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Showreels for GASTRO magazine and finalist at the GoSeeAwards at UPDATE14 - illustrator OLLANSKI has caught the paper art fever

When two superpowers come together, anything is possible. Paper wonder boy OLLANSKI and animation power lady Cris Wiegandt show off their superpowers in a show reel for GASTRO magazine. OLLANSKI is also one of the finalists at this year’s GoSeeAwards. Why don’t you cast your vote as part of the public voting

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Coins and mini Camper... OLLANSKI creates paper work for FINANS magazine as well as FERRERO

OLLANSKI created coins on a string for Danish magazine FINANS. Saatchi Berlin agency commissioned the paper artist to produce a FERRERO miniature Camper, shot by Carolin Wimmer. We present the delicate results here on ...

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Art for your barcode - OLLANSKI illustrates for GS1 and Kemperkommuniktion

The world speaks GS1. Germany has done so for 40 years - happy birthday! To celebrate this occasion OLLANSKI designed artwork (40x40 cm) for the organisation, which illustrates an aspect of global trade: the good old barcode, introduced in the 1970s. The client and agency (Kemperkommunikation) were more than pleased with the ...

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Erin PETSON illustrates a design inspired alphabet as well as animal art – available in the Lady Pets pet shop

A for Acne, Anya Hindmarch, Ambersceats by Erin PETSON. Inspired by designers Erin created an illustrated alphabet. You can find her latest work on animals in the Lady Pets pet shop.

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Bad boys on paper, illustrated by Ole SCHIESSER

Ole SCHIESSER shows us new portrait pictures in his signature style: straightforward, minimalist and without any unnecessary embellishment. The Hamburg based artists puts his protagonists on paper, this time it was a gang of ‘bad boys’, who could have escaped from a Quentin Tarantino ...

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Mark GMEHLING creates characters for PFIZER vaccination campaign

New Yorker pharmaceutical company PFIZER raises awareness for preventative vaccinations with colourful comic characters. CGI expert Mark GMEHLING developed small creatures to represent the different components in our ...

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Angela Merkel, Jogi Löw and Helene Fischer - Claudia MEITERT portrays German celebrities for WELTWOCHE

Claudia MEITERT created portraits of German celebrities for Swiss weekly newspaper WELTWOCHE’s ‘Wir sind Deutschland’ feature, which included Angela Merkel, feminist writer Alice Schwarzer, actor Til Schweiger, football coach Jogi Löw, former chancellor Helmut Schmidt and German pop folk singer Helene ...

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Fashion artwork for RODEO Magazine – illustrated by Liselotte WATKINS

Liselotte WATKINS illustrated RODEO magazine with her artwork on the subject of accessories. Creative accompaniment to the illustrations: garden and household ...

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Bianca TSCHAIKNER delivers cultural illustrations for FALTER newspaper, Vienna

Never change a winning Team! Bianca TSCHAIKNER delivered another batch of cultural themed illustrations for Vienna newspaper FALTER. The weekly publication was established in 1976 and was initially edited by students from the Theatre Studies Department of Vienna University. It had a political agenda and set out to fight everyday racism amongst other ...

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Colourful and simple: Leandro ALZATE’s organic illustration for HAMBURG Magazine

Leandro ALZATE’s colourful visuals help explain many a technical and organic subject. In HAMBURG magazine he shows us how dolphins are protected when foundations are laid for off-shore ...

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