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Illustration • Not so normal motifs for DIN - humorous illustrations by Astrid SCHULZ c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS

20.06.2017 • In Germany, many things are standardized. You need to stretch here and there a bit if you want to be up to par with the stipulated standard – as you can see. For the German Institute for Standardization Astrid SCHULZ c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated several motifs fit for a cabinet of wonders. BTW, anyone can apply for the creation of standard. Standards are established by the committees at DIN, European standardization organizations CEN/CENELEC or international standardization organizations ISO/IEC according to specified principles, procedural and design

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Illustration • KOMBINATROTWEISS welcomes Brazilian Frankfurt resident and illustrator Andre LEVY aka ZHION

20.06.2017 • Andre LEVY a.k.a. ZHIION is a Brazilian illustrator, Art Director and visual artist based in Frankfurt, Germany. With more than 12 years experience in advertising and communication design, he combines structure, simplicity, pop references and a cheeky sense of humor in iconic visuals filled with layered meaning... KOMBINATROTWEISS is honored to welcome him as a new entry.

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Illustration • New entry at KOMBINATROTWEISS! Welcome Fabia MATVEEV, animation & illustration - two animated illu films to start off with on GoSee

20.06.2017 • KOMBINATROTWEISS extends a big warm welcome to illustrator Fabia MATVEEV. She studied at the HFG Offenbach under Professor Eike König and Professor Klaus Hesse, from where she graduated in 2016. During her studies, Fabia worked for various clients and realized her own projects. Her work is digital with a preference for clear contours and richly contrasted colors. Fabia MATVEEV also likes to animate her vector illustrations to create little stories or how-to videos. We have two examples here on GoSee.

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new entry • Nerves-of-steel illustrator NEW entry at KOMBINATROTWEISS: Welcome Giulia NERI

18.06.2017 • Giulia NERI, illustrator residing in Bologna, has used the art of illustration since her childhood to capture feelings and deep emotions in timeless drawings. Her curiosity for the interaction between human minds and emotions ultimately led her to study psychology. After working as a psychologist for several years, she decided to follow her passion – to work as a freelance illustrator. Bookable now from KOMBINATROTWEISS.

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Illustration • City illustrations for TOYOTA magazine by Nadja HALLFAHRT, Sandra BEER and Ekaterina KOROLEVA c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS

18.06.2017 • For the new C-HR from TOYOTA, several cities were presented as a road show in TOYOTA magazine. KOMBINATROTWEISS artists Ekaterina KOROLEVA, Nadja HALLFAHRT and Sandra BEER had the honor of illustrating their city, with their favorite people & places so we can show you how they see their cities.

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Illustration • presents an illustration for the Die Zeit Study Guide, EVN, WIENERIN mag, TERRA MATER and the VÖSLAUER TEE launch campaign for Demner Merlicek and Bergmann

07.06.2017 • from Vienna presents you here on GoSee the latest works by her illustrators. "ESTHER GEBAUER, returning from a baby break, in her PAPERCUT technique for the DIE ZEIT Study Guide, and we are delighted to present you the evergreens from her portfolio.

New on the team is TIBO EXENBERGER, who started with the VÖSLAUER TEE launch campaign ('Never has a tea been more thrilling') for Demner Merlicek and Bergmann, which can be seen all over Austria as well as the sustainability report for ÖAMTC!

MASHA MANAPOV supports the column of Xenia Frenkl in ELTERN family with colorful and lively visuals. JOSEINE WARFELMANN has started the year with illustrations for SIXPACK. EVA VASARI deals with the topic of sun for TERRAMATER.

CLAUDIA MEITERT designed the customer magazine and trade fair display for VERDUND/nea design, and just as inviting are her illustrations for the design days in Grafenberg - and a surprising new style, published by WIENERIN.

ANA POPESCU has established herself quite well in the scene over the past few months and has illustrated for ADC...

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Illustration • Snow room, shark slide, cold flame... that's a vacation in Las Vegas. Illustrator Neil STEVENS c/o JSR AGENCY has a few surprises up his sleeve in the animated campaign for BRITISH AIRWAYS

07.06.2017 • Illustrator Neil STEVENS c/o JSR AGENCY LONDON created both the map of Las Vegas and the 10 beautiful illustrations for the animated film for BRITISH AIRWAYS. The film promotes in partnership with Visit the USA and Visit Las Vegas the route for the airline – and has a few surprises in store. You thought Las Vegas was only for gamblers? Think again. The city has several highlights which have never been on a map like this before: e.g. the snow room, the cold flame or the great shark slide. Watch the film on the website of the airline, on various social media channels – and here on GoSee!

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