27.04.2011  •  Model NEWS


CASTING AGENCY •  Casting Company : Narta deodorants, Clarins, multi-cultural models for Herbal Essences, TCHIBO, C&A. ....

Recently, the caster from Paris filmed deodorants for Narta, hip teens for Harry’s Brioche, amazing models with porcelain complexion for the French make-up brand Clarins, Greek actresses in Athens for a cleaning product as well as multicultural girls for Herbal Essences.

Casting Company is convinced to have kick-started a new trend – XL size models. In any case, the already thoroughly probed the market as commissioned by TCHIBO and C&A.

They just finished an elaborate casting for a renowned car brand. One month of street casting in four cities: Paris – Berlin – New York – London. The task: Find real brothers or sisters with one (that is two) unusual lives.

Berlin saw some work being done too of course – Sony Ericson, BMW, Gabor Schuhe, Maggi etc. were on the long list of clients.

Most recently, the search called for good-looking Spanish twin sisters. Any ideas? Please give a shout to the Casting Company Team.