06.03.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTOGRAPHER •  Dominik Obertreis : happy folks for DANA, picture pool for LINDE GAS and SEW EURODRIVE commercial motifs

Dominik Obertreis was commissioned by the Stefan Kerp agency to spend four days in six different nursing homes for DANA in North Germany. He realised almost 6,000 images.

The booked photo models were aged between 68 and 89 years of ager and had plenty of fun on set. One or two people were featured per residential home. The result is a large, colourful series inspired by everyday life at the nursing homes.

From hairdresser visits, to group sports, nice chats with the carers, a watercolour course, finger exercises, bingo afternoons and even blood pressure readings. GoSee member FavoriteRed, amongst others, provided the photo models. The entire reportage and a »Best of-PDF« can be viewed in the news section on www.obertreis.de.

Dominik photographed Europe’s leading industry gas producer; LINDE GAS in a dramatic downpour of rain, for various publications. The agency, client photographer all agreed: the stormy weather created an authentic result… and Berliner models Thorsten Radschus and Andreas Rieder still managed to keep everyone’s spirits up.

He photographed the welding of the large wind turbines in the dry (but very dark and noisy) warehouses. There is also a PDF of this story in the news section of Dominik’s website.

Dominik travelled to Mumbai for commercial motifs for SEW EURODRIVE, the market leader of gearmotors. His brief included photographing elephants in city traffic. However, just before the shoot was set to start, animal rights group PETA made it very clear that elephants are no longer allowed on the streets of Mumbai.

Still, thanks to the agency’s networks, an elephant was transported to the edge of town in a van and was photographed on the Bollywood film estate. Dominik also travelled to VW in Wolfsburg and a large distribution centre for SEW.

A selection of the results can be viewed here. The agency was Ogilvy with CD Thomas Bullinger.