29.03.2010  •  Illustration NEWS


ILLUSTRATION •  2Agenten : Chopin CD cover for UNIVERSAL MUSIC, LODEN-FREY, DISKURS / WEBERBANK, WATCH magazine, HINZ & KUNZT and the UPdate 10

Tina BERNING illustrated a motif for the column of IWC Schaffhausen’s WATCH timepiece magazine.

Illustrator Olaf HAJEK created an album cover to mark the 200th birthday of Chopin for UNIVERSAL MUSIC.

Various motifs by Martin HAAKE were used as back walls in the LODEN-FREY, Munich fashion house shop windows.

CONTAINER realised illustrations for WEBERBANK’s DISKURS magazine. The concept was ‘cranking out ideas’ and how thoughts cannot be produced. Still, plenty of companies do give it a go: researchers are supposed to find the answers to tomorrow’s questions in so-called thought factories.

Carmen SEGOVIA completed an illustration on the subject of ‘migrant children in day care’ for Hamburg’s HINZ & KUNZT street magazine.

The 2Agenten illustrators’ portfolios can once again be viewed at this year’s UPdate, on 14 may in Frankfurt.

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