30.03.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTOGRAPHER •  Bernd Vogel : website relaunch with new jobs for COMMERZBANK, EON, NESTLE, CORBIS and new photo studio at Cologne Zoo

Due to the fact that he had a lot on his plate in the last two years – a new studio, a new baby, a new home, a new gallery, Bernd tended to neglect his own agency a bit. However, his new website was finally launched several weeks ago.

The website lets you see for yourself, that Bernd was anything but lazy in the meantime. It features motifs, which he realised for COMMERZBANK, EON, NESTLE, CORBIS and VEER.

The website design style is sleek and simple, made up only of a handful of subcategories, ensuring the focus remains on the pictures.

Below the info button is a link to Bernd’s new gallery www.platform-photo.com, as well as his new studio, a listed 1950s building near Cologne Zoo and Flora.