10.05.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTOGRAPHER •  Dominik Obertreis : BMW World in Munich, ENBW annual report, WEISHAUPT shoot with 200 members of staff and NORDEX windmills

Under the direction of the Interone agency, Dominik had access to the most impressive spaces of the BMW World. He illustrated the world of the happy luxury car buyers with the help of 63 models and extras. The main stars were a young couple (Nina Meise/Jürgen Lenhardt) and a gentleman in his prime (Volker Heckmann).

For the second consecutive year, Dominik was asked to photograph the ENBW annual report. This time the 3st Kommunikation concept called for a portrait series of staff from various departments. For example, two members of staff making their way across Charles Bridge in Prague in the morning.

When Dominik got into position at six in the morning, he was surprised to see how many photographers were also waiting for dawn and managed to get in his frame.

Dominik Obertreis shot a group photo of around 200 staff and their cars for WEISHAUPT, the international leading manufacturer of heating systems and boilers. The shoot took place on a trade fair car park in Frankfurt.

It was Dominik’s idea to accentuate the drama and authenticity of the external customer care team by shooting them at dusk on an icy evening. Te client was somewhat reluctant at first but then changed their minds and decided it was a good idea. Luckily for Dominik, the weather was on his side as usual; only instead of it being sunny it was just as gloomy as he had envisioned it.

Whilst the cars were arranged according to the direction of Charly Dombrow and his team, Dominik shot individual portraits of each on-call member of staff next to their vehicle. It was a relaxed afternoon with the WEISHAUPT staff, who had travelled to Frankfurt from all over Germany for the shoot.

Dominik also travelled to Schwendi and Bad Wurzach to capture the company’s working world. The agency was Leonhardt & Kern in Stuttgart.

He shot a report on the construction and loading of windmills for the NORDEX annual report, designed by the Eggert Group agency.

Dominik captured the view from a 200 metre high windmill. However, his shots of the construction of the windmills are just as insightful. He realised an impressive series covering a range of motifs.

For more photos from these four stories, check out the ‘best-of’ feature in the ‘News’ section on the photographer’s website.

This also features additional new shoots and reports, which we simply can’t fit in here due to the sheer volume of work. FYI, his new website is in the midst of construction – we will let you know as soon as it is online.

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