show and the client Hermès were very happy.

Matthias SEIFARTH illustrated for the SPAGHETTI FACTORY and BRIGITTE. Michael VESTNER was on the job for AUDI and also created the personal work titled "Info Graphic".

We present personal work by Monica LEE; Nils KASISKE: ,illustrated for AUDI, OPEL and ZDF Heute show/Emojis.

Nina TIEFENBACH illustrated for EVONIK MAGAZINE,...

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