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Illustration • "The strongest weapon against hateful speech..." illustrator Eleanor SHAKESPEARE's c/o JSR AGENCY beautiful statement; two motifs for you on GoSee

09.02.2017 • It's all about: Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama. Eleanor SHAKESPEARE c/o JSR AGENCY Eleanor Shakespeare is a photo montage illustrator with a love of old photographs and bold color. "Her work combines found ephemera with contemporary palettes and mark making to create truly unique illustrations." JSR AGENCY tells GoSee. With a number of books published worldwide, Eleanor has also worked for clients including Variety, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, Easyjet Traveller and BBC History.

Since studying illustration in Bristol, Eleanor has dedicated her time to honing and fine tuning her illustrative style to ensure its versatility and relevance. She now enjoys life in South London but has her sights set on New York (one day!).

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new entry • London-based representation JSR AGENCY is pleased to welcome NEW entry Paper Artist Diana BELTRAN HERRERA; we have a first portfolio for you on GoSee

09.02.2017 • "Diana Beltran-Herrera takes the art of paper sculpture to the next level." London-based representation JSR AGENCY tells us excitedly about their new entry. And continues: "With expert precision, and a keen eye for color and composition, Diana’s creations are as visually arresting as they are intricate."

The native Colombian is inspired b botany and Natural history in general. Mastering the craft, she transforms paper into 3D sculptures – much to the delight of clients such as Hodder & Stoughton, Condé Nast Traveller, Audubon America, Florida Museum of Natural History or also GF Smith – to name a few.

Diana now resides in Bristol, where she graduated from UWE with a Master of Art in the area of 'Fine Arts'. Her biography can be found on her GoSee artist page:

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Illustration • Stage pictures by Cornelia VON SEIDLEIN c/o ART ACT for the 100th Anniversary of DADA - a very sophisticated Operetta in Munich

01.02.2017 • “At the Alten Kongresshalle, THEATERGEMEINDE MÜNCHEN presented die world debut of Peter Stangel and the Taschenphilharmonie. A tribute to Zurich in a time when strange and crazy encounters were possible; in the spirit of mocking, feather-like works of Offenbach and Weills. The story is set in 1916. The cast includes Tristan Tzara and Lenin, Hugo Ball and the beautiful bankers daughter; everywhere is chaos, confusion, and of course, there is a happy end. All of the above was underscored by Cornelia VON SEIDLEIN with stage pictures full of imagination,” the representation on the work of the illustrator to GoSee.

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Illustration • Ralf KUNSTMANN c/o ART ACT created for 11 Freunde magazine top-class golden trophies

27.01.2017 • In the 11 FREUDE year in review, trophies were awarded in categories including: “Best Dive of the Year', 'Best Commentator of the Year’, 'Best Game of the Year'. A total of nine trophies were illustrated by Ralf KUNSTMANN for the alternative soccer magazine.

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Illustration • 'Not My President' - tqwo personal works by illustrator Matthias SEIFARTH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING, inspired by Donald Trump, the flamboyant 45th President-elect of the United States of America

09.01.2017 • 'Not My President' by Matthias SEIFARTH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING actually says it all. If you are also in search of Trump material, MARIE CLAIRE UK has the best quotes for you: Our favorite: "You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.” Who could argue with that? Go &See !

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Illustration • 'Unclaimed' - the illustrated story for the December 2016 issue of CALIFORNIA SUNDAY magazine by Amsterdam native Jules JULIEN c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

09.01.2017 • Unclaimed - Two countries, thousands of families, and a 16-year quest to identify a silent man in a bed. The text was written by Brooke Jarvis, and the illustrations come from Jules JULIEN c/o WILDFOX RUNNING. CALIFORNIA SUNDAY magazine roams across California, the West, Asia, and Latin America, telling stories for a national audience. Go & See & Read :

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Illustration • 'Digital Explorations in Experimental Spaces' - WANG & SÖDERSTRÖM c/o WILDFOX RUNNING present their portfolio on GoSee

29.12.2016 • The design duo WANG & SÖDERTSRÖM from Copenhagen presents a selection from her portfolio. The works range between CGI, 3D Animation, Augmented Reality, Digital Painting and Motion/Film. Her clients include Nike, The New York Times, Refinery29, Apartamento magazine, Future Classic, H&M Foundation, DDB, Bloc Studios, Kester Black.

Wang & Söderström is a Copenhagen based creative studio with a focus on digital explorations, production and art direction. We strive to create mind tickling and unexpected experiences through materiality and technology. The studios hyper-real inspired practice explores a spectrum of visual art disciplines realized in projects from illustrations for magazines to 3D animations on large screens, installations, campaigns, and recently computer games.

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Illustration • Portraits, patterns and collages - WILDFOX RUNNING new entry Jean LEBLANC, Visual Artist, Illustrator & Art Director from Eurodance Studio in Berlin, with a portfolio on GoSee

29.12.2016 • New at WILDFOX RUNNING is French illustrator Jean LEBLANC, who has been in Berlin for more than two years. He studied at the Nantes Fine Art School and the Gobelins School in Paris and developed a style of pop and surrealism influenced by artists such as Tom Wesselman, René Gruau and Erwin Blumenfeld. He loves the interplay of contrasts – from abstract to the hyperreal, from minimalism to baroque. His illustrations were published, among others, in Computer Art, IDNWorld, SuperPaper, IndexBook, Gestalt Publishing, Rockport, Beautiful Decay. His clients include Rayban, Nokia, Louis Vuitton, Printemps Haussmann, Stylist magazine, Amusement magazine, SFR, McDonalds, Open Air St. Gallen, and Temp magazine.

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Illustration • Daily Drawing - the surreal portfolio by illustrator Joni MAJER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

29.12.2016 • Joni MAJER presents a selection of her latest works on GoSee. Mostly black & white, animated GIFs, sometimes even in color. The style of the illustrator is characterized by simplicity, humor and a tad bit surrealism. She studied design at HBK Saar, where she teaches as a lecturer in the area of illustration.

"I would ideally define my style, perhaps, somewhere between ligne claire (from the comic book) and Escher's World of Wonder. Whenever I put a weird thought or condition on paper as simply as possible, it makes me happier than anything else. To do so, I use a rollerball pen and the cheapest, most beautiful notebooks... " she reveals to Claudia Gerdes in the interview for PAGE. On her blog 'daily drawing', you can see a new work of hers every day.

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