01.02.2011  •  Illustration NEWS


PUT ON YOUR MASQUERADE ! •  GoSee Tip : Gestalten publishing presents 'Doppelganger - Images of the Human Being', a fireworks display of the masquerade

All ants look alike to us: black spherical bodies, little legs, a couple of antennae. Come to think of it, the similarities with humans are just as dazzling.

To distinguish ourselves as individuals, we create an outer shell, a different persona. In his new book, 'Doppelgänger', the Gestalten Verlag takes a look at the visual identity of men. It may sound rather dry, but it's not, quite the opposite. Our favourite publisher manages to surprise us once again when it comes to contemporary illustration.

On 240 pages, we meet old acquaintances such as sound suit man Nick Cave or alienated portraits by Maurizio Anzeri.

On show are masquerades, transformations, alienations, traditional and unusual proportions as well as diverse techniques. Influenced by culture, high-tech, surrealism, Dada and fashion.

How much effect is necessary to identify a person as such? And what is the maximum? In any case, the space in between is a pandemonium of expression, garishly colourful and very thrilling. You can acquire the bright and wonderful book from all good book stores, such as at ZEITGEIST, Cologne, our favourite bookseller.

Doppelganger - Images of the Human Being
Editors: R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, F. Schulze
240 Pages, approx. 40 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-89955-332-1