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RECYCLED ART •  Pink Wolf - designer Sonia Verguet's fine art of recycling

Pink Wolf is all about making new things from old. Making design. Making art. Sonia Verguet, a 28 year old designer from Straßburg, is quite the magpie. She forages for objects, which she then recycles and reworks into new objects. Always in an exciting, delightful way, and in simple, enticing shapes.

Here’s one she made earlier..a suitcase. She finds old suitcases on flea markets, reworks them in her colour of choice, and adds provocative details. Including pistols, knives and the odd axe.

Sonia has a similar approach when it comes to creating lamps and stools, always concentrating on one-offs, which are a mixture of art and design and simply say: "Yeah open your eyes, things are not always what they seem".

The limited edition objects are made to order, an entirely unique one-off suitcase is priced at around 100 Euro. To find out more about these objects on www.pinkwolf.fr.

FYI Sonia loves to take up orders.

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