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Illustration • Congrats ! OLLANSKI and KEMPER KOMMUNIKATION ‘Award of Excellence‘ winner

22.06.2015 • KEMPER KOMMUNIKATION und OLLANSKI c/o COSMOPOLA won Gold in New York at 'Award of Excellence'. Our congratulations! The GS1 art book "40 Years" won the prize, with the motif on 40 years barcode for you on GoSee.

About - For 40 years, GS1 has been bringing industries together to revolutionise the way they do business. In 1973, industry leaders came together to select a single standard for product identification — the barcode. What started as a way to speed grocery store checkout has become the global language of business — a common way for trading partners around the world to identify, capture, and share information about products, locations, and more.

Today, GS1 is helping diverse industries drive efficiency, safety, and growth through the adoption and use of standards. From retail to healthcare to fresh foods to foodservice to transportation, GS1 Standards continue to transform our lives. GS1 is an international, neutral, not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium, with more than 110 member organizations around the world. The GS1 System of Standards is the most...

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Illustration • Illustrations between flora and fauna - Lisa ROCK for NABU and TAGESSPIEGEL newspaper Berlin

15.06.2015 • Illustrator Lisa ROCK presents impressive naturalistic works for NABU, the German nature conservation association. As a commissioned production for the TAGESSPIEGEL Berlin, she created an extremely large-format supplement (giant panorama/double gated fold) on the topic of land restoration on the lower ...

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Illustration • Ursula von der Leyern plus the Miles & More rebate voucher - Thomas KUHLENBECK illustrates for LUFTHANSA and WELT AM SONNTAG newspaper

15.06.2015 • For the LUFTHANSA product Miles & More and the Agency Serviceplan One, Thomas KUHLENBECK illustrated the bonus voucher for premium flights to Europe’s capital cities. The motifs are used all over Europe for printed and online ads. Plus, the JUTTA FRICKE illustrator also visualized the four extremely difficult issues of the German Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen, as the lead story motif for the WELT AM SONNTAG newspaper.

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Illustration • A beasty illustration mission for Anja STIEHLER in WINGAS Gaswinner mag and insurer ALLIANZ AG

15.06.2015 • Feel like you got kicked by a horse? Anja STIEHLER illustrated disastrous insurance cases for C3 CREATIVE CODE AND CONTENT and the insurance company ALLIANZ AG: when man and animal get in one another's way. Published both in print and online ads. For the Energy Company WINGAS, she produced creative and intelligent, individual ways of saving energy together with C3 Berlin. The ads were published in the Gaswinner customer ...

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Illustration • Values under scrutiny: illustrator Tom COOL on a mission for PRIVATE WEALTH magazine

15.06.2015 • For PRIVATE WEALTH, the magazine for assets, wealth and values, Tom COOL c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrated topics such as succession in family businesses, selective investments in third world countries and the destruction of the middle ...

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Illustration • Politics and culture - Tom COOL with illustrations from Hillary Clinton to Marvin Gaye for WALLSTREET JOURNAL and HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

15.06.2015 • Besides political and financial issues for the WALLSTREET JOURNAL with Hillary and Bill Clinton, JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Tom COOL focuses his work for the US media on cultural issues in HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, like the run for the Oscars or the remastering of nostalgic songs from artists such as Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin.

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Illustration • Illustrator Doreen BORSUTZKI visualizes online banking for German SPARKASSEN Publishing

15.06.2015 • With every bit of picture book charm, Doreen BORSUTZKI illustrated seemingly 3D online banking subjects for the GERMAN SPARKASSEN BANK PUBLISHING. In a special edition, it shows practical applications for all target groups.

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paper art • Airy paperwork by paper artist Ollanski im FOCUS

31.05.2015 • After he completed the fashion series by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo for FOCUS with his paperwork art, the magazine is showing an additional pure "OLLANSI spread". For the bold subject "city air makes beautiful", he staged unique papercraft pieces. Photographer Ulrich Hartmann captured the whole ...

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