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Raban Ruddigkeit presents 5th edition of illustration bible FREISTIL on GoSee and is looking forward to inspiring entries as Head of Jury in the ILLUSTRATION/CGI category at the GoSee Awards alongside sponsor and jury member WACOM

Five years have passed since the last Freistil. Five years on the scene has grown and developed further, improved and is now even better than ever! So it really was about time for a new Freistil. “A lot has changed since we launched Freistil 11 years ago: illustration has developed a new self confidence and has become a vital and significant part of the media world. And Freistil has given wings to quite a few illustrator careers and helped commissioners discover new talent. To make sure this continues we have revamped Freistil”, Raban Ruddigkeit comments on the fifth and latest issue.

The idea was to be open to new names, new techniques and last but not least new media. “But also for new work by stars in the illustration scene, because they also develop themselves further too of course…” Raban Ruddigkeit comments. And the number of entries proved him right: he was spoilt for choice to the highest of standards.

The result: 432 colourful pages, with over 500 colour illustrations by 192 illustrators, accompanied by their work contact details and mission statement. Bound in fabric designed by a Spanish textile mill, that usually makes cloth for espadrilles, especially for Freistil. Summer vibes and southern joie de vivre in book form.

GoSee is delighted to announce Raban Ruddigkeit as Head of Jury in ...

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CGI • Tropical Blast! Design studio FOREAL creates explosive fruit à la Roger Rabbit

Tropical Blast! Design studio FOREAL, made up of Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster, dedicated their recent personal project to a series of exploding fruit. They used a variety of visual techniques, including CGI, photography as well as accurately hand drawn elements. The result is a comic style game like in the film classic Roger ...

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James BOAST illustrates societal subjects for WIRED UK, HOHE LUFT Mag and HINZ & KUNZT

James BOAST created a financial themed illustration in his signature style for WIRED UK, created a portrait of Elisabeth von Böhmen for HOHE LUFT magazine and supported Hamburg street magazine HINZ & KUNZT with an illustration on the subject of ‘stop the flood of plastic ...

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TECHNOLOGY REVIEW explores espionage – accompanying illustrations by Mathis REKOWSKI

Mathis REKOWSKI produced illustrations for a three part series in TECHNOLOGY REVIEW magazine. The subject was espionage: how we are spied on as individuals, how businesses are spied on and how states spy on each other.

The illustrator from Berlin works for clients such as VW, Skoda, Mercedes, Delta Airlines, ZEIT, Designreport, Big Issue, Ragwear, Trigger Happy Productions, Orange, Intro, Lexus Magazine, Coin Italy, DDB, Publicis, Sportscheck. View more promising work by the illustrator in his GoSee portfolio or direct through

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Paper art for BAYERISCHE STAATSFORSTEN and Anzinger Wüschner Rasp – created by Katrin RODEGAST

Munich agency Anzinger Wüschner Rasp commissioned Anzinger Wüschner Rasp to create an image for client BAYERISCHE STAATSFORSTEN. They created this using paper, which fits into the subject matter ...

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Daniel EGNÉUS illustrates for BRIGITTE MOM

Daniel EGNÉUS applied various techniques to create illustrations for BRIGITTE MOM. He captured various everyday situations in an array of ...

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ELTERN FAMILY column ‘Die Grünbergs’ – with illustration by Katharina GSCHWENDTNER

And it went boom! Katharina GSCHWENDTNER delivers a monthly illustration for the ‘Die Grünbergs’ column, featured in ELTERN FAMILY magazine. This column’s subject: house ...

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What does she see in him? Romy BLÜMEL visualises this subject for BRIGITTE

BRIGITTE magazine commissioned Romy BLÜMEL with an illustration for the subject ‘what does she see in him?’. She depicted a man that looks absolutely disinterested, whilst a woman shows her super enthusiastic ...

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Refusal can look like this. Frank HÖHNE creates collages for INFAS Magazine’s main subject

Frank HÖHNE created detailed collages for INFAS magazine. The publication is by the German market and social research institute, published on a sporadic ...

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Is Islam evil? Emiliano PONZI illustrates CICERO cover story

The latest issue of political culture magazine CICERO asks: ‘is Islam evil?’, covering Isis, Hamas and Hisbollah, which use violence in the name of the prophet. Emiliano PONZI illustrated the ...

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